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Action Adventures Phoenix Charters

Sheboygan, WI - Lake Michigan
Why choose us? AA Phoenix Charters offers a variety of options to best suit your needs. If you don't see what you need, call the captain and arrangements will be made. We will sell you what you want. Sometimes people like to fish to another port, and fish back on the following day. If you want to fish deep water, you will need a longer charter to accommodate those needs. One thing to remember is, no one fishes harder than the Phoenix and her crew with cutting edge equipment, and a high tech fishing machine. Remember that cheap charters are not good, and good charters are not cheap. This is a world-class fishing trip. Let your dreams be fulfilled.
Lake Michigan fishing Aggressive quality Salmon charter fishing. Anglers can relax with a Sheboygan Wisconsin fishing charter. Home of the best Salmon, and Trout action on the Lake. No Sheboygan charter boat will fish harder for you than the Phoenix and her crew. Lake Michigan charter fishing Salmon fishing Sheboygan Wisconsin charter fishing, reports, techniques, and resources. Lake Michigan fishing charters can hook you. The Phoenix is Sheboygan's largest full time and most reliable Wisconsin Salmon fishing charter boat. Captain Steven-John will make your Lake Michigan fishing charter something special to remember.

Sheboygan Salmon fishing What separates the Phoenix from the rest of the industry? Captain Steven-John has a secret, that not just any service will do. It has to be one that comes from the heart and will provide a real quality service. The Secret is the law of attraction, which is the principle that "like attracts like. It's "the most powerful law in the universe," and it is working all the time. The principle explains that we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life. "It's not, 'If you build it, they will come,' necessarily. It's, 'If you build it and it provides value, they will come. Not 'What can I get?' but 'What can I give and how can I serve?' And when you're in that moment, the universe lines up behind you and it's at your command. When it comes to being successful on the big pond, it is totally a program of attraction. "You, and your safety is the most important thing on our boat. We recognize and value your trust and friendship. Customer service on our Wisconsin charter boat is like a grand opening everyday. Fishing Lake Michigan is your solution. The Phoenix will catch the most fish per trip, and is not limited to working one area, such as the harbor. The Phoenix has over 12,000 lures on board, and we know how and where to put them. We go to wherever the fish are. If that means powering offshore, that is what we do. This Lake Michigan charter boat is capable of running 24 lines at one time, and that can generate an explosion of action.

This is your Sheboygan fishing charter, and the captain will listen to your desires. The Captain and first mate is a father and son team, committed to supplying the best service possible.

The Vessel Phoenix is , DNR and U.S.C.G. licensed, and carries the Coast Guard approval sticker on the Port Side of our vessel. Charter fishing Lake Michigan, Port of Sheboygan is known for quantity, and size of fish. AA Phoenix Charters is your solution to a fantastic Lake Michigan fishing trip. Remember! If you want to try something new, our services will fit your fishing needs. AA Phoenix Charters will fillet and bag your catch at no cost to you. Take command of your opportunity to experience Lake Michigan charter fishing at its finest. This is your solution to selecting a fun filled, safe adventure.

# Ppl 5 Hour 6 Hour 7 Hour 8 Hour 10 Hour
1 - 4 $390 $450 $515 $575 $700
5 or 6 $420 $480 $550 $615 $740

3 hour mini tours are 1-6 people $260

All prices are subject to 5% State Sales Tax

All charters require a $100 deposit within 7 days

First Mate works for tips only (customarily) 15%

Captains specials and benefits
  • Spring Special - 10% Discount on all April 15th - June 15th charters
  • Deluxe package! - A 6 hour afternoon trip followed up by a 6 hour mourning trip. One to four people $800.00 Five or six people $850.00
  • Premium Package! - A 8 hour afternoon trip followed up by a 6 hour mourning trip. One to four people $895.00 Five or six people $975.00
  • Military Discount - 5% discount when there is an active duty person onboard.
  • Repeat Customers - 5% discount on repeat customers in the same season.
Warning! Lake Michigan Salmon fishing, on the Phoenix may cause sore arms, smile lines, false use of sick days, sunburn, dull filet knives, impulse tackle purchases, sleep deprivation, marital distress from inattentiveness, and healthy, well adjusted, happy children.
Learn more at charterfishingsheboygan.com

Action Adventures Phoenix Charters
NOTE: Prices/rates subject to change without notice.
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