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July 2015

  • Weedbed Bass

    Weedbed Bass

    Weedbeds offer shade, ambush points, and a smorgasboard of craws and panfish, making them one of the most reliable places to find bass. The most difficult task in fishing vast weedbeds for bass is to actually find the fish. Flipping is arguably the most effective way to catch bass in dense vegetat...

January 2015

  • Weeds for Panfish and Pike

    Weeds for Panfish and Pike

    Fifteen years ago I was living the ice fishing dream, spoiled by limits of big panfish nearly every outing on the lakes around Madison, Wisconsin. I was very fortunate to have become friends with Kevin Fassbind who taught me the ins and outs of ice angling for panfish on the Madison Chain. The rea...

June 2014

  • 'Stick' It To Bass This June

    'Stick' It To Bass This June

    I have been a high school science teacher for the last ten years and recently became the adviser of our school's fishing club and coach of the bass fishing team. Talking about fishing is a great way to get to know kids, and eventually, students always ask what my favorite bass lure is. To me this ...

July 2013

  • Flipping Weed Edges for Summer Bass

    Flipping Weed Edges for Summer Bass

    One of the most exciting techniques for catching largemouth bass is flipping. If done correctly, this close combat style of fishing results in intense battles and big bass in the boat. The premise of flipping is to make relatively short casts (less than 20 feet) using bass jigs or Texas rigged pla...

April 2013

March 2013

  • Location, Tactics & Techniques for Late Ice Panfish

    Location, Tactics & Techniques for Late Ice Panfish

    By the time March rolls around in the Midwest, many anglers have left the ice to pursue open water fishing opportunities, but for some diehard panfishermen, late ice is what they have been waiting for all season. During this relatively short and uncrowded window of opportunity, bluegills, crappies,...

January 2013

  • Early Season Ice Fishing - Tactics and Gear for Success

    Early Season Ice Fishing - Tactics and Gear for Success

    Wisconsin winters can be brutal. Freezing temperatures, constant snow shoveling, and treacherous roads are a real nuisance. Remain optimistic, when the area lakes freeze up, fishing in southeastern Wisconsin really heats up. Early ice provides some of the best action of the winter fishing season. It...

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