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February 2013

  • Comfort on the Ice...A Major Key to Success

    Comfort on the Ice...A Major Key to Success

    It wasn't many years ago, my fishing buddies and I were planning our annual late ice fishing excursion. Each and every year we get together in February or early March and plan to chase walleyes, perch, and panfish on many of our favorite lakes. As the anticipation grew, the weather forecast began ...

January 2013

  • Tackling Ice Time Lake Trout

    Tackling Ice Time Lake Trout

    The depths of the Great Lakes and the many pristine clear water lakes of Minnesota and Canada harbor a fish that definitely rule the roost when we ice heads start talking about epic battles staged on frozen water, the Lake Trout. These denizens of the deep are known to push above the 40 pound mark a...

December 2012

  • Hook, Line and NO Sinker

    Hook, Line and NO Sinker

    You know that age old comedic saying - "I got ya, Hook, Line and Sinker". Been around for years. Anglers always perpetrate their buddies into a punch line of a joke or story they are playing out, ending it with "giving them" the finale of a ribbing that only a fisherman can give. Same goes on the ic...

November 2012

  • 5 Species - 5 Early Ice Tips

    5 Species - 5 Early Ice Tips

    The beauty of early ice - fish are normally very plentiful and usually pretty easy to catch. The caveat - most of the time, there are too many species biting well at the same time, making it darn hard to figure out which one to pursue on any given day. But, hey, fishing is fishing, and any of the fi...

October 2012

  • Preparation is Key for First Ice Success

    Preparation is Key for First Ice Success

    Preparation is the ultimate key to success in any type of fishing, but when it comes to ice fishing, it is even more important. Ice and winter weather are hard on tip-ups, spools, line, and leaders. Spending a little time getting your gear ready before you hit the ice will help you capitalize on opp...

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