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August 2018

  • Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Pro Angler?

    Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Pro Angler?

    This past week, the boys finally had no sporting events or fitness programs to go to so we planned a few hard core days of fishing so they could tackle some fish off of their master angler list. We spent four days from sun up to sun down tackling the water from small lakes to Green Bay. After th...

May 2017

  • Midwesterner Fishing The Flats

    Midwesterner Fishing The Flats

    Florida magrove flats fishing offers an excellent change of pace for the Midwestern angler. Florida has a huge variety of fishing opportunities for the sportsman from trophy bass fishing to deep sea fishing. Fishing mangrove flats is a unique fisheries that provides some excellent oppor...

November 2016

  • Wind Game

    Wind Game

    No one can control the effects of Mother Nature but we certainly control our actions based off of what she has to offer. Sometimes we do not have a choice on the days we can hunt and the weather that is offered. The 2016 Wisconsin gun deer hunting opener is a prime example. The weather for that ...

July 2016

  • Midday Walleyes - Precision is Key

    Midday Walleyes - Precision is Key

    When most people think walleye fishing, they think like a traditionalist, which is early morning or late evening. It is true that the ole glass eyes are caught predominantly at this time of the day but they are also targeted during that time. The typical scenario is to find yourself a shallow sh...

December 2015

  • Be Prepared For Early Ice

    Be Prepared For Early Ice

    The early ice season will soon be upon us and anyone that wants to get out before vehicles are able to hit the hard water needs to think long and hard about safety issues when it comes to fishing. Now I have never set foot on 2 inch ice and do not think any fish is worth that, but four to six inc...

August 2015

  • Professional Tournament Fish Care

    Professional Tournament Fish Care

    With any fishing tournament during the summer months, locals are always concerned with the amount of pressure put on the fish. On a catch and release tournament where the fish are brought into a weigh in the anxiety increases. With the Bassmasters college national circuit rolling into town and...

June 2015

  • Variable Depths on Planer Boards

    Variable Depths on Planer Boards

    Fishing with planer boards has become a popular technique over the past decade. It offers fisherman a way to cover a lot of ground in the hopes of getting a fish to strike. Typically a pattern is developed and that then puts fish in the live well. Most fisherman report a standard presentation...

February 2015

  • Catching Suspended Basin Fish

    Catching Suspended Basin Fish

    When it comes to fishing in a large basin like many of our flowages and reservoirs, electronics are a must. I spend a great deal of my time out on ole Lake Winnebago and she behaves in much the same way. I consider myself an above average fisherman in the open water on these bodies of water and ca...

November 2014

  • Hunt Buck With Less Stress

    Hunt Buck With Less Stress

    Every hunter has been dreaming about it. Every hunter has been wishfully thinking. There are no two ways about it, the rut is here. Hunters will seemingly do just about anything and everything to get them within range of a deer. Hunters that were successful in the past bank on those tactics to...

August 2014

  • Lake Michigan Throws a Curveball

    Lake Michigan Throws a Curveball

    On a typical late July day, fisherman are searching for cold water on Lake Michigan to catch fish. Boats are typically in the sixty degrees of water range looking for anything in the fifties. This congregates the bait and the fish and makes for some pretty intense fishing. Charter captains keep a...

July 2014

  • Green Bay World Class Walleye Action

    Green Bay World Class Walleye Action

    Neal Soyka lives to fish and it doesn’t hurt that he knows how to as well. The man is as friendly as they come and after spending a day with him fishing for whitefish this past winter we were friends. Neal had a hot tip for me and once again, the boys and I traveled to Dykesville, WI for some Gr...

April 2014

  • Find Food For Early Turkey Season Success

    Find Food For Early Turkey Season Success

    Austin and I were exhausted from hoofing it through the snow that at times was nearly waist deep. It wasn’t long into the first morning of last years youth hunt that we felt as though the odds were severely against us. Needing a break to clear out the snow in our boots we decided to set up against...

March 2014

  • Searching For Good Late Ice Fishing

    Searching For Good Late Ice Fishing

    With near-record days below zero and a winter that we have not seen since the 70’s, ice fishing tactics this year will need to be adjusted during the month of March to put fish on the ice. The winter is showing that we are nearly two weeks behind to normal. The recent ‘Battle on Bago’ results sho...

February 2014

  • Whitefishing The Bay

    Whitefishing The Bay

    Many years ago my father and I headed out to the Bay of Green Bay for some ice fishing perch action. We nearly lost the truck due to bad ice and the fishing failed. The fishing in the Bay since then has gone down the drain and so has part of the economy. The poor fishing has affected local guides ...

December 2013

  • Time to Get Squirrely

    Time to Get Squirrely

    I think just about anybody can figure out how to shoot a meal of squirrels. Sometimes it does seem difficult, especially those that hunt other species. It seems as though the squirrels know when you are bow hunting as they are out everywhere. The boys and I trekked out recently to try and fill a ...

November 2013

  • Professional Boat Maintenance Key To A Smooth Spring

    Professional Boat Maintenance Key To A Smooth Spring

    There is nothing worse than wanting to fish in the spring, taking your boat out to the lake and it fails to start. If you winterize your own boat, the possibilities of this happening are higher than if you take it to a professional. Roughly 25% of spring boat business is due to no starts which can b...

October 2013

  • Rut Predictor For This Year And Beyond

    Rut Predictor For This Year And Beyond

    Oftentimes when the subject of the rut comes up amongst hunters I think it should be categorized as a four letter word. Simply for the reason that it can never be agreed upon and everyone has a different opinion. The key word in that last sentence is ‘opinion.’ We are inundated with articles and...

September 2013

  • A Canadian Fly-In Adventure

    A Canadian Fly-In Adventure

    If you are like me, then you have dreamt about taking a Canadian fly in fishing trip for a long time. Perhaps you have done it in the past and consider it an annual pilgrimage. If so, then you are certainly blessed. The boys and I, along with camera man Eric Brittnacher, recently headed to Arms...

August 2013

  • Sheepshead Are Not That Baaaaaad

    Sheepshead Are Not That Baaaaaad

    When someone or something gets a bad reputation, it is hard to shake. I realize that this article will change none of that when it comes to the freshwater drum. That is fine with me, because first and foremost, we need to realize everyone marches to the beat to his own drum. The boys and I took...

July 2013

  • Deep Spawning Panfish

    Deep Spawning Panfish

    The crazy weather we have had up to this point in the summer has affected more than just my plans when turning to the outdoors. The weather patterns have caused plants to bloom late, trees to leaf out later than normal… and that is just the beginning. Fish respond to several factors when consider...

June 2013

  • Planer Boards With Kids

    Planer Boards With Kids

    Kids typically have a short attention span when it comes to fishing and although my boys are pretty hard core they still lapse off in to la-la land. Heck I fall off into the mist from time to time. It seems as though when you are paying the least amount of attention that you will get yourself a bi...

May 2013

  • Butchering And Cooking A Wild Turkey

    Butchering And Cooking A Wild Turkey

    There are a lot of people that hunt turkeys who do not realize how versatile the bird is when it comes to table fare. When I first started turkey hunting nearly twenty years ago, the first bird I shot was cleaned whole and frozen. We cooked it like a traditional Thanksgiving turkey and complained ...

February 2013

  • Wisconsin Wolf Numbers Do Not Add Up

    Wisconsin Wolf Numbers Do Not Add Up

    With Wisconsin’s inaugural gray wolf season in the books, now is a time for reflection and a look at the hypothetical numbers. Hypothetical numbers is really all we know about the wolf in Wisconsin. The number may be much higher than the DNR is willing to admit. My hypothesis is that the DNR is r...

January 2013

  • High School Ice Fishing tournaments Begin to Flourish

    High School Ice Fishing tournaments Begin to Flourish

    Teach a kid to read, and they will have a tool that just about anyone could have taught them. Do you remember who taught you to read? Now close your eyes and reflect on who taught you to fish. I bet it is a strong vivid memory that embeds itself on more than one level. Being a high school ice fishin...

November 2012

  • How to Field Dress a Deer

    How to Field Dress a Deer

    Anytime you become a successful deer hunter, there is plenty of work to be done with the joys of the harvest. From the do-it-your-self processor to the person who takes his deer in for processing, the hunter still needs to gut out the deer in order to keep it from spoiling. Over the years I have...

October 2012

  • Getting Kids Excited About Hunting

    Getting Kids Excited About Hunting

    Stevens Point, WI— Sometimes it is not the size of the deer that is the prize. That was the case the other night as I trekked into the woods with my son Cade. Cade has taken a newfound interest in hunting. At school this past week he had to make a little poster and include some things about himself....

September 2012

  • A Practical Approach to Scent Control

    A Practical Approach to Scent Control

    Understanding how a deer's nose works in its environment is important. I try to tackle the scent problem in four ways: breath, body odor, clothing and filler. A whitetail deer utilizes its nose probably more than any other sense. It uses it to detect food, mates, danger and everything inbetwe...

August 2012

  • Blackberry Scouting

    Blackberry Scouting

    With the hot weather and drought we have experienced this year, crops are shriveling up in most corners of the state. The same belief could be thought of for mast crops and berries. A keen hunter relies on these crops and follows them in his quest for big game. Where the food is the bear and deer...

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