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October 2009

  • Bobby’s Tackle Box

    Bobby’s Tackle Box

    I received an E-mail from a young boy who was interested in going out on a guided trip with me. He told me that he had seen me on TV and had visited my website several times and that he was saving up his money from cutting lawns and helping out around home so he could go fishing with me. He asked me...

September 2009

  • September And Walleyes Go Hand In Hand

    September And Walleyes Go Hand In Hand

    September is and will always be one of my favorite months of the year to fish the Winnebago system. The temperatures have a fall feel to them during the day and night, the bugs have typically gone away, there is a lot less boat traffic due to the pleasure boats not being out so often and the kids ar...

August 2009

  • It's Time For A Change

    It's Time For A Change

    Well, here we are at the month of August and most of you are probably scratching your heads and wondering why you are not catching as many walleyes as you did in May, June, and July. The fish have not gone away, they have not all been caught, they are there, and you just need to make some changes. T...

July 2009

  • Rember When...

    Rember When...

    I can remember growing up in Appleton,WI and I always looking forward to the upcoming walleye run and whitebass run. You see, my uncle used to drive down from Fremont and pick me up and take me with him. I was only 6 or 7 at the time, but I remember it like it was yesterday. He had this old 16 foot ...

June 2009

  • Trolling Tips on Lake Winnebago

    Trolling Tips on Lake Winnebago

    Trolling for walleyes on Lake Winnebago can be very difficult at times. I have written this article here with hope that this will help you out in your quest to catch the elusive walleye on Lake Winnebago. If you are going to troll with crank baits, do yourself a favor, and go and buy the boo...

May 2009

  • Jiggin The Reefs

    Jiggin The Reefs

    Fishing the reefs on Lake Winnebago can be difficult if you do not know the proper method of doing it. I am going to explain to you a method that we use, that seems to do the trick. I hope this helps you put more fish in the live well, and also gives you a few answers as to why some people are catch...

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