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March 2012

  • Midwinter Crappies in the Mid-South

    Midwinter Crappies in the Mid-South
    by NOEL VICK

    Written in conjunction with Brian "Bro" Brosdahl Crappies call like the Siren's song. No matter where on God's green earth - or frozen planet for that matter - Bro is presently placed, he hears crappies calling. Most often, during the dark days of winter, they whisper things like "come here big...

February 2012

  • Ghosts of the Lake

    Ghosts of the Lake
    by NOEL VICK

    With Brian "Bro" Brosdahl Few see them. Others either dismiss the sightings as hooey or are cursed to believe but never catch even a fleeting glimpse of one. These, you might call freshwater poltergeists, can be as common as the ghosts of missing mariners on pirate vessels, but still scarcely wit...

April 2010

  • The Water Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

    The Water Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
    by NOEL VICK

    River expert Bill Plantan never leaves home without 'em: a full battery of prerigged rods and reels The world's a harmonious place when Bill Plantan slides his canoe inconspicuously into the flow. A morning fog masks his craft, its intentions, and most of the river panorama. Unseen riffles t...

May 2004

  • Live Bait Hooking Options - Which Way is Best?

    Live Bait Hooking Options - Which Way is Best?
    by NOEL VICK

    In simple mathematics, the sum is always greater than the parts. In fishing, a jig is just a jig and a minnow is just a minnow when they stand alone. However, if you put them together, they make a lethal combination for springtime walleyes across the Midwest. Like Puckett and Hrbek or Garnett and...

March 2003

  • Economizing Scope and Improving Results

    Economizing Scope and Improving Results
    by NOEL VICK

    Bill Plantan, an impassioned river buff, often speaks about this guy who owned a big boat – the fast and glass sort – and nearly exclusively launched it on big water. One day, for whatever reason, he bought a canoe, a River Ridge Custom Canoe, and thus began a new chapter in his fishing ...

April 2001

  • Panfish on Really Small Water

    Panfish on Really Small Water
    by NOEL VICK

    From coast to coast, panfish anglers embrace the arrival of spring. Unsafe black ice has vanished and our beloved bluegills and crappies frolic in predictable places. Classic shallow and stained-water locations host much of the activity. Wind protected bays and river backwaters rank high. ...

March 2001

  • Hardwater and Sonar… Inseparable

    Hardwater and Sonar… Inseparable
    by NOEL VICK

    "If there's a single piece of ice fishing equipment that will double your catch, it's portable sonar." Good stories make good lead-ins. And during a recent interview with On Ice Tour's Chip Leer and Tommy Skarlis, Chip broke into the following… "I was winter guiding on little northern Minnesota...

February 2001

  • ‘Eyes Up High

    ‘Eyes Up High
    by NOEL VICK

    On Ice Tour cofounder Chip Leer recounts a valuable ice fishing experience… "I was running fish houses for a resort on Lake of the Woods’ Oak Island…way up north. And I’ll never forget how this kid who worked at a neighboring resort proved that there’s no such thing as too shallow for winter wa...

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