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January 2004

Ice Fishing Feeding Frenzy
by Fishing The Wild Side
Written By Doug Newhoff Fish have a brain about the size of a pea. They have a stomach that's roughly 20 times that large. Fortunately for those of us who love to fish through the ice, one feeds the other. While a crappie or perch isn't capable of figuring out where to find a meal when the pickings get slim in the middle of a Midwestern winter, sustenance is survival, and instinct drive... more

July 2003

"Thee way" to more Walleyes with Three-Ways
by Fishing The Wild Side
Written By Doug Newhoff When it comes to their bellies, walleyes aren't all that much different than human beings. Some days, they will go to great lengths to please their palates by roaming expansive flats or cruising miles of shoreline in search of a few crayfish or shiners. Some days, they prefer not to spend a lot of energy in search of dinner and simply rest on the bottom and wait for dinn... more
Expert Jigging Methods
by Fishing The Wild Side
Written By Doug Newhoff Many fish ago, long before Oly Evinrude was a sparkplug in his father's eye or Lauri Rapala put an edge on his first carving knife, the idea of the leadhead jig was conceived. It solved many problems for our angling forefathers. It could be made to look like many of the creatures gamefish favor. It provided weighting that allowed it to be lowered to great depths or cast ... more

April 2003

Simple Pleasures in Bass Tactics
by Fishing The Wild Side
With Doug Newhoff It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention. If this is true, then simplicity must be the father! Bass anglers are taking note. Give a bucketmouth fanatic a baitfish-colored, noisy crankbait with holographic eyes and neutral buoyancy, and that angler will chuck and wind only for as long as the lure is producing. Give... more

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