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June 2022

  • Destinations on the Fly

    Destinations on the Fly

    Unique and travel-worthy summertime fly-fishing opportunities from coast to coast Summer is here and the days are long, just like the rods fly anglers use to play their favorite games on the water. No matter where you live or fish, the extra daylight hours afforded in the coming weeks a...

May 2022

  • Catch More and Bigger Spring Panfish

    Catch More and Bigger Spring Panfish

    Three panfish experts share their secrets Few angling pursuits are as humble, simple and enjoyable as spring panfishing. We conjure images of bobbers and docks, spawning fish in the shallows, and plain presentations that always seemed to work from the depths of our childhood memories. F...
  • Tips for Early-Summer Smallmouth Success

    Tips for Early-Summer Smallmouth Success

    Experts share techniques for big brown bass bites Increasingly, today's bass anglers love to tell you which species they prefer, brown or green. But it's the former that continues to spawn a cult-like following. Even a self-described largemouth nut or honest walleye angler will admit to enjoyi...

February 2022

  • Bass Fishing: The Rites of Spring

    Bass Fishing: The Rites of Spring

    Bassin' brothers, Jesse and Jordy Wiggins, on casting crankbaits for springtime bass Any discussion of pre-spawn bass is bound to include the topic of crankbaits. Why? Put simply, of all the baits in the boat, cranks offer distinct advantages over most other lure types, especially in ...

January 2022

  • Techniques for Better Bassin': Part One

    Techniques for Better Bassin': Part One

    It's a new year, and if you've resolved to take steps to improve your bass-angling success and enjoyment in 2022, you're reading the right article. We all have our own confidence lures and presentations. But what happens when these go-to techniques fail to produce? Well, you either adapt or go ho...
  • Techniques for Better Bassin': Part Two

    Techniques for Better Bassin': Part Two

    Four more St. Croix pros share tips on their favorite presentations and the specific Victory rods on which they rely Like most forms of angling, bass fishing is an ever-evolving puzzle. It's also a personal one. Regardless of your experience level, there are always new things to lea...

November 2021

  • Gearing Up for First Ice

    Gearing Up for First Ice

    In northern climates, long rods and long casts will soon give way to hardened surfaces and vertical presentations with short sticks as impassioned anglers try to pull a host of fish species through holes in the ice. But simple sticks they're not. Growing numbers of ice anglers expect to take full ad...

October 2021

  • Fall Redfish Frenzy

    Fall Redfish Frenzy

    Q&A with Redfish pros, Steve Lessard, Joseph Sanderson, Guillermo Gonzalez, and Justin Carter Some of the best fishing of the year in the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions begins in October and continues throughout the winter months. Bull reds? Yep, they're on the hunt at the southern end...
  • Killer Late-Fall Musky Presentations and Considerations on Early Ice

    Killer Late-Fall Musky Presentations and Considerations on Early Ice

    Fall is a magical time to be on the water, especially up north. The cottagers have mostly gone home and aside from the occasional pier-service vessel whisking away boat lifts or sections of dock, the clear, post-turnover waters are now largely the domain of anglers and waterfowl hunters. In lakes...
  • Unlocking Fall Panfish Patterns

    Unlocking Fall Panfish Patterns

    Q&A with panfish pros, Brian Brosdahl, Jeremy Smith, Blake Tollefson, and Joel Nelson Whether targeted for fun or for the table, panfish please most anglers- especially lunker crappies and hand-sized bull bluegills. Fall is a great time to catch them, but with variables like changin...

September 2021

  • Can't-Miss Techniques for Late-Summer and Early-Fall Walleyes

    Can't-Miss Techniques for Late-Summer and Early-Fall Walleyes

    Walleyes are still largely following established summer patterns in most lakes and rivers come early September, which generally means deeper water. Anglers targeting 'eyes should start their searches in all the likely areas, namely offshore humps, deep weed lines, mid-depth flats, and man-made cribs...
  • Fall Crankin' for Bass North and South

    Fall Crankin' for Bass North and South

    For most bass anglers, crankbaits are just flat-out fun to fish. Designed to fish on a constant (or near-constant) retrieve while maintaining contact with and deflecting off structure, crankbaits provide the angler with tons of feedback. "The main reason I like it is because you're actively crank...
  • The Right Time, Place, and Gear for Early Fall's Primetime Muskies

    The Right Time, Place, and Gear for Early Fall's Primetime Muskies

    Musky anglers don't always agree on the best ways to catch the fish of 10,000 casts. Variations in today's lures and tackle mean there's more choices than ever to support multiple musky techniques and presentations, any of which can decrease that 10,000 number to something a lot more reasonable. Tha...

August 2021

  • Late-Summer Bass Presentations

    Late-Summer Bass Presentations

    Two primary factors combine to make late-summer largemouth bass challenging to catch in many water bodies. First is that they're often widely dispersed because they're keying in on different forage. Bass can be suspended over deep water targeting schools of suspended baitfish; in dense, shallow, oxy...

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