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September 2021

  • Fall Slip-Bobber Perch

    Fall Slip-Bobber Perch

    Perch, here in the Dakota's, top many anglers' winter hitlist but fall arguably can offer some of the best perch angling of the year when water temperatures drop stimulating appetites before the cold upcoming midwest winter season. Perch truly are favorites simply due to them being great table far...

June 2021

  • Spinner Detail Leads to Success

    Spinner Detail Leads to Success

    There are countless ways to boat walleyes, but the traditional spinner or livebait rig probably accounts for as many as any other. They are in every walleye wrangler's arsenal and their ability to catch walleyes in every inhabited water is remarkable. Their simplicity, ability to cover water and ...

May 2021

  • Don't Overlook that Spring Shoreline

    Don't Overlook that Spring Shoreline

    While many boats are poised to exit winter storage, fishing from shore and/or docks which can continue into early summer can provide some of the best angling of the year. Shore fishing can provide great walleye action, due to access to shallow spawning walleyes. While many see this as a simple tho...

April 2021

  • Avoiding Potential Spring Mishaps

    Avoiding Potential Spring Mishaps

    Early signs of spring open water quickly create a whole new type of angling excitement. Big fish bucket list destinations, early river bites and hot shore-line bites quickly consume anglers as excitement runs high. The news of open water can send anglers scampering to pull boats out of storage, gr...

February 2021

  • Beat the Mid-Winter Ice Blues

    Beat the Mid-Winter Ice Blues

    No matter if it is open water or the current ice season, mid-season can be the peak of angler frustration. Hope that the early ice bite will continue fades as the calendar reaches the end of January or early February. Decreased fish metabolism, changes in the food chain and frequent weather fronts...

January 2021

  • Hunting for Big Perch Through the Ice

    Hunting for Big Perch Through the Ice

    The "Hunt" for BIG perch is on the minds of most ice wranglers here in the South Dakota prairie pothole/glacial lake region as first ice is formed. How are the biggest perch found and caught every winter? Drilling holes on the right water, understanding their behavior and having a variety of baits...

December 2020

  • Early Ice 'Eyes

    Early Ice 'Eyes

    Early ice, a favorite for most ice diehards, may be the most predictable period of the ice season. This period can be reminiscent of spring as walleyes commonly exhibit aggressive behavior and are often schooled up, increasing angling success. Here in the Dakota's, most water is relatively sha...

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