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October 2021

  • 3 Tweaks for Winter Drop Shotting

    3 Tweaks for Winter Drop Shotting

    Bass are predictably unpredictable, meaning they're often not where we expect them to be from weekend to weekend; however, from a more macro level, bass are very predictable in how they react to seasonal changes. As fall transitions into winter, expect a large segment of the bass population to be g...
  • Three Keys to Fall Jerkbait Success

    Three Keys to Fall Jerkbait Success

    Crisp mornings and a turning of the foliage mean the fall months are upon us. It's a great time for bass anglers to be on the water enjoying the solitude while others are in the deer stand or duck blind, a trend that only gets better with the approaching winter months. While many bass lures can an...

September 2021

  • Fall Cranking Strategies

    Fall Cranking Strategies

    With the recent kickoff of football season, fall is unofficially here, regardless of how hot it feels outside right now. Even before those first crisp mornings of fall, there is a significant movement of baitfish toward the back ends of major creeks and tributaries, with schools of bass in tow. ...

July 2021

  • Rod Action vs. Rod Power

    Rod Action vs. Rod Power

    My wife has often wondered aloud why an angler like myself requires so many fishing rods, voicing, "I mean, you can only use one at a time, right"? My reply is to try and equate it to the assortment of shoes in her closet: there's always an occasion that requires adding one more pair to the collect...
  • Walking the Dog for Topwater Action

    Walking the Dog for Topwater Action

    Without doubt, the best "bite" in all of bass fishing is the topwater bite. The sudden and explosive disruption of a quiet, still morning makes the anticipation almost as good as the final result. Topwater lures come in a variety of forms, but few have stood the test of time as the classic "walkin...

June 2021

  • Wacky Rigging the Senko for Post-Spawn Bass

    Wacky Rigging the Senko for Post-Spawn Bass

    Bass fishing is a sport full of mystery, in which the angler is always trying to solve a never-ending puzzle of bass behavior that's often quite unpredictable. One such mystery is the effectiveness of the soft stick bait, (i.e., the Senko), and why it catches so many bass. This straight-tail desig...

May 2021

  • Fishing the Swim Jig in Heavy Cover

    Fishing the Swim Jig in Heavy Cover

    As spring transitions into summer, a strong population of bass will remain in shallow water, gorging on spawning shad and bluegill and seeking some payback for the nest robbing activities these forage species incurred upon the bass only a few weeks before. Bass will often position within shallow br...

March 2021

  • Crankin' Up Early Season Bass

    Crankin' Up Early Season Bass

    With the warmth of spring and increasingly longer daylight hours comes the annual movement of bass from their winter depths into shallow spawning flats. As the water temps first begin climbing, bass will congregate within sight of their eventual spawning beds, feeding aggressively along shallows po...
  • Fishing The Toyko Rig

    Fishing The Toyko Rig

    Bass anglers are tinkerers by nature, always looking to build a better mousetrap in the pursuit of catching bass. Such was the case with the release of the VMC Tokyo Rig, a unique hook and weight configuration originally designed for punching matted vegetation. The rig consists of a hook attached ...

October 2020

  • Keeping Up with Fall Bass

    Keeping Up with Fall Bass

    The first cool fronts of the fall are always a welcome relief to the sweltering days of August. The cooler weather heightens the anticipation for weekend football games, filling deer feeders and, for bass anglers, reduced traffic on area lakes. Successful fall bass fishing is all about keeping u...

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