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January 2019

Winter Is Prime Time For A Tennessee Grand Slam
by Craig Ritchie
Ice fishing is fun, but I prefer casting in open water to drilling holes in a frozen lake. Thankfully, winter brings all sorts of great opportunities that are just a short drive away. Tennessee isn't far from my home in the Midwest, but it's a world apart in January. While our lakes are capped with a layer of ice, lakes in Tennessee remain wide open, and you fish out of a boat instead of an ice hu... more

December 2018

Meaty Tactics For Big Winter Browns
by Craig Ritchie
Big bass are impressive, and big walleye are tough. But many anglers will agree that few freshwater fish can be tougher to catch than a trophy brown trout. But there's one time of year when even the wariest brown trout become downright easy to fool, and that time is right now. The keys to catching big browns are like the keys to catching any other fish - you have to be in the right place at the... more

September 2018

Catching Trophy Great Lakes Salmon
by Craig Ritchie
Many anglers consider fall to be the best time of the year for catching big fish, and that's especially true on the Great Lakes. Cooler temperatures and lower light intensity bring big fish back into shallow waters, creating tremendous opportunities for anglers fishing from small boats or shoreline piers. September is when large numbers of coho and chinook salmon return to the mouths of tributary ... more

August 2018

New Innovations in Dropshotting
by Craig Ritchie
Drip-shot rigs exploded onto the tournament fishing scene a few years ago, but the basic idea of hanging the weight a foot or more below the hook has been around for decades. Anglers and commercial fisherman on coastal waters have caught bottom fish like cod and flounder this way for generations, while walleye pros have fished with similar rigs and live baits this way in the 1950s. The big innovat... more

July 2018

Why Everyone Needs A Baitcasting Reel
by Craig Ritchie
Spinning reels exploded onto the fishing landscape in 1948 with the introduction of the venerable Mitchell 300. Able to cast lightweight lures without tangles or backlash, spinning reels quickly gained a loyal following across North America - to the point that some people began to question whether they might push traditional baitcasting reels off the market altogether. But for all the advantages t... more

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