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April 2022

  • Troll a Jig, Catch a Walleye

    Troll a Jig, Catch a Walleye

    Early season walleyes are often caught on jigs tipped with minnows and pitched to fish located in shallow to mid-depth waters. Other fish are caught by those fishing slip-sinker livebait rigs, the classic Lindy Rig. Another method, however, is one that doesn't get as much attention, but often "get...

March 2022

  • Prime Time Panfish

    Prime Time Panfish

    There is a fishing pattern that emerges in March that is one of the most productive of the entire year and maybe one of the most overlooked too. The pattern involves bluegills and crappies at "last ice." During this time, many of these fish are vacating deeper water mid-winter haunts and heading s...

February 2022

  • Walleye Wishes 2022

    Walleye Wishes 2022

    As I sit writing this, the temperature outside has yet to nudge above the 0 degree mark! Nevertheless, I know that nicer days are ahead and that in just a couple months I could potentially be back in a boat on open water. Here are some of the wishes I have for the coming season, particularly regar...

November 2021

  • Prime Time Early Ice Walleyes

    Prime Time Early Ice Walleyes

    The first few weeks of the ice fishing season usually offer the best fishing action for walleyes of the entire winter season. Here is a look at suggestions that can help tip the odds for ice fishing success in your favor should you chose to get in on this "prime time" fishing pattern! Fish last,...

September 2021

  • Fall Walleyes Right Now

    Fall Walleyes Right Now

    Fall is a great time to be on the water fishing as the pleasure boaters, water skiers, and jet skiers are gone and, of course, the fish often go "on the chew" in preparation for the coming winter. Walleyes that have been largely ignored the past couple months are among those hungry fish. While big...

June 2021

  • Shallow Water June Bassin'

    Shallow Water June Bassin'

    June is a great month for those of us who love to fish! Fish of all species are often still roaming the shallows now and at least some, if not many, are usually in a biting mood. In fact, one of my all-time favorite fishing patterns involves largemouth bass in and around shallow water cover during...

March 2021

  • Late Ice Panfish

    Late Ice Panfish

    As we enter the last few weeks of winter, some anglers have already stowed their ice fishing gear and are preparing for open water. That may be a mistake, particularly for those anglers who enjoy catching panfish like crappies and bluegills. Right now, these fish are vacating some of the deep basi...

July 2020

  • Speed Up For More Summer Fish!

    Speed Up For More Summer Fish!

    Spring is a time when shallow fish and cold water often mean methodical presentations designed to tempt fish that may be a bit lethargic into biting. During summer, however, faster presentations that trigger aggressive, reactionary strikes are often more effective. For example, walleye fishing ...

April 2020

  • Simple Spring Walleyes!

    Simple Spring Walleyes!

    There are lots of things to love about early season walleye fishing! For one, spring walleye angling often signals the return of open water fishing for another year. And, walleyes in the spring are often aggressive biters and easily accessible in fairly shallow water. Another thing that I rea...

November 2016

  • Tips for more winter fishing success!

    Tips for more winter fishing success!

    Ice fishing season will soon be here, meaning thousands of eager anglers across the northern states will soon be venturing out searching for their favorite fish species. Regardless the species sought, the following tips can probably help anglers in their winter fishing this year. Stay Mobile Ma...

September 2016

  • Fall Walleye Tips

    Fall Walleye Tips

    The fall months have reputations for being some of the best months of the entire year for fishing as most fish species, walleyes included, are actively feeding during this time. However, simply hitting the water and wetting a line does not guarantee success. In fact, because fall walleyes can be s...

June 2016

  • Big summer bass on the flats!

    Big summer bass on the flats!

    Lots of Midwestern bass anglers, this one included, like to fish the deep or outside edge of the weed line utilizing spinning gear and jig-worm style baits. Jig-worming the deep weed line is, in fact, a favorite technique of lots of fishing guides who prefer this fishing method for its simplicity a...

May 2016

  • Early Season Bassin’

    Early Season Bassin’

    Spring largemouth bass fishing is usually a shallow water affair as these fish are often in, and around, shallow water cover at this time. Pencil reed patches, boat docks, fallen trees, and any other shallow cover will often harbor largemouth bass as they go through their spawning ritual, and also ...

April 2016

  • Crappie time!

    Crappie time!

    Many Midwestern lakes are ice free, and for the anxious open-water angler that means its crappie time! These scrappy panfish take center stage for many anglers now because, as panfish, they are legal for the taking, while gamefish like walleyes and northern pike are still protected by some state's ...

January 2016

  • The Winter Perch Search!

    The Winter Perch Search!

    One of my favorite winter fish species to chase is yellow perch. These fish grow big and feisty in some waters and are very tasty table fare too. Here is a look at some tips to put jumbos on the ice and in the frying pan this winter. The first step in finding winter perch is choosing the rig...

December 2013

  • Quick trip walleye!

    Quick trip walleye!

    Across the ice belt there is no better time to put walleye on the ice - and eventually in the fry pan - than right now. Lots of us who love to fish live within easy driving distance of a body of water that probably has walleye swimming in it and, a quick end- of-the-day ice fishing trip can probabl...

September 2013

  • Not Too Late!

    Not Too Late!

    The start of another school year means the end of summer for many folks. While that is a bit regrettable, fall means hunting, Halloween, and lots of other fun activities. Even though this is a time of year when lots of folks are winding up the fishing season, it is still a great opportunity to get...

August 2013

  • Big Boat, Big Control!

    Big Boat, Big Control!

    As a multi-species fishing guide, I have found that having a big boat is advantageous. While a big fishing boat isn't desired, or needed for that matter, by every angler, serious anglers who consistently fish big waters and, or chase a variety of fish species are often more successful fishing from ...

July 2013

  • Crank a Flat, Catch a Walleye!

    Crank a Flat, Catch a Walleye!

    Finding and catching summer walleye can be a challenge. Though walleye are typically feeding during summer, lakes are often full of "walleye food" at this time, meaning our baits have lots of competition when it comes to getting eaten by a fish. For that reason, I often prefer to troll a crankb...

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