Fishing for Cats

by Nancy Schraufnagel

I love to fish. I don't get the opportunity as much as I would like, but when I do, LOOK OUT Cats.

A while ago , my hubby (Perch) and myself decided to take a day and go fishing. Well, we headed to Water works Park Beaver Dam and launched the boat and headed to Denning's Point, better known to me as Rasmussen Point. We are getting all set up and this time I am going to use Minnows, yes, good old minnows. Before long my lines are in and I am having the time of my life. The fight these cats give is just totally awesome. I had two lines just a moving. Well, those two lines gave me some very nice cats. At this point Perch is not doing too good, or maybe just not trying, or just seeing all the fun I am having and just kicks back in the boat. Another two lines back out, but before long one of the lines is just traveling . OH my God, as I get this line closer to the boat , I see I have a huge cat. Huge isn't the word. I yell for perch to get the net and get it ready, I am bringing a huge cat in. Huge it was at least for me. Perch measures it and I got a 28 inch cat which I thought was awesome At this point, I had my limit and perch still wasn't doing well at all, so we decided to call it a day. Now to head home and get these cats all cleaned and getting the brine ready, so they can soak all the night, for perch to smoke the next day.

I really don't like eating fried cat fish, but I sure like the smoked ones with some crackers nothing like it. Nothing like a beautiful day on the lake, so serene letting the rest of the world go by.

I am now looking so forward to my next cat fishing day, when Redrose4U2 brings her huge boat up and her and I will be going fishing together, and hopefully having a great day, with lots of luck, and lots of happy times spent together.

Shore fishing for cats
Sometimes, it is very difficult for me to get into a boat, because of health issues, the next best thing is shore fishing, which I also like to do. About 5 miles from our home is a very nice place to do some fishing for cats from the shore line, it is Beaver Dam River, that flows from Beaver Dam Lake. The water in this river is about 5ft deep only and nice cover for the cats to lie in with all the weeds and twigs. On this river, I use Stink bait, boy and stink it does. The cats really like this stuff and before long they were just biting. Perch was doing very well on this little fishing adventure. It was also a great day, with great weather and my favorite fishing partner with me. That day, the both of us got our limit. I just love the fight that these cats put up. Sometimes you think your rod and reel was going in the lake. It is awesome to let these cats fight, letting them get real tired and then just reel them in. That is what you have to do, let them give you a real fight and then you have them. Wow. Fishing like this makes my day complete. A good fishing partner, a little water to drink lots of stink bait and nice cats on the other end of the line.

I sure hope you readers have enjoyed my short stories. Get out there and get your lines wet. You never know what you will pull in.

Author Nancy Schraufnagel
Nancy Schraufnagel
About the author:
My name is Nancy Schraufnagel. I was born and raised in Dodge County. Wi. I love the Great Outdoors!

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