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December 2022

  • Tips For Better and More Portable Minnow Management

    Tips For Better and More Portable Minnow Management
    by Lake-Link Staff

    As anglers have migrated to online tackle purchases, there's one thing that will never put mom & pop bait shops out of business-and that's the constant need for fresh, live bait. Sure, there are lots of artificial presentations for all species-and many of them catch a lot of fish-but sometimes th...

November 2022

  • Last Chance Browns

    Last Chance Browns
    by Lake-Link Staff

    The flurry of fall fishing opportunities tends to wind down as the final days of November turn into the first few days of December. Shorter days and much colder nights bring fall turnover to its completion, leaving lakes with water of consistent temperature from side to side and top to bottom, allow...
  • Late Fall Walleye After Dark

    Late Fall Walleye After Dark
    by Lake-Link Staff

    It's hardly a secret that some of the best walleye fishing comes after dark, and never is this truer than in the late fall when the best fish in any given lake come shallow to feed heavily for the onset of winter. As the days grow shorter and water temperatures in the shallows cool, walleye take ...

October 2022

  • Catch River 'Eyes on Blade Baits Right Now

    Catch River 'Eyes on Blade Baits Right Now
    by Lake-Link Staff

    We're just about to 50 degrees water temperature on a lot of rivers throughout the Walleye Belt meaning the bite is on! One of the best and most exciting ways to catch late-fall and winter river 'eyes? Blade baits... Lomira, Wisconsin-based walleye pro Max Wilson is an absolute expert when it...
  • Going Bananas for Steelhead and Salmon

    Going Bananas for Steelhead and Salmon
    by Lake-Link Staff

    If there's one thing that my friends will tell you, it's that I totally go bananas for steelhead and salmon. And when I say go bananas, I don't just mean that I love to catch them. I mean that I love to catch them by using banana baits. Banana baits is the term I use to describe a whole family of...
  • 100 Years of Wisdom

    100 Years of Wisdom
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Distinguished fishing guides Dick "The Griz" Gryzwinski and Tom Neustrom share their winning walleye ways for more late-fall fish-and year 'round While the walleye world is constantly reinventing itself with new technologies, baits, and techniques, sometimes we make things too complicated. Fact i...
  • Late-Fall Largemouth Bass: ChatterBait Time!

    Late-Fall Largemouth Bass: ChatterBait Time!
    by Lake-Link Staff

    While October and November finds most Midwest anglers hitting tree stands and flushing birds, there's a hardcore group willing to brave the elements for one of the best largemouth bass bites of the year. The only problem? Given unpredictable weather and water temperatures largemouth bass can be lite...
  • Beating The Crowds With Fall Trout and Salmon

    Beating The Crowds With Fall Trout and Salmon
    by Lake-Link Staff

    The Great Lakes region is known around the world for its exceptional fishing for trout and salmon. Unfortunately, the area is also known for the big crowds that show up on tributary streams as soon as the fish arrive from the big water. The massive popularity of river fishing for trout and salmon is...
  • Tips For An Easier Shore Lunch-style Fish Fry At Home

    Tips For An Easier Shore Lunch-style Fish Fry At Home
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Let's face it, part of the reason we fish is for the reward of taking some fillets home for the skillet. While anglers are environmentally-conscious these days and release bigger fish-and keep far fewer fish in the long run than we did years ago-there's absolutely nothing wrong with selective harves...

September 2022

  • The Pike are Back

    The Pike are Back
    by Lake-Link Staff

    With apologies to Charles Dickens, the early fall - for anglers in the Midwest, at least - is the best of times, and the worst of times. On one hand, it's awesome because it's prime time for just about everything. Bass fishing is peaking, walleye are turning on, muskie are snapping out of their mid-...
  • Are Lithium-ion Batteries Worth the Cost?

    Are Lithium-ion Batteries Worth the Cost?
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Since they first appeared on the boating market a couple of years ago, lithium-ion batteries have captured angler's attention and generated a lot of talk. It's easy to understand why, especially when we hear claims that lithium-ion batteries can deliver run times twice as long as what we get from de...
  • Late-Summer, Early-Fall River Smallies

    Late-Summer, Early-Fall River Smallies
    by Lake-Link Staff

    One angler who spends a good deal of time chasing river smallmouth bass is professional chef and occasional fishing guide Patrick Donelan, former head chef at Wayzata, Minnesota's Blue Point Seafood restaurant. "In terms of fight potential and action, smallmouths are hard to beat, especially in the ...

August 2022

  • Fall Walleyes: Shallow From Shore

    Fall Walleyes: Shallow From Shore
    by Lake-Link Staff

    One of the great things about both early-spring around fishing openers and fall is the proximity in which you can catch walleyes from shore-either by standing on the bank, piers, docks, or venturing out in a pair of waders. This eliminates the need for a big, fancy walleye boat and really puts acces...
  • Spin Your Way to More and Bigger Crappies Now

    Spin Your Way to More and Bigger Crappies Now
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Unique rig covers water fast and seduces weedy late-summer slabs Veteran guide and Minnesota Fishing Hall of Famer, Tom Neustrom, has chased crappies for over forty years. While better known as a master walleye stick, without any hesitation he'll tell you his favorite fish are crappies. "...
  • Shoreline Salmon Action

    Shoreline Salmon Action
    by Lake-Link Staff

    The Great Lakes continue to offer some of the best salmon fishing in the world. For much of the year these fish live in deep water far offshore, making them tough to catch without a big, seaworthy boat and specialized gear. But that all changes for a few weeks each year as the big fish begin staging...
  • Slip Bobbers: Simply Effective

    Slip Bobbers: Simply Effective
    by Lake-Link Staff

    The slip-bobber method for presenting bait to fish has been around for several decades. Over time, however, this simple, yet often effective method got pushed to the side by much of the diehard angling crowd (me included) in favor of what are viewed as more complex, higher order fishing presentatio...
  • How Long to Fish a Spot

    How Long to Fish a Spot
    by Lake-Link Staff

    If there's one time of year that can be tough on anglers, it's those so-called dog days of summer. And whether you're fishing in a weekend tournament, or just out for some fun with the kids, the one thing that pretty well all anglers wrestle with at this time of year is the basic question of how lon...
  • Old-School Dredging for August Largemouth

    Old-School Dredging for August Largemouth
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Plastic worms seem to be tailor-made for fishing largemouths in August. And when I say plastic worms, I'm talking old school - big baits that are Texas-rigged on a bullet sinker. It's largemouth fishing, 1970s style. Why live in the past? Quite simply, pegged worms still work every bit as well to...

July 2022

  • Summertime Crappies

    Summertime Crappies
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Crappies are one of the most popular fish species across North America. Because they're usually a schooling fish, when you find them action can be fast. They'll respond to a variety of presentations, and they're great on the table. And according to Mr. Crappie Wally Marshall, crappie fishing in ma...
  • Dock Fishing Simplified

    Dock Fishing Simplified
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Everyone knows largemouth bass love cover such as weed beds, lily pads and fallen trees. But good cover can also be man-made, and boat docks might just be the best of all. That's why thousands of bass tournaments have been won - and continue to be won - by anglers flipping jigs along the edge of boa...

June 2022

  • 10-Step Trailering Checklist

    10-Step Trailering Checklist
    by Lake-Link Staff

    For some people the most daunting part of owning a boat is simply getting to and from the water. But towing doesn't have to be difficult. Happily, most potential problems can be easily avoided by taking a few minutes to check everything over before you set out. Pilots use checklists to avoid trouble...
  • Destinations on the Fly

    Destinations on the Fly
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Unique and travel-worthy summertime fly-fishing opportunities from coast to coast Summer is here and the days are long, just like the rods fly anglers use to play their favorite games on the water. No matter where you live or fish, the extra daylight hours afforded in the coming weeks a...
  • Its Buzzbait Time

    Its Buzzbait Time
    by Lake-Link Staff

    If there's one thing that's hard to beat, it's the excitement that comes from fishing with buzzbaits for early season bass, pike and muskie. There's a lot to like about fishing with buzzbaits - they're super easy to cast, they're super easy to fish, and the hits are usually nothing short of expl...
  • Getting Sneaky With Toothy Critters

    Getting Sneaky With Toothy Critters
    by Lake-Link Staff

    One of the things I llike the most about fishing is enjoying its sheer variety. I'm just as happy wading small creeks for trout as I am trolling big water for walleye or salmon, probing the depths for lake trout, flipping shallow pads for bass or just fishing off the dock with a worm and a float for...

May 2022

  • Tips for Early-Summer Smallmouth Success

    Tips for Early-Summer Smallmouth Success
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Experts share techniques for big brown bass bites Increasingly, today's bass anglers love to tell you which species they prefer, brown or green. But it's the former that continues to spawn a cult-like following. Even a self-described largemouth nut or honest walleye angler will admit to enjoyi...
  • Spring Time is King Time

    Spring Time is King Time
    by Lake-Link Staff

    After a long, cold winter nothing feels better than to get out on open water and chase species of fish that I haven't seen in a couple of months. Sure, spring is prime time for pike and walleye and panfish, but I've most likely caught a few of those through the ice at some point in the winter. So fo...
  • Catch More and Bigger Spring Panfish

    Catch More and Bigger Spring Panfish
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Three panfish experts share their secrets Few angling pursuits are as humble, simple and enjoyable as spring panfishing. We conjure images of bobbers and docks, spawning fish in the shallows, and plain presentations that always seemed to work from the depths of our childhood memories. F...

April 2022

  • Troll a Jig, Catch a Walleye

    Troll a Jig, Catch a Walleye
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Early season walleyes are often caught on jigs tipped with minnows and pitched to fish located in shallow to mid-depth waters. Other fish are caught by those fishing slip-sinker livebait rigs, the classic Lindy Rig. Another method, however, is one that doesn't get as much attention, but often "get...
  • Spring River Walleye Fishing: 6 Must Know Tips

    Spring River Walleye Fishing: 6 Must Know Tips
    by Lake-Link Staff

    River systems offer some of the earliest walleye fishing opportunities across the Midwest for many anglers in the spring. When it comes to catching river walleye, nothing is more important than water visibility. Heavy runoff, ice jams, and snowmelt can muddy and rise the water. There is an old ad...
  • Teaching Kids To Fish

    Teaching Kids To Fish
    by Lake-Link Staff

    If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that nothing beats family time enjoying the outdoors. Spending time out on the water with your kids teaches them patience, it teaches them about the importance of wild spaces and clean environments, and it teaches them important values and responsibilitie...

March 2022

  • In-Between Fishing Seasons

    In-Between Fishing Seasons
    by Lake-Link Staff

    There are two in-between fishing seasons in the Midwest. There's the open water to ice in-between and the ice to open water in-between. In the southern regions of the Midwest it has become the open water season, in the northern areas there is still plenty of ice, but in the middle part of the Midw...
  • Pre-Spawn Walleye Tactics

    Pre-Spawn Walleye Tactics
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy ice fishing. But like most anglers, there's a limit to how much time I can spend staring at an eight-inch hole. That's why the return of open water in March is always such a welcome sight - that, and the opportunity to get out in the warming weather to target big pre-spaw...
  • Prime Time Panfish

    Prime Time Panfish
    by Lake-Link Staff

    There is a fishing pattern that emerges in March that is one of the most productive of the entire year and maybe one of the most overlooked too. The pattern involves bluegills and crappies at "last ice." During this time, many of these fish are vacating deeper water mid-winter haunts and heading s...

February 2022

  • Walleye Wishes 2022

    Walleye Wishes 2022
    by Lake-Link Staff

    As I sit writing this, the temperature outside has yet to nudge above the 0 degree mark! Nevertheless, I know that nicer days are ahead and that in just a couple months I could potentially be back in a boat on open water. Here are some of the wishes I have for the coming season, particularly regar...
  • Late Season Ice Fishing

    Late Season Ice Fishing
    by Lake-Link Staff

    It may not look like it or feel like it, but it's that time of year when some ice anglers start thinking about the end of another ice fishing season. In the southern stretches of the ice fishing belt, the end of the season bite might already be going on, and if it isn't, it will start soon. In the ...
  • A Southern Getaway To Beat The Winter Doldrums

    A Southern Getaway To Beat The Winter Doldrums
    by Lake-Link Staff

    While there can be a lot of fun in specialization, I've always leaned more to the "variety is the spice of life" end of things and particularly when it comes to fishing. Variety keeps things interesting, and it lets you make the most of the opportunities available over the course of a year. As m...
  • The Way 2 Weigh

    The Way 2 Weigh
    by Lake-Link Staff

    As someone who has maintained a fishing log since rekindling my interest in fishing in 1992, you'd probably expect that I weigh my bigger smallmouth bass. And, you'd be right. Having caught and released over 24,000 since 1994, I have a good idea of how much most smallies weigh, yet I do like to conf...
  • Bass Fishing: The Rites of Spring

    Bass Fishing: The Rites of Spring
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Bassin' brothers, Jesse and Jordy Wiggins, on casting crankbaits for springtime bass Any discussion of pre-spawn bass is bound to include the topic of crankbaits. Why? Put simply, of all the baits in the boat, cranks offer distinct advantages over most other lure types, especially in ...

January 2022

  • Ice Fishing Inland Trout

    Ice Fishing Inland Trout
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Ice fishing for inland trout is extremely popular and insanely fun. When we look at classic trout water, we often think of the western mountain states like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado or Utah but there is tremendous trout fishing far beyond. Many of these winter trout fishing opportunities a...
  • Techniques for Better Bassin': Part Two

    Techniques for Better Bassin': Part Two
    by Lake-Link Staff

    Four more St. Croix pros share tips on their favorite presentations and the specific Victory rods on which they rely Like most forms of angling, bass fishing is an ever-evolving puzzle. It's also a personal one. Regardless of your experience level, there are always new things to lea...
  • Beating The Mid-Winter Blahs

    Beating The Mid-Winter Blahs
    by Lake-Link Staff

    For the most part ice fishing follows a relatively consistent pattern from one year to the next. There's that flurry of activity as the first safe ice sets in, when fish are set up in obvious, predictable spots and still feeding aggressively. Then the action dies off toward the end of January, and w...
  • Techniques for Better Bassin': Part One

    Techniques for Better Bassin': Part One
    by Lake-Link Staff

    It's a new year, and if you've resolved to take steps to improve your bass-angling success and enjoyment in 2022, you're reading the right article. We all have our own confidence lures and presentations. But what happens when these go-to techniques fail to produce? Well, you either adapt or go ho...

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