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December 2021

  • Shallow Walleye at Early Ice

    Shallow Walleye at Early Ice

    Shallow is relative. Ten feet might be shallow on some bodies of water where there are other fisheries where the basin or deepest water available might only be ten feet of water. We often catch walleye at early ice in shallow water but how shallow? A mistake I have made over and over in my own li...

November 2021

  • Prime Time Early Ice Walleyes

    Prime Time Early Ice Walleyes

    The first few weeks of the ice fishing season usually offer the best fishing action for walleyes of the entire winter season. Here is a look at suggestions that can help tip the odds for ice fishing success in your favor should you chose to get in on this "prime time" fishing pattern! Fish last,...
  • Gearing Up for First Ice

    Gearing Up for First Ice

    In northern climates, long rods and long casts will soon give way to hardened surfaces and vertical presentations with short sticks as impassioned anglers try to pull a host of fish species through holes in the ice. But simple sticks they're not. Growing numbers of ice anglers expect to take full ad...
  • Early Ice Safety

    Early Ice Safety

    Early ice is a coveted time for ice anglers. Anglers have been waiting to get out on the ice and are excited for a new season to begin. Early ice is also often some of the very best fishing of the winter. Combine the good fishing with the excitement of getting out on the ice and invariably, some ...
  • A Fishing Question

    A Fishing Question

    For this angler, unless an unexpected fishing opportunity presents itself, the open water season for 2021 is over. From personal experiences and conversations with other anglers, it was another very good fishing season. Fishing in many places continues to improve, for several reasons. Due to agg...
  • Tips for Camping on Ice

    Tips for Camping on Ice
    by DENA VICK

    Camping on the ice? If you really think about it, it seems a little more like camping on the moon minus the lack of atmosphere. Sure, you don't need an oxygen tank and helmet but you definitely need a protective suit, gloves, boots and headgear for a start. And then there is the consideration of why...

October 2021

  • Killer Late-Fall Musky Presentations and Considerations on Early Ice

    Killer Late-Fall Musky Presentations and Considerations on Early Ice

    Fall is a magical time to be on the water, especially up north. The cottagers have mostly gone home and aside from the occasional pier-service vessel whisking away boat lifts or sections of dock, the clear, post-turnover waters are now largely the domain of anglers and waterfowl hunters. In lakes...
  • 3 Tweaks for Winter Drop Shotting

    3 Tweaks for Winter Drop Shotting

    Bass are predictably unpredictable, meaning they're often not where we expect them to be from weekend to weekend; however, from a more macro level, bass are very predictable in how they react to seasonal changes. As fall transitions into winter, expect a large segment of the bass population to be g...
  • Fall Redfish Frenzy

    Fall Redfish Frenzy

    Q&A with Redfish pros, Steve Lessard, Joseph Sanderson, Guillermo Gonzalez, and Justin Carter Some of the best fishing of the year in the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions begins in October and continues throughout the winter months. Bull reds? Yep, they're on the hunt at the southern end...
  • Unlocking Fall Panfish Patterns

    Unlocking Fall Panfish Patterns

    Q&A with panfish pros, Brian Brosdahl, Jeremy Smith, Blake Tollefson, and Joel Nelson Whether targeted for fun or for the table, panfish please most anglers- especially lunker crappies and hand-sized bull bluegills. Fall is a great time to catch them, but with variables like changin...
  • Three Keys to Fall Jerkbait Success

    Three Keys to Fall Jerkbait Success

    Crisp mornings and a turning of the foliage mean the fall months are upon us. It's a great time for bass anglers to be on the water enjoying the solitude while others are in the deer stand or duck blind, a trend that only gets better with the approaching winter months. While many bass lures can an...

September 2021

  • A Fall Smorgasbord On The Weedline

    A Fall Smorgasbord On The Weedline

    From as soon as weedbeds are established in early summer and well into the autumn months, the deep weedline is a very good place to look for hungry predator fish. They'll be there looking for something to eat, and if they see your bait, the chances are good that they'll eat it. Following are some ...
  • Fall Bass As Easy As 1-2-3

    Fall Bass As Easy As 1-2-3

    Fall is an extraordinary time to be a bass angler. As water temperatures cool from their summer peak, baitfish make predictable changes to their typical locations, and bass - both smallmouth and largemouth alike - respond in kind, following their prey and feeding with urgency. After a long summer th...
  • Fall Walleyes Right Now

    Fall Walleyes Right Now

    Fall is a great time to be on the water fishing as the pleasure boaters, water skiers, and jet skiers are gone and, of course, the fish often go "on the chew" in preparation for the coming winter. Walleyes that have been largely ignored the past couple months are among those hungry fish. While big...
  • Getting The Boat Ready for Storage

    Getting The Boat Ready for Storage

    A Four-Step Guide to Prepping & Storing Your Boat As the boating and summer fishing seasons wind down, it's time to prepare to winterize your boat. We've put together this straightforward guide to help you do just that. Don't forget to get your ice fishing gear out and ready at the same...
  • The One-Two Punch

    The One-Two Punch

    It sounds like something straight out of a boxing ring, but the one-two punch is an old tournament fishing tactic that's not only put a lot of anglers on the podium over the years, but it's one that a lot of people tend to forget about, and that's part of what keeps it so fresh and effective year af...
  • Fall Crankin' for Bass North and South

    Fall Crankin' for Bass North and South

    For most bass anglers, crankbaits are just flat-out fun to fish. Designed to fish on a constant (or near-constant) retrieve while maintaining contact with and deflecting off structure, crankbaits provide the angler with tons of feedback. "The main reason I like it is because you're actively crank...
  • Fall Slip-Bobber Perch

    Fall Slip-Bobber Perch

    Perch, here in the Dakota's, top many anglers' winter hitlist but fall arguably can offer some of the best perch angling of the year when water temperatures drop stimulating appetites before the cold upcoming midwest winter season. Perch truly are favorites simply due to them being great table far...
  • The Right Time, Place, and Gear for Early Fall's Primetime Muskies

    The Right Time, Place, and Gear for Early Fall's Primetime Muskies

    Musky anglers don't always agree on the best ways to catch the fish of 10,000 casts. Variations in today's lures and tackle mean there's more choices than ever to support multiple musky techniques and presentations, any of which can decrease that 10,000 number to something a lot more reasonable. Tha...
  • Jig Like A Pro For fall Walleye

    Jig Like A Pro For fall Walleye

    Of all the ways that we can invent to catch the elusive walleye, one presentation has likely resulted in more fish hitting the net than all other methods combined - and that singularly important technique is jigging. Indeed, the jig's simplicity is the perfect disguise for its versatility. We can t...
  • Fall Cranking Strategies

    Fall Cranking Strategies

    With the recent kickoff of football season, fall is unofficially here, regardless of how hot it feels outside right now. Even before those first crisp mornings of fall, there is a significant movement of baitfish toward the back ends of major creeks and tributaries, with schools of bass in tow. ...
  • Glide Baits for Fall Walleye

    Glide Baits for Fall Walleye

    Over the past half dozen years, glide baits or jigging minnows like the classic Jigging Rap, Flat Rap, Tikka Mino, Shiver Minnow and Hyper Glide have become extremely popular with walleye anglers. While these heavy horizontal profile lures can be fished in shallow water, the weight of these lures g...
  • Can't-Miss Techniques for Late-Summer and Early-Fall Walleyes

    Can't-Miss Techniques for Late-Summer and Early-Fall Walleyes

    Walleyes are still largely following established summer patterns in most lakes and rivers come early September, which generally means deeper water. Anglers targeting 'eyes should start their searches in all the likely areas, namely offshore humps, deep weed lines, mid-depth flats, and man-made cribs...

August 2021

  • Late-Summer Bass Presentations

    Late-Summer Bass Presentations

    Two primary factors combine to make late-summer largemouth bass challenging to catch in many water bodies. First is that they're often widely dispersed because they're keying in on different forage. Bass can be suspended over deep water targeting schools of suspended baitfish; in dense, shallow, oxy...
  • Mid-Summer Weedline Action

    Mid-Summer Weedline Action

    It's been said so many times in the past relative to fishing: "In the summer, when you're fishing and just want to get bit, the deep weedline is the place to be." There's a reason why that phrase has been said so many times in the past. The reason is, it's true. The weedline is the place to find ...
  • Get The Net

    Get The Net

    It's always a happy moment when you yell to your fishing partner to get the net. But these stories don't always have a happy ending. Landing nets are an important piece of tackle that far too many anglers neglect. So just in time for the busy fall season and some of the hottest action of the year, l...
  • Gussy's Flipping Masterclass at the Bassmaster Classic

    Gussy's Flipping Masterclass at the Bassmaster Classic

    Elite Series Pro Details Flipping Tactics and Techniques Few presentations outproduce flipping when bass tuck tight into shallow cover. Such was the case at the 51st Bassmaster Classic, recently held on Lake Ray Roberts in North Texas. In the weeks leading up to the event, unrelenting r...
  • Chasing Summer Muskies With Bucktails

    Chasing Summer Muskies With Bucktails

    Summer is the perfect time to churn the water with bucktails. Water temperatures are approaching their annual peaks, and muskies - now completely recovered from the rigors of spawning - are on the chew, ready to chase down fast-moving presentations. Your hunt for summer muskies will begin with weeds...

July 2021

  • Bowl Trolling Strategies for Walleye

    Bowl Trolling Strategies for Walleye

    Trolling can dominate many mid to late summer walleye fishing strategies and obviously trolling crankbaits enables anglers to cover water and fish fast. When fish are suspended, scattered across basins or flats or scattered along a deep contour, trolling enables anglers to fish through big location...
  • Blue Water Gems in Kansas

    Blue Water Gems in Kansas

    I had always envisioned Kansas as a mix of flat horizons divided by a grid of straight, gravel roads. Instead, I had discovered it to be an Eden of lush, beautiful rolling hills and some of the greatest fishing I had experienced this year. My visit to the smoky hills region of Kansas left an indelib...
  • Breaking Down New Water When Your Pressed for Time

    Breaking Down New Water When Your Pressed for Time

    I have been a student at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the past four years. In my four years of high school, I have had the privilege to chase my dreams and fish in national kayak fishing events all across the country. My school only allows me to miss ten days of school throughout...
  • Break Out The Buzzbaits

    Break Out The Buzzbaits

    Early summer fishing really is a joy, both in its bounty and its simplicity. It's bountiful alright. Fish are cold-blooded creatures, meaning their activity levels and their metabolism are directly tied to the ambient water temperature. The warmer things get, the faster they digest food and the m...
  • Rod Action vs. Rod Power

    Rod Action vs. Rod Power

    My wife has often wondered aloud why an angler like myself requires so many fishing rods, voicing, "I mean, you can only use one at a time, right"? My reply is to try and equate it to the assortment of shoes in her closet: there's always an occasion that requires adding one more pair to the collect...
  • Walking the Dog for Topwater Action

    Walking the Dog for Topwater Action

    Without doubt, the best "bite" in all of bass fishing is the topwater bite. The sudden and explosive disruption of a quiet, still morning makes the anticipation almost as good as the final result. Topwater lures come in a variety of forms, but few have stood the test of time as the classic "walkin...

June 2021

  • See More Fish with Side Imaging

    See More Fish with Side Imaging

    Humminbird Side Imaging is the most important tool for locating structure and fish available to anglers today. In this video, Dr. Jason Halfen, The Technological Angler, provides a quick tip for seeing more fish with Side Imaging. The fish finder featured in this video is the Humminbird HE...
  • Spinner Detail Leads to Success

    Spinner Detail Leads to Success

    There are countless ways to boat walleyes, but the traditional spinner or livebait rig probably accounts for as many as any other. They are in every walleye wrangler's arsenal and their ability to catch walleyes in every inhabited water is remarkable. Their simplicity, ability to cover water and ...
  • Easy Early Summer Muskies

    Easy Early Summer Muskies

    They're supposed to be the fish of 1,000 casts, but when it comes to early summer muskie action, nothing could be farther from the truth. And that's exactly why I love early summer muskie fishing so much. There's no need for huge expensive baits, there's no need for heavy pool-cue rods, and there's ...
  • Wacky Rigging the Senko for Post-Spawn Bass

    Wacky Rigging the Senko for Post-Spawn Bass

    Bass fishing is a sport full of mystery, in which the angler is always trying to solve a never-ending puzzle of bass behavior that's often quite unpredictable. One such mystery is the effectiveness of the soft stick bait, (i.e., the Senko), and why it catches so many bass. This straight-tail desig...
  • Weed Walleye

    Weed Walleye

    Weed walleye patterns are solid on so many fisheries. In fact, I would dare argue that there are not many natural lakes where there are not a large population of walleyes that are using weeds. Some of the most consistent summer patterns for walleye take place around weeds yet many walleye anglers ...
  • Shallow Water June Bassin'

    Shallow Water June Bassin'

    June is a great month for those of us who love to fish! Fish of all species are often still roaming the shallows now and at least some, if not many, are usually in a biting mood. In fact, one of my all-time favorite fishing patterns involves largemouth bass in and around shallow water cover during...

May 2021

  • Fishing the Swim Jig in Heavy Cover

    Fishing the Swim Jig in Heavy Cover

    As spring transitions into summer, a strong population of bass will remain in shallow water, gorging on spawning shad and bluegill and seeking some payback for the nest robbing activities these forage species incurred upon the bass only a few weeks before. Bass will often position within shallow br...
  • Targeting Weed Walleyes With Underwater Video

    Targeting Weed Walleyes With Underwater Video

    Gain confidence in the weed walleye pattern by scouting weed beds and edges with the power of live underwater video. Here, The Technological Angler explains how to find and catch summer weed walleye with the help of an Aqua-Vu High Definition camera system. Camera featured in this video: ...
  • The Impact of Fishing for Nesting Smallmouth Bass

    The Impact of Fishing for Nesting Smallmouth Bass

    Within the smallmouth bass and largemouth bass fishing communities, there's an ongoing discussion as to whether a person should or shouldn't fish for bass while they're guarding a nest. When I returned to fishing in 1992, I quickly realized that fishing for male bass guarding a nest wasn't as excit...
  • Terrific Tips For Fishing With Kids

    Terrific Tips For Fishing With Kids

    After over three decades of guiding anglers from all walks of life, some of the most enjoyable trips have been with parents and their sons and daughters and teaching them the proper understanding of time on the water, catching fish, and how to use tackle properly. Young people deserve a little bit o...
  • Weeds Are The Key To Spring Walleyes

    Weeds Are The Key To Spring Walleyes

    Over a more than 35-year career as a full-time outdoor writer, I've been lucky enough to travel to a lot of places and learn a lot of different things about fishing - sometimes on my own, sometimes with professional guides, sometimes with big-time tournament pros and the hosts of nationally-televise...
  • Don't Overlook that Spring Shoreline

    Don't Overlook that Spring Shoreline

    While many boats are poised to exit winter storage, fishing from shore and/or docks which can continue into early summer can provide some of the best angling of the year. Shore fishing can provide great walleye action, due to access to shallow spawning walleyes. While many see this as a simple tho...
  • Outdoor Gifts Mom Will Love

    Outdoor Gifts Mom Will Love
    by DENA VICK

    Mother's Day is this weekend! Yes, flowers are always nice, but this is the year to get mom a gift that enhances her love of the outdoors. Whether she's spending time with family or friends--or off on a solo adventure--mom needs the right gear to have more fun on the lake or in the woods. Here are M...

April 2021

  • How To Wacky Rig For Bass

    How To Wacky Rig For Bass

    If you are looking for a simple technique to put bass in the boat, wacky rigging is a great way to go. Wacky rigging is a finesse style technique using soft plastic worms such as Yamasenksos, Zinkerz and other similar stick baits. There is a huge variety of stick baits to choose from, giving you a h...
  • Spring Slab Crappie Primer

    Spring Slab Crappie Primer

    Anglers simply love crappie and big crappie, (fish over fourteen inches) are simply a special fish. In all our travels, we encounter a lot of different fish and truthfully... we love them all. Every fish has a fan and we never met a fish we didn't like but if there is one fish that just seems to c...
  • Avoiding Potential Spring Mishaps

    Avoiding Potential Spring Mishaps

    Early signs of spring open water quickly create a whole new type of angling excitement. Big fish bucket list destinations, early river bites and hot shore-line bites quickly consume anglers as excitement runs high. The news of open water can send anglers scampering to pull boats out of storage, gr...
  • Power Fishing For Early Season Walleye

    Power Fishing For Early Season Walleye

    For many anglers, walleye fishing is synonymous with finesse: long rods, light line and leader, small hooks and lively natural baits. There’s little doubt that a slow, methodical approach will put walleye in the boat or on the ice all season long. However, all anglers will benefit from recent trends...
  • Tech Tips for Early Season Multispecies Success

    Tech Tips for Early Season Multispecies Success

    The natural world bristles with life in the spring. Your lawn's formerly brown grass transitions to a lush, vibrant green. Bare branches on trees and shrubs become dressed with wardrobes of blossoms and leaves. And beneath the water's surface, once dormant shallows now teem with life, from the small...
  • It's Trout Time

    It's Trout Time

    For a lot of anglers in the Midwest, April is one of those months where there's just too much going on at once. The spring crappie bite is at its peak, steelhead runs in rivers tributary to the Great Lakes are in full swing, inshore trolling for salmon and lake trout is about as good as it gets and ...
  • Chasing Early Season Panfish Using Underwater Video

    Chasing Early Season Panfish Using Underwater Video

    Underwater video is an incredibly powerful tool for any angler. In this video, The Technological Angler explains why two Aqua-Vu cameras are particularly useful when chasing early season panfish. Cameras featured in this video: Aqua-Vu Micro Revolution 5.0 Aqua-Vu HD7i Pro Gen 2...

March 2021

  • A Northern Recipe For Southern Smallies

    A Northern Recipe For Southern Smallies

    "I've been waiting a long time to be able to do this in a tournament down here," was the phrase repeated many times by Shimano Pro Jeff "Gussy" Gustafson as he described a decidedly Canadian approach to chasing smallmouth bass. "This is something we do back home all the time, especially as smallies ...
  • Crankin' Up Early Season Bass

    Crankin' Up Early Season Bass

    With the warmth of spring and increasingly longer daylight hours comes the annual movement of bass from their winter depths into shallow spawning flats. As the water temps first begin climbing, bass will congregate within sight of their eventual spawning beds, feeding aggressively along shallows po...
  • Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging

    Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging

    Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging is an incredibly powerful tool, providing an all-encompassing, 360-degree view of the underwater world with unprecedented levels of clarity and detail. With the new Universal Mount for the 360 Imaging device, we can now add the power of MEGA 360 Imaging to just about any ...
  • Fishing The Toyko Rig

    Fishing The Toyko Rig

    Bass anglers are tinkerers by nature, always looking to build a better mousetrap in the pursuit of catching bass. Such was the case with the release of the VMC Tokyo Rig, a unique hook and weight configuration originally designed for punching matted vegetation. The rig consists of a hook attached ...
  • Sunset Country Awaits Your Return

    Sunset Country Awaits Your Return
    by DENA VICK

    The sights, sounds, and experiences of Sunset Country are unmatched anywhere in the world. This place stirs the soul of every angler, hunter, paddler and adventurer who casts a line, swings a gun, or sets up camp among its pristine, pine-studded shorelines. Whether it's escaping from the hustle ...
  • Getting The Jump On Early Spring Steelhead

    Getting The Jump On Early Spring Steelhead

    No question about it - if you live in the Midwest then there's no better opportunity to catch steelhead than March and April, when the fish leave the safety of the Great Lakes and migrate en masse up tributary streams on their annual spawning run. This is no secret - a fact borne out by the crowd...
  • Read The Water For More Walleyes

    Read The Water For More Walleyes

    One of the fundamental skills of a good river walleye angler is the ability to read water and determine where fish are likely to hold. Chief among these fishy locations are current seams - places where fast flowing water meets slower water. Whenever flows are moderate or high - like when the snow me...
  • Late Ice Panfish

    Late Ice Panfish

    As we enter the last few weeks of winter, some anglers have already stowed their ice fishing gear and are preparing for open water. That may be a mistake, particularly for those anglers who enjoy catching panfish like crappies and bluegills. Right now, these fish are vacating some of the deep basi...

February 2021

  • Beat the Mid-Winter Ice Blues

    Beat the Mid-Winter Ice Blues

    No matter if it is open water or the current ice season, mid-season can be the peak of angler frustration. Hope that the early ice bite will continue fades as the calendar reaches the end of January or early February. Decreased fish metabolism, changes in the food chain and frequent weather fronts...
  • Don't Wait To Buy A New Boat

    Don't Wait To Buy A New Boat

    One of the big surprizes of 2020 was the massive surge in boat sales as people emerged from Covid-19 lockdowns looking for new ways to enjoy family time together outside. Demand for things like boats was so high last year that by mid-summer, some dealerships actually ran out of inventory. Yet peo...
  • What do fish look like?

    What do fish look like?

    Contemporary anglers are blessed with a dazzling array of sonar and imaging tools to help them find success on the water. At the same time, we need to know what we're looking for when using tools like Humminbird Side Imaging, Down Imaging, and traditional 2D sonar to locate fish. In this video, Dr. ...
  • Pound Sand For More Jumbos

    Pound Sand For More Jumbos

    Few fish captivate me like jumbo perch. I love chasing tigers in early summer as they gorge on emerging mayflies. I structure my fall vacations around peak cold water perch bites as schools of jumbos corral unsuspecting shiners in skinny water. But nothing - and I mean nothing - beats the thrill of ...

January 2021

  • Hunting for Big Perch Through the Ice

    Hunting for Big Perch Through the Ice

    The "Hunt" for BIG perch is on the minds of most ice wranglers here in the South Dakota prairie pothole/glacial lake region as first ice is formed. How are the biggest perch found and caught every winter? Drilling holes on the right water, understanding their behavior and having a variety of baits...
  • Proven Patterns For Hardwater Largemouth

    Proven Patterns For Hardwater Largemouth

    When most anglers think about largemouth bass, their thoughts turn to the warmth of summer, lush green growth above the water's surface and below, bone-jarring strikes and tail-walking fights. Yet, as snow blankets the landscape and open water recedes to a distant memory, those same finned adversari...
  • Dead Sticking Walleye

    Dead Sticking Walleye

    Sticking a lively minnow in front of fish hasn't really changed a whole lot over time. With all the technology, sonar, map chips and other tools to help us catch fish... there are times each winter when we have to go back to the basics. The mantra lately has been a power fishing approach where we ...
  • Blade Bait Fishing for Winter Bass

    Blade Bait Fishing for Winter Bass

    Some of my favorite fishing all year occurs during the winter. There is little fishing pressure on the lake, pleasure boaters are long gone; the cooler water allows me to search those deeper humps and points for winter-time bass. While the colder water temperatures demand a slower fishing presentat...
  • For Love Of Hardwater Trout

    For Love Of Hardwater Trout

    Trout represent one of the most unique ice fishing opportunities throughout the ice belt. Unlike most of the typical hardwater targets - especially walleye, pike, and panfish - trout sustain very high activity levels beneath the ice. Indeed, as a group of coldwater species, trout thrive in chilly wa...
  • Early Winter Crappie Tactics

    Early Winter Crappie Tactics

    Winter is not my favorite fishing season, if I'm perfectly honest about it. I like to cast, and I like to fish in moving water, working with the currents and solving the challenges they always seem to present - things that are pretty difficult to do when the water is hard enough to walk on. But ...
  • Fine Tuning For More Walleyes

    Fine Tuning For More Walleyes

    Avid ice angler John Crane and I talked on the phone recently. He has been doing a lot of ice fishing in his home area of north central Minnesota and on this particular day he had been after walleyes. After my usual questions of "wadja' catch" and "wadja catch'em on", the conversation got a little...

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