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Green Bay World Class Walleye Action

By Scott Stankowski - July 1, 2014
Neal Soyka lives to fish and it doesn’t hurt that he knows how to as well. The man is as friendly as they come and after spending a day with him fishing for whitefish this past winter we were friends.

Neal had a hot tip for me and once again, the boys and I traveled to Dykesville, WI for some Green Bay walleye fishing action.

The Bay has a storied past of feast and famine surrounded by pollution, perch, whitefish, muskies and of course now walleyes. The walleyes in Green Bay are some of the biggest you will find in the state. The other wonderful thing about that is the consistency of the size of the fish. I would consider it the biggest most consistent walleye fishery right behind Lake Erie.

Fishing on this body of water successfully takes time and patience, something I do not have living as far away as I do, finding someone to help me out was key to the boys having one of the days of their lives.

We hooked up with Scott Allen of Allen’s guide service . CJ and I fished with him and Neal. In the other boat was Randy Kruzicki and Austin with Derek 'Coondog' Boeger. We started off fishing together and soon began to go our separate ways to find the fish.

Fishing in the bay is not a complicated process. On this particular day we were set up trolling crank baits and crawler harnesses behind planer boards. We fished a variety of depths but focused on about twelve feet of water.

The most intimidating part of the day was fishing in such a big body of water without any prior knowledge. There were very few standard aluminum boats, it was definitely evident that fiberglass and larger motors were a key into getting around from spot to spot.

Another factor that I noticed was that had the boys and I gone ourselves we would not have fared so well. There is just so much water and so many different spots that finding the fish might not have been that easy.

That is where Scott and Neal came into play. They stayed in steady contact with others on the water to find out where the bite was productive. I would never have been able to do that. Color selection of the cranks also seemed critical. Scott has his lures custom painted and those definitely out-fished the standard presentations.

Scott and Neal insured that CJ and I had a great time on the water. We listened to their tips and tricks and it was nice fishing where someone else goofed around with CJ in necessary times. That didn’t happen much however as the lines were busy hauling in fish.

We struggled with hook ups at first, having reeled in fish only to lose them at the boat. Scott pulled the plug and had us move to another area. That definitely paid off.

I struck into a large fish that eventually fell off just after we saw it. Right thereafter CJ got into one that made his forearms burn. He battled with it and Scott happily hoisted a 28 inch fish into his Recon rig.

We took a few pics and before CJ could catch his breath he was battling with another fish. Smaller but still a beast. We continued to battle fish in the mid 20 inch range, keeping enough for the pan. I myself got into the action with my own hog of 29”. We threw back fish that were good spawners and not so good to eat, it was crazy good fishing.

The highlight had to have been the quadruple header we had. Four flags went down and they started to cross lines. CJ and I both grabbed rods and started reeling. Back to back they went into the net and we grabbed our next set of poles. We battled with them and in no time they were near the boat as well. Due to the slight original tangle, Scott had to net the next two. There were four fish in the net at once, a great problem to have.

We got back to the landing and Austin and Randy had huge smiles as well as ‘Coondog’ put them on the fish as well.

We brought them back to Dykesville and we were bushed. Fortunately there is a very family orientated motel and bar called Lipsky’s, Neal cleaned our fish and had them all set for us. We got into our room and went into the bar where Todd the owner took good care of us, we enjoyed a couple of pizza’s including one of my favorites a taco original.

It was an awesome day and one we will not forget. Being treated like kings was definitely cool and knowing that the guys that took us fishing are now our friends is the icing on the cake. It is rare to find guides like this that are down to earth, and helpful.

According to Scott the Bay bite will continue all summer long, there are a ton of fish. The key is knowing where they are, staying on top of them and understanding what they want in presentation. We can not wait to get out again.

Author Scott Stankowski
Scott Stankowski
Scott Stankowski is the senior outdoor writer for and produces weekly articles, typically highlighting getting kids active in the outdoors. His family prides itself on living off of the land. Scott also takes the mantra into the classroom where he teaches environmental science at Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln High School. Scott and his sons have won numerous titles in turkey and deer calling at the state level. Scott and his sons have a national outdoor television show titled Growin' Up Wild and can be found on Facebook.
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