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By Mike Frisch - September 1, 2013
The start of another school year means the end of summer for many folks. While that is a bit regrettable, fall means hunting, Halloween, and lots of other fun activities. Even though this is a time of year when lots of folks are winding up the fishing season, it is still a great opportunity to get the family out on the water and enjoy some good fishing action. Here are some advantages to fall fishing for families, followed by some suggestions for making those trips enjoyable.

The fish bite!
This time of year is one of the best in terms of fishing success as lots of fish species "put on the feedbag" as winter approaches. When families hit the water together, fishing success is not as important as quality time spent together. Nevertheless, a fishing trip is always more enjoyable when a bunch of fish come over the boat's side!

The weather is great!
The heat of summer can be a tough time to be on the water as not only do fish often get tougher to catch, but summer's heat can be tough for kids and adults to endure. Fall, however, often means a morning sweatshirt that can be shed during mid-day and downright enjoyable weather conditions that can be enjoyed on the water!

Keep it simple
Die-hard anglers need to be reminded that when kids and other beginners are on the lake, a simple spinning rod & reel combination rigged with a slip-bobber set-up can be one of the best fishing set-ups to employ. Slip-bobbers produce fish of all species, are easy to "operate", and are a great set-up to use with lots of folks in the boat or when the fishing isn't quite as important as conversation about what happened during the first couple days of school!

Slip-bobbers work great on spinning rods & reels , plus a spinning combination is one that kids will also probably use a great deal as they reach adulthood. Shakespeare is one of the leaders in kids and family fishing products and they have several rod & reel combinations that are great tools for use on family fishing excursions.

Keep it short
Any time kids are involved, it is always best to wrap up the day on the water on a positive note and before any fatigue or waning interest levels set in. A couple enjoyable hours on the water usually leaves kids eager for more and asking "when do we get to do that again?"

One of the best aspects of a family fishing trip is that there are no ringing doorbells, no television shows that "have" to be watched, and very few other distractions. That means that you, your kids, and other family members can spend some real time together talking, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors. So go ahead and take another trip or two to the lake before winter and use the suggestions offered to enjoy some real quality time with those most important to you!

Mike Frisch is one of the founders of School of Fish, a 3-hour kids fishing class. Visit the website for more information.

Author Mike Frisch
Mike Frisch
Mike Frisch hosts the popular Fishing the Midwest TV series and is a co-founder of the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's School of Fish. Visit to see all things Fishing the Midwest.
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