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Pre-Fall Feeding Frenzy

By Robert Piorkowski - October 1, 2001
Usually, my lunchtimes are spent reading or fishing when the weather is nice. Recently, I needed to get out and wet a line. Current reports said rain was approaching, it was overcast but I ignored the weather and headed to a local hotspot. The first pond I hit was very calm, so I threw a buzzbait for about 15 minutes near some shore structure. Nothing, not even a rise at my go-to-hotspots... (You guys that fish the same lakes know what I mean...) I headed back to the car and drove to another lake about 5 minutes away. I was using the same bait, a white 3/8 oz buzzbait tied to my baitcaster outfit. As I walked to the water, I noticed the creek inlet was flowing from the rain. This is usually a fish magnet, but it only lasts a few hours during the rain.. On eight (8) consecutive casts to the inlet, I landed 7 bass from 12-inch to a whopper of 19 1/2 inches. Several bass were 16 and 17 inches, but the big guy weighed over 3 pounds. All hit the buzzbait in less than 2-feet deep, in the bubbles of the inflowing water. I hooked 6 fish in a row, and lost # 7 near my feet. My next cast back hooked bass number 7, using the same retrieve and speed.

This was unbelievable for about 20 minutes of fishing. Unbelievable to you, I headed back to my car and rigged up my flyrod with a Rob-special bass popper. (This guy has a dark green body, brown rubberlegs and a brown deer hair tail.) I walked back to the same spot and hooked 3 more bass. On a 5 weight, 7 1/2 foot rod, a 2 pound bass is like a log. I knew my leader was stressed, and I had enough fun so I called it quits.

While walking back to my car, I thought, "Why Not??" I grabbed the baitcaster, still with the buzzbait tied on, and headed back to the creek inlet. It was steady rain now, and I thought I'm surely nuts!

From the same spot, I hooked several more bass. I ended up with 14 bass from 12 to 19+ inches, plus the couple that got away. There were times of excited action, then dry spells of activity. During the dry times, I would walk 50feet away, make a few casts then return to the inlet.

One thing I noticed during this feeding frenzy was that all of the sudden, the action stopped for no reason. After a few casts, I checked my buzzbait and saw that it was really mangled and bent out of shape. I bent the top blade back to a position of almost clicking the wire. My next cast produced a strike. This wasn’t rocket science , it was fishing at its finest. It was clear to me what they wanted, MY buzzbait! Fall is upon us, get out and wet a line..

See ya on the water.

Good Fishing!

Author Robert Piorkowski
Robert Piorkowski
Rob is a Field Editor for Midwest Outdoors Magazine, Featured Columnist for, Contributing Writer for Illinois Outdoors and works as a Environmental Project Manager near Chicago, Il. When not casting for bass out of his boat, you'll find him wading local rivers searching for bass with a flyrod. If you have any questions or comments regarding this article, contact Rob at [email protected]
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