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Big Baits For Big Bass In The Fall

By Bob Jensen - October 1, 2008
Autumn is a wonderful season for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. This time of year is especially attractive to anglers. Most species of fish that are found in the Midwest are more susceptible to an angler's presentation now, but that creates a bit of a challenge also. The challenge is, what specie of fish do we go after? Walleye fishing can be outstanding on one lake or river, while the bass action can be really good somewhere else. If largemouth bass are what you decide to chase, following are some ideas on how you can increase the odds of getting a true trophy bass to bite your bait.

Largemouth bass will be found in a couple of different types of areas in the autumn months. They will usually be found in the vicinity of deeper water. The real sloppy slop shallow vegetation that was home to many of the biggest bass in the summer has thinned out, so most of the bass will have left those areas. However, a different type of vegetation will have bass present now. Two of the best places to find largemouth bass in most Midwest lakes in the fall are the deep weedline and rush beds that are near deep water. Either will produce in the right situation, but lure choices will differ.

On a warm autumn day, a rush bed that is near deep water can see an invasion of hungry bass. The fish will be in the deep water in the morning, then as the water warms, they'll move into the rushes. A spinnerbait will be a great way to catch them, but a rubber-legged jig tipped with a large bulky soft bait will also be good.

Although the fish are willing to eat, a slow presentation will still be best. Try a straight slow retrieve with the spinnerbait, but when the bait approaches a heavy clump of rushes, lift and drop it. This is when you'll want a Pro-Series Reed-Runner spinnerbait. It has ball-bearing swivels that allow the blades to turn even at slow speeds, and that's important. Use a big blade and add a four inch Power Grub to add bulk. Big baits catch big bass.

You should also throw a Jungle Jig tipped with a big Power Grub or one of the new Power Bait Burly Bugs in the five inch size. This will be a big bulky presentation. Swim it just like you would a spinnerbait in the rushes. Bass that have become conditioned to spinnerbaits will destroy this offering.

The deep weedline will also hold fish, and they'll often be schooled pretty tightly. Concentrate on points and pockets in the weeds. A spinnerbait fluttered along the weedline will be good, but the Jungle Jig tipped with soft bait will perhaps be better. Another option is a Lip-Stick Jig-Worm with a seven or maybe even ten inch Power Worm. Average size largemouth will hit the ten inch worm, but your odds for a truly big bass increase with the larger size presentation.

For many anglers, not many experiences compare to a nice fall day on the water catching largemouth bass. Find out for yourself how much fun this action can be.

Author Bob Jensen
Bob Jensen
Bob Jensen is the host of the Fishing the Midwest television series, a series of television fishing shows that highlight fishing locations and techniques throughout the Midwest. He also writes a syndicated fishing column and does fishing seminars throughout the Midwest. He is a former fishing guide and tournament angler. Visit Bob's web site at
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