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Just Imagine: A Fishing Experience

By Rebecca Schultz - September 1, 2008
Just imagine a beautiful summer day, perfect temperature, where all you need is a light T-shirt, a pair of waders, wading boots, a cap, rod and reel, and an assortment of lures that match your sport's need. The sun is just coming up, the gentle breeze brushes across your face and your car is packed. It is your day with nature and all those smallies waiting in your favorite stream. Driving down the back country roads, you can smell the country air and the freshly harvested hay. Just as you pull up to your destination, that farm dog comes to meet you, tail wagging and a nudge to the hip welcoming you to this paradise of which you dream. Your gear is ready and the lure is tied to the line. You have your camera and are now ready to set off into the bliss of a pleasant walking and wading adventure on your favorite back country stream.
Horses Watching...

The cows and horses in the nearby pasture look up from their grazing to greet you, a kingfisher is chattering as it zips from tree to tree over the water and you are comforted by the rustling of leaves in this familiar land. Soon you spot the perfect location where fish are bound to be. It's just past the riffles, near the rocks scattered below the trees with their branches stretching across the stream. With ease and anticipation, you cast the lure with precision. Within a moment, the line straightens, you set the hook and the fun begins. Skillfully you play the fish as you have hundreds of times before. Your heart pounds from the excitement as the powerful three-pound bronzeback jumps skyward. Securely in hand, you remove the hook and take a quick trophy photo capturing your storytelling memory. You are still smiling as you release this creature of the stream. The shaded areas and sun reflecting off the water capture the essence of this land's wonder.

A quick lunch and a bottle of cool water quench your needs. The mooing from the audience of cows, a whinny from a horse and the screech of a hawk flying overhead gently remind you of all that nature has to offer. You take it in. With each cast, you feel the love you have for this sport and the sense of satisfaction that you know just the right location to wade, what equipment to use and how to use it. The coolness of the water against the warmth of the sun and the deep blue sky with a scattering of whispy clouds are soothing as you make your way through this journey. It's a record day for you, 70 smallies in just a few short hours. Time is warped as the day closes. Each catch leaves you with a sense of urgency as the sun begins to set. The last cast lands you another prize, and again leaves you in admiration of these bronze fighters. Your day has left you refreshed and awestruck with the mural only nature can paint while walking and wading in the scenic countryside.

Catching Smallies...

Guided imagery is the use of all of our imagination. It is a gift that can be accessed, while having the impact of being in the moment of the imagination. All senses can be engaged including visualizing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting. It can bring a true sense of comfort, relaxation, and beneficial effects to the whole person (body-mind-spirit). Now just imagine, it's the middle of winter, it's cold and the snow is 10 inches deep. A few months of winter has you wishing you could take that trip to the stream and then you remember, "Wow, I have an imagination; I'm going fishing." Take a few deep breaths and set your imagination free. Enjoy!
Author Rebecca Schultz
Rebecca Schultz
Rebecca Schultz is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Holistic Nurse. She is certified as a clinical aromatherapist and a Reiki Practitioner. As clinical associate professor for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health-Department of Family Medicine, she is an active clinician within the Aurora UW Medical Group Family Medicine Residency and Clinic. As a holistic nurse she incorporates the conventional and complementary modalities into her practice including guided imagery that have been shown to be clinically effective for health benefits. She is married to Bill Schultz, avid smallmouth bass angler. Her enjoyment of walking and wading incorporates her love of nature and the pleasure of sharing Bill's passion.
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