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Chasing My Dream in My New Crestliner Boat

By Jackie Vogen - April 1, 2007
Timing is everything and all things taken into consideration, my husband and I were prepared to take "the plunge" and purchase our first ever boat. I truly believe we not only made a good investment in the purchase of our new Crestliner boat, but also an investment that was going to provide us with many years of enjoyment. Keep in mind, Kenny is not only my husband, but he's my best friend too; after 31 years of marriage we still enjoy spending time together and fishing together. So, it wasn't difficult to come up with a name for our boat. Kenny named our boat 'BOUT TIME, as it was 'bout time we bought a boat and 'bout time we spent time together doing something we both enjoyed doing, fishing!

"As a woman buying a boat, I'd tell you that the total process was not only a learning experience for me, but a challenging and rewarding one as well."
Now, how does one decide on what style of boat they're after? First of all you need to arm yourself with information before you can make that final decision. Do your homework and don't rush into buying just any boat. It took us a few years of researching before we both felt comfortable to go ahead and make this "big ticket" purchase that we were both so passionate about. First of all, and most importantly, you need to factor in the cost of the boat, your monthly payments, insurance premiums and winter storage cost. Then another major consideration is having the appropriate towing vehicle. Is your vehicle equipped to tow your boat, trailer and all the accessories that are in the boat? As a rule, if you want to tow a heavy load, you need a full-size pickup or sport-utility vehicle. Understanding exactly what your tow vehicle is equipped with and how much weight it can actually tow is the key to being happy with your tow vehicle choice. Also, take into consideration not only your present desires, but keep an open mind about your potential future needs, too. There are many deciding factors to consider: the design and options available and what style of boat fits your fishing needs. Since we'd be taking our boat out on some big lakes, we wanted a larger boat with a deep-V hull and ample freeboard. Another factor is storage for all your fishing equipment and a locker for your rods and let's not forget a livewell for all the fish you're going to catch.

So you've decided you're ready to make your purchase, but where do you start? We had checked out many boat dealers; however, we purchased our boat at the 2006 Chicago Boat, RV & Outdoors Show. Boat dealers need to clean out their previous years' inventory in order to make room for their new boats, so they're willing to compete for your business. The reputable name behind Crestliner and a very trustworthy and knowledgeable salesman is what sold us. Our salesman was able to suggest and recommend options that we hadn't even considered; therefore, the boat was tailored to our needs. Basa's Marine cut us a deal that we were all in agreement with and the rest is history! We ended up purchasing a 2005 Crestliner, 1800 Serenity with a 115 HP Mercury Optimax. We've never once second guessed our new investment - we made the right choice. Basa's Marine has always stood behind their products and service. Owner, Ron Basa, and his staff took care of our boating needs in a professional and courteous way. Being completely satisfied with the dealer's service is another important factor when buying a boat. You want the dealer to stand behind you once you pull away from their parking lot.

Spring has finally arrived and I'll be taking our boat out of storage next week and I'm excited to get her home. We'll be preparing to launch next week and the anticipation to get out and fish is just around the corner. So, ladies, I not only know how to clean, cook, sew and dig for worms, but I can also drive my husband around on the lake to fish. Picture this, if you will…no matter how good or bad our fishing day is we always complete the day with a final cruise around the lake, and the look on my husband's face as I take him on our last run for the day confirms we made the right decision.

As a woman buying a boat, I'd tell you that the total process was not only a learning experience for me, but a challenging and rewarding one as well. I personally asked a lot of questions not knowing anything about boats, and our salesman had a lot of patience. I hope my own personal experience will not only motivate you to go out and purchase a boat, but to take the time to learn how to operate it as well. Through Coast Guard courses, U.S. Power Squadron courses and a "patient hubby", I've learned to safely trailer, launch and operate our boat. My dream to get out and fish in a boat has been fulfilled. I'll be spending many hours out on the lake this year discovering new water while crusin' in my Crestliner as I continue to chase my dream!

I love what I'm learning and I'm learning what I love to do. I LOVE TO FISH!

Author Jackie Vogen
Jackie Vogen
My name is Jackie Vogen "aka Redrose4u2" and I'm 50 years old. I live in New Lenox, Illinois. I've been married to my husband and best friend, Ken, for 31 years. We've raised two beautiful daughters, who are now grown up, and have left home. We've recently entered into a new stage in our life; we've become "empty nesters". This new independence has allowed me to discover my passion in life; I LOVE TO FISH! I'm what you would call a "Beginner Fisherwoman" or a "Novice". Besides fishing, I enjoy computers, gardening and photography. Through fishing and photography, I've been able to capture my thoughts, while surrounded in the beauty of the sport. I'm looking forward to sharing my passion with you!
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