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Turkey Hunting

By Nancy Schraufnagel - February 1, 2007
This was my very first Turkey hunting experience ever and this takes place at Mirror State Park in Wisconsin Dells Area. I remember having beautiful weather and having my favorite hunting partner with me, my husband Carl. Well, it is very early in the morning and we arrived at the park.
"...a turkey up in the tree started to gobble at me"
While getting all my hunting gear ready, we take a look around to see where the best place to hunt would be. After walking around for a bit, we found what I thought would be the best place to get all set up, and that we did. While I am getting myself all ready, my hubby seems to have left for a few minutes. Upon his returning, he had this some what half smile on his face. I thought nothing of this. While it is still dark out, I give him instructions to be very quiet and sit still and watch and wait till the morning starts to lighten up a little.

As the morning starts to peak through, I noticed about 15 yards out in front of me a turkey decoy. That is what my hubby was setting up in front of me earlier that morning. Well, as I took a longer look at this decoy, it started to move back and forth and the head started to bob back and forth also. I gave my hubby kind of a funny look . What he did was, he took a reel off of one of my fishing rods and took one end of the line and tied it to the decoy and was moving this darn decoy back and forth and up and down to kind of get a real turkey to see this. I laughed so hard and so loud and this man was sitting next to me. Right after this incident, a turkey up in the tree started to gobble at me and I bet it gobbled about 25 times and then all of, a sudden he was gone and I never did get a shot at him. That was my fist Turkey Hunting experience, but I do feel that I got to take a Real Turkey home with me that day.

Author Nancy Schraufnagel
Nancy Schraufnagel
My name is Nancy Schraufnagel. I was born and raised in Dodge County. Wi. I love the Great Outdoors!
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