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By Alice Williamson - March 1, 2007
One of the things I strongly believe in is creating as many memories as possible throughout my life, especially with my children. I am sure that most of us have memories of someone close to you that showed you how to fish or hunt. I have many memories of my Grandfather, one of the greatest men I have ever known, taking me fishing when I was a little girl. He is the one that helped me fall in love with fishing and the outdoors. My parents were not the type to enjoy any kind of outdoor sports, such as hunting, fishing or camping, so it was up to my Grandfather to show me how to love and respect the outdoors.

When I was a little girl, my parents were both working and my mother was still in nursing school. So I was lucky enough to go and spend lots of time with my Grandparents during the summer. We used to go to my Uncles house on Horseshoe Lake and we would sit on his pier for hours fishing. We would catch lots of bluegills along with a few bass here and there. He also taught me how to scale fish with a bottle cap nailed to a piece of wood. I remember the scales flying all over the place and finding some of them still stuck to me hours later. Then of course there was the fun of being able to cook them over a fire outside, and not in the house on the stove. Both my Uncle and Grandfather would get so excited anytime I would catch a fish, which was a big key in keeping me interested in fishing even if I was not catching much.

"It is memories like all of the ones that I have, I hope to pass on to my children. "
In the later years, when my Grandfather was not able to fish, I would hear all sorts of stories about his days of fishing. He would tell me about the jumbo perch he would catch with his brother. He would tell me how he would catch bullheads and how he would skin them right there on the shore. He also told me of the days he would take little one man sail boat and fish all day on many different lakes in Wisconsin. Unfortunately that sail boat was around before I was, so I have only seen pictures. He loved to fish and hunt, but back in the day it was unheard of for a woman to hunt, so I missed out on that part of sports with him. He was so proud that I grew to love fishing as he did. Anytime I would send a picture of me fishing he would have it in a frame the next day and sitting next to his recliner. While my Grandfather was not able to fish in the last few years of his life, he would always get a twinkle in his eye when we would just sit and talk about fishing.

It is memories like all of the ones that I have, I hope to pass on to my children. And I hope that they love the outdoors as I do and will pass on that love of to others in their lives. To me those kinds of memories are the best memories to have, and is something that you will have your whole life. We need to remember to show our children, and even friends children, the love and respect we have for the outdoors. Memories of the outdoors is only part of it though, there is all sorts of memories that you can create. Kids grow up so fast and there is no time to waste. So start making those memories and be sure to take lots of pictures.

In loving memory of my Grandfather

Author Alice Williamson
Alice Williamson
Alice Williamson aka Farmerswife. I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life and I love the outdoors. I love turkey hunting, camping and fishing (ice fishing being my favorite). My family is the most important thing to me along with my friends. I am going on 12 years of being married to my husband Mike and he has not traded me in yet! My son, Jesse, and our daughter, Bailey, are making life interesting to say the least. And always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
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