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Get out there Girls and Fish!

By Carol Painter - November 1, 2006
Most women wouldn't even consider fishing in a tournament. But I have to tell you ­ if you like to fish you should! I have fished in local tournaments and Pro-Amateur tourneys and have had tons of fun and learned lots. I have never had a bad experience and all of the participants, usually all men, have been nothing but kind.

" is too much fun when you catch one bigger than the guys!"
The Pro-Am tourney I have been fishing in for the last 4 years is the Gary Roach Pro-Am in Minaki, Ontario, Canada. Don't let the name scare you ­ this one actually has some women participants and all of them that I have spoken with have had a great time and learned a lot. Mr Walleye, Gary, his son Dan, and all the rest of the guides are great people to get to know. You fish two full days for walleye, with a different guide each day. You probably won't even need a rod or gear ­ your guide usually provides it if you like. Be ready to pay attention and even take notes ­ you will learn many tricks and tips worth remembering. And you will probably catch fish ­ this is a great fishery and a beautiful area. You can even earn some cash to pay for your costs.

I also belong to a local fishing club, The Hairy Minnows, and a state wide organization ­ The Walleye Alliance, Brainerd Chapter. This is a great way to learn more about fishing tourneys and get involved. Once again, my fishing partner and I, are the only girls. But again, don't let that hold you back, it is too much fun and great to be involved in something you love.

We also fish a Charity Tournament every year. These are really fun with lots of men, women and kids too. You fish with a guide for a full day and can win a nice picture plaque, the entry fees go to the well deserved charity. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in walleye, northern, bass and mixed bag categories and biggest fish too. Lots of ways to win. This one has an auction, drawing for a lot of great prizes - fishing gear, trips etc, and 2 dinners too. If you don't want to fish, be sure to check into volunteering your time ­ you will meet lots of great folks! And the weigh-ins are a great place to go see some real nice fish, chat with fishermen and women and find out how the fish were caught.

Don't forget the ice fishing tournaments too. They are very inexpensive and catching a fish in this type of tourney is, oh, I would say, 89% luck for everyone. Lots of fun and again, a great way to meet other fisher-people and win some prizes.

So, get out there and get involved. All you need is some determination and a little luck ­

Besides, it is too much fun when you catch one bigger than the guys!

Good Luck on the Water!

Carol Painter
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