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STRIKE SENSOR Electronic Fishing System

By Don Waier - December 1, 2005
As I get older, I'm always looking for ways to make things easier for myself; especially when it comes to ice fishing. Over the past years, equipment has improved and there are many more products available to insure a successful venture during the winter months of fishing. One of these products I now own and use consistently -- my Strike Sensor Transmitters and Pager.

Strike Sensor consists of a wireless remote pager that beeps when a fish strikes. Additionally, the transmitters project a highly visible bright light. Prior to using the Strike Sensor, I always had to keep looking at my tip ups to watch for flags. Plus, when it came to fishing within a large group, I was constantly wondering, "Whose flag is that?"

Here is how the Strike Sensor Electronic Fishing System works:

1) Attach one transmitter to your tip-up, insert a trip key into the transmitter which is attached to your flag, place the transmitter switch to "ON" and extend the antenna.

2) Switch your Pager to "ON" and press the RESET button. You're now active. It's easy and very effective.

Each unit is powered by an alkaline or lithium 9 volt battery. It allows you to do anything you want and still be fishing without watching all the time. I really like using the system when I'm fishing at night --no more checking the flags with a flashlight. The attached light can be seen over a long distance and the activation of the beeper keeps me always ready for action.

No problem if you are fishing with a group and other fishermen use them as well. You can code each unit to a specific set of numbers known only to you. Strike Sensor can also be used with set poles and bank fishing rods during open water fishing.

The Strike Sensor Electronic Fishing System is available at most retail locations and is reasonably priced. For additional information on products, accessories, battery specs and recommendations, visit the Strike Sensor website at:

Author Don Waier
Don Waier
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