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By Matt Weber - August 1, 2003
In the year 2002, I had the best fishing season of my life! On my first fishing trip, I went with my dad and grandpa Weber. We went trolling for walleye around Sunset Point near Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We used No.5 rapalas in different colors. We caught a lot of walleye and one perch. We only kept enough for supper that night. I really had a lot of fun catching fish with my dad and grandpa. Even if the fish were not biting, I would still have had fun.

My next fishing trip was at the Otter Street Kid's Fisheree. I went with my whole family - my mom and dad and my brother Mitch. We got there early and we picked out a spot where we thought there was fish. It was so cool because they gave you free bait, and almost everyone got a prize.

My first fish was a small perch that was close to shore, it was 4½ inches long. Then I caught a big sheephead - it was HUGE! The next one was a little smaller than the huge one, it was 8 inches long. Then I caught a walleye, it was 116 inches long. Then I caught a bluegill, it was 8½ inches long. My last fish was another sheephead. Then the tournament ended. After we went over by the judges their decision, I was awarded 2nd place for most fish. My trophy was green and silver. There was a pro fisherman named Gary Gray there who donated a lot of prizes for the kids. He was so nice and signed the bottom of my trophy. I was very proud and my mom and dad took my picture. All of the fish that were caught that day were put back in the water so we could catch them another day.

My favorite trip was going to the cottage that we rent on Kelly Lake. We could catch fish off our dock. We had a family fishing contest. All through the week, we caught a lot of fish - including mom, who had to wear a rubber glove to take the fish off the hook. I caught 2 HUGE, GIGANTIC bass to win the contest. My dad took pictures of me and my brother Mitch with the bass. My mom sent pictures into Wisconsin Outdoor News. A while later, they put our picture in the paper. It was the best fishing season ever. I can't wait for this year.

Author Matt Weber
Matt Weber
Editors Note: Waters & Woods & Lake-Link, Inc. would like to congratulate Matt Weber for being chosen as the winner of our Family Fishing Contest. We received a lot of great stories, but unfortunately, we could only pick one to win the contest. To all of the kids who sent us your stories, thank you, you are all winners and embody what the true meaning of fishing is — family and fun!
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