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How To Wacky Rig For Bass

By Katherine Field - April 30, 2021
If you are looking for a simple technique to put bass in the boat, wacky rigging is a great way to go. Wacky rigging is a finesse style technique using soft plastic worms such as Yamasenksos, Zinkerz and other similar stick baits. There is a huge variety of stick baits to choose from, giving you a huge arsenal at your disposal in terms of rigging, water clarity, season and bait color.
The use of an o-ring allows you to hook the worm without having to tear the worm with the hook.
The easiest way to wacky rig a senko is using a wacky rig tool and o-rings. The use of an o-ring allows you to hook the worm without having to tear the worm with the hook. It also allows you to not lose the bait, or have it torn up as rapidly, as you catch bass. Simply place the o-ring over the center of the worm using the wacky rig tool, then place your wide gap hook through the o-ring. The weight of a five inch senko itself is often enough to be able to cast that wacky rig weightless, allowing it to slowly wobble and fall through the water column. There are several ways to take your wacky rig game up a notch. Skipping your wacky rig up under docks and other structure will expand your reach. If you are looking to fish brush, laydowns, stick-ups or other heavy vegetation, look to use a weedless wacky rig hook. These hooks will reduce the chance of getting hung up in heavy brush and vegetation, allowing you to sink that worm down to hidden bass.

Fishing the wacky rig is often about the fall of the bait, however it is also about what action you put into it. The bait will have its own movement on the fall, which often will trigger a strike. If you aren't finding that hit, introduce your own bait movement into the mix. Try twitching it a few times after falling, or even dragging the bait slowly through the water column. A little movement and an additional fall of the bait will trigger that strike from nearby bass. A little patience goes a long way with this technique, but it does pay off!

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Katherine Field
Katherine Field is a multi-species angler, competing in elite-level kayak bass fishing tournaments on a national scale. She calls the beautiful state of Utah home and enjoys spending her time traveling across America, competing in national trails and exploring legendary fisheries.
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