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Avoiding Potential Spring Mishaps

By Eric Brandriet - April 26, 2021
Early signs of spring open water quickly create a whole new type of angling excitement. Big fish bucket list destinations, early river bites and hot shore-line bites quickly consume anglers as excitement runs high. The news of open water can send anglers scampering to pull boats out of storage, grabbing rods/reels and tackle. This rush can cause a few simple tasks to get overlooked that can be detrimental to angling or in reaching your destination, which in turn will play a large role in success.

Changing Line

Fishing line simply doesn't get the attention it deserves being the direct link between an angler and fish. Over the winter months, time and cold temperatures can cause it to become weak. Spooled line can develop a memory and can also prevent wanted lure presentations. Deteriorated line not only becomes breakable but even more importantly can prevent tight knots from being tied. Stripping line off in the fall before rods are stored for the winter will ensure that a new strong line is spooled for the spring.

Boat Trailer Tires

There are many boat owners that take their tires or trailer maintenance for granted until something breaks preventing them from even reaching open water. Proper inflation not only aids in travel but saves in vehicle gas mileage. Checking the air pressure in all tires including the spare tire is important. Flat tires can also cause damage to trailers and ultimately take away from time on the water resulting in a premature return home.

Boat Batteries

Today's boats require more power than ever. Most boats carry multiple batteries as electronics, trolling motors, anchors and accessories have all become important in angling success. Before your first trip to the lake, make sure all posts are clean and connections are tight. Testing the voltage of all batteries will confirm battery health. If a non-sealed battery, checking water levels will ensure batteries are at their full potential. Maintaining a charge and charging them on a regular basis will prolong overall battery life and this can be done with a Minn-Kota Precision battery charger that provides simple maintenance free charging to many types of batteries.

Tackle Organization

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find that certain jig or crankbait needed to match current conditions or the hot bite. Organized tackle storage allows anglers to find exactly what they need when they need it. The NEW Plano Edge Stowaways with clear lids allow for easy identification of tackle and highly customizable dividers allow storing of any sized baits. Anglers are now able to organize and carry more tackle in less boxes allowing anglers to spend more time with rods/reels in their hands.
Not taking care of these few things can sure lead to mishaps especially with the spring hustle to get to open water. Taking just a little time to prepare can ensure you will be ready for that fish of a lifetime or that hot spring bite!

Good Luck and be SAFE on the water this spring!

Eric Brandriet
Eric Brandriet, a USCG licensed captain, is part owner/operator of Dakota Prairie Angling LLC, offering year-round guided trips on SD Glacial Lakes and summer trips on Lake Oahe. When not on the water or ice, he enjoys sharing his knowledge through fishing seminars, articles and blogs. Learn more by visiting
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