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REVIEWED: Nines Optics Sunglasses

By Steve Wyne - April 9, 2020
I never gave sunglasses much thought. I always bought an expensive pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing, so I believed that I was using the best. After sending the sunglasses back multiple times under a "lifetime warranty" and paying $11.95 each time for the repair, I finally realized that there had to be better made sunglasses out there for anglers. I set out on a mission to research sunglasses and to find a suitable pair to replace my "lifetime warranty sunglasses" that always needed to be repaired.
My first stop was the ICAST trade show in Orlando Florida where all the sunglass companies were represented. I visited with each company and learned more about their lens technology as well as trying on and testing out each pair that interested me. I tried on a TON of sunglasses and learned more than I ever imagined. I found out that many of the companies have similar technology and some companies are even made in the same factory. All claim to have the best sunglasses that offer superior vision with comfortable frames. There wasn't much variety. That was until I discovered Nines Optics. They are truly different and offer technological advancements that are extraordinary. What really interested me was the fact that Nines had all the leading competitors of sunglasses available at their ICAST booth so that they could compare all of the brands in side by side tests with various meters and gauges. It was eye opening. I thought that my former brand of sunglasses was the best since they were the biggest name in the game and Nines blew them away in technology and performance. Please join me in my review about Nines sunglasses and you too may put down your former brand in order to wear better sunglasses. Let's get started.

Nines Lens Technology:
What makes Ninestruly unique is their patented Nirtech lenses which blocks harmful Near Infrared light (NIR) but also keep lens clarity unlike other NIR lenses. NIR rays are very harmful for the eye, even though most infrared light is broken down by the atmosphere there still is a high percentage that makes it through. Since the eye cannot detect IR, blinking or closing the eyes to help prevent or reduce damage may not happen. IR raises the internal temperature of the eye, essentially "baking" it. Medical studies indicate that prolonged IR exposure can lead to lens, cornea and retina damage, including cataracts or corneal ulcers. What does all of this mean to anglers? Your eyes are cooler during the day and your eyes will feel less fatigued and stressed after a long day on the water with Nines.

All Nines lenses carry polarization that will stop glare on the water to enable anglers to see fish and rocks below the surface better, while giving more depth and color contrast. The lenses feature an anti-reflective coating to eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of the sunglass lenses while improving vision by reducing eye strain and fatigue. In addition, the anti-reflective coating also helps in repelling dirt and oils that can come in contact with the lenses. One last lens feature of interest is the hydrophobic coating on Nines lenses will help repel water and sweat from the lenses. A bonus for anglers! Nines offers multiple lens colors that are appropriate for many different conditions. I learned that Nines is committed to growing their brand and fully engulfing themselves in the bass fishing industry by partnering with professional fishermen Mike Iaconelli, Josh Bertrand and Randy Howell.

My Review:

I was impressed with technology of Nines Sunglasses, so I tried on various frame styles and lens colors. I settled on the Havasu frame which fit my face really well. It was cool to find out that all Nines frame styles are named after famous fishing lakes! I picked the Nirtech Polarized Gray lens which is a good all-around color for a variety of conditions. The price point for all Nines sunglasses is appealing: all Poly-carbonate lenses are $89, and all glass lenses are $159 and carry a lifetime warranty. My sunglasses came with a Nines carrying case, microfiber cleaning cloth and a floating Nines lanyard which would keep the sunglasses afloat if they take a plunge in the water.

My first impression were the sunglasses were light and comfortable. The lenses appeared clear and color contrast was excellent. I've been able to spot cruising bass and objects beneath the water. After almost a year of daily use both on and off the water, I've been thoroughly impressed. Not only do the Nines provide exceptional contrast and fish spotting capability, I've noticed that my eyes feel less fatigued and stressed after a long day on the water. It was a noticeable improvement over my last pair of high dollar sunglasses. I never did realize how stressed my eyes got after a day in the bright sun until I felt the difference with Nines.

Glasses I chose for daily use and on the water - Havasu Glossy Black with Smoke Gray Lens.

My Independent Test:
Shortly after receiving my sunglasses, my wife had a window salesman come to our house in order to demonstrate and attempt to sell us new windows for our house. The salesman was armed with various window samples for comparison along with a heat lamp with a temperature gauge. That's when a light bulb went off (no pun intended)! I asked the salesman if I could borrow his heat lamp and temperature gauge. He gave me a puzzled look and said "ok?". I turned on the heat lamp and then set the temperature gauge apart from the lamp far enough so that the temperature read 100 degrees Fahrenheit. My first test was with my former pair of expensive sunglasses. I set the glasses directly in front of the temperature gauge about 1 inch away. The temperature went from 100 down to 69 degrees. Next up was my Nines sunglasses. I set the glasses in the same exact place and the temperature went from 100 degrees down to 18. That's a big difference!

My Overall Impression and Thoughts:
I'm not sponsored by Nines. I'm just a regular bass angler that enjoys the sport of bass fishing and likes to use the best equipment available at a reasonable price. Nines fits the bill. I've been so impressed and pleased with my sunglasses, that I am in the process of ordering another pair of Nines in a different lens color. After almost a year of daily use, I've found that they are comfortable, stylish and provide excellent protection for my eyes. The only complaint (if you call it that) is that Nines doesn't have any dealers within 2 hours of my house. Trying to get a frame style and size that will work for my face has to be done over the internet. Fortunately, the Nines website has all the frame sizes listed. Sunglasses can be easily ordered from the Nines website, Tackle Warehouse or other internet retailers, if a local retailer is not available. Without even a consideration of price, I highly recommend . I've been so impressed Nines technology that my expensive pair (of other brand) of sunglasses now sit in a drawer and I wear my Nines almost every day!

If you want to learn more about Nines Optics you can visit their website at


Steve Wyne
Steve Wayne works as a Florida Fish and Wildlife Investigator with 28 years of service. He resides in central Florida and contributes in his spare time as a Staff Writer for Bass Angler Magazine.
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