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Want to give your business the "edge"? Then team up with Lake-Link. With more than 1,000,000 visits per month you will not find a more cost effective method of promotion for your business around. §

Here is what you get:

  • Your own page on Lake-Link
    You get a full page of information on your business to highlight your services or products.
  • Photo gallery
    Include a photo gallery to let users browse through your favorite photos of your establishment.
  • Interactive map
    Shows the viewer your location and allows users to generate driving directions to your business
  • Social Media
    With the explosion of Social Media usage, use your Lake-Link page to drive more traffic to your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube sites.
  • Promoted on every lake in your county in Lake-Link's Lake Finder section
    Your business is promoted in every body of water in our Lake Finder section for your specific county (additional counties can be added). So when people are looking researching a specific area there you will be! Let's use the example of a private home rental located in Three Lakes, WI. They are located in Oneida County, WI which has 443 lakes in our system. They will be promoted on all of the 547 lakes as an area business.
  • Online Reservation (or Brochure) Request form
    This allows visitors to request more information, a brochure or even request a reservation date right from within Lake-Link. All the information the user submits is wrapped up and sent to you via email. You then can close the deal! (request form example)
  • Listed in our Business Directory
    Your business will be listed in our Business Directory section of our site under the appropriate categories. Think of this as an "Outdoor Yellow Pages" allowing people quick access to the business type they are looking for.
  • Lake-Link Advantage Program
    Want to make your business stand out even more? Get on board with the Lake-Link Advantage Program. This is where you offer a little extra incentive or discount to paid Lake-Link Members. With all the choices out there for customers to make, this little extra could "seal the deal".
  • Lake-Link Partner
    A great way to drive more business to you is by becoming active with Lake-Link users. You can be set up as a Lake-Link partner and post fishing reports, info and tips in our Fishing Report section and Message Forums. When you make a posting, we will automatically include your business name and link to your business information.
  • Hot Deals & Discounts
    Have a last minute opening you need to fill? Just launched a new promotion or sale? We started exclusive section in our Message Forums just for our Lake-Link Partners: The Hot Deals & Discounts board. Here you can post any specials or sales you currently have going on. Its a great way to get in touch with our users fast!

Example pages for various business types:

"Yeah, yeah, this is all nice but I already have a web site.
Why do I need Lake-Link?"

Lake-Link is not trying to take anything away from your web site. We are giving MORE EXPOSURE to your business and MORE TRAFFIC to your web site. We take the "Highlights" of your web site to create your full page promo on Lake-Link. The great thing is that people can request a reservation information right from Lake-Link and don't even have to go to your site. If they need more info we will push them to your site.

Ever do a Google search for your business and are not happy with where you are ranked? Many of our partner's pages are listed higher on Google then their own web sites. Why is this? There are many technical reasons but the main reason is due to Lake-Link's site traffic and our ever updating content which gives Lake-Link a priority ranking with many search engines.

"I don't currently have a web site.
Can I still promote my business with Lake-Link?"

OF COURSE! Your page on Lake-Link can even act as your basic web site if you wish. We can even help you secure a domain name for your busienss (eg: and when a user goes to that web address it can be made to go directly to your page on Lake-Link. This can be a great way to launch your web presence.

"What will it cost me?"

The real question is "can you afford NOT to do it?". We strive to keep our prices low and extremely cost effective.

You get all the above services for only $429* for an entire year. For less than $36 per month, that cant be beat! We like to say "the first booking will pay for itself" (don't forget the repeat business).

Ready to get on board?

We're ready if you are. Give us a call or drop us an email with any questions or to get you going.
§ promotion may be limited or modified to more readily fit your specific business type or geographic location.
* Rate subject to change without notice.
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