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3/15/22 @ 7:06 AM
USER SINCE 1/22/21

I used to frequent Alpine. Used the launch many times through out the year. If the owners don’t change their mind, does the state ever put in a public launch? Everyone that lives on lake would be in a pickle if owner at least doesn’t let them launch? He might loose some business, unless he’s converting it back to a house? 

3/14/22 @ 3:42 PM
Bowhunting Guy
USER SINCE 5/22/18

Good luck, the new owners of the Alpine that provide the main access have closed the landing. New out of state ownership. You guess the state. 

3/13/22 @ 9:03 PM
USER SINCE 3/13/22

Anybody how the ice is looking on Oneida lake? Looking to do ice fishing for blue gills this upcoming weekend…thanks.

3/7/22 @ 12:35 PM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04

The inland gamefish season closed with little fan fare once again.  

Very icy conditions made travel dangerous, so few anglers traveled much less got out on the ice.  Those that did had some success, but participation was low.

Crappie:  Good - Nice fish up to 15” this weekend with anglers finding suspended Crappies anywhere from 16-28’ taking minnows on tip-downs and waxies on jointed pin minnows (CLAM) or tungsten Kastmasters (ACME).  In cabbage of 8-12’ working vinglas and pimples 1-2’ off bottom working for those fish in shallow.  Bulk of the action deeper though. 

Bluegill:  Good – Mostly working cabbage of 8-12’.  3mm tungsten jigs in dark colors (black, purple, red) tipped with mousses or waxies.   Plastics in similar dark colors with red and brown (motor oil) best.  Nice Gills in 7 ½ - 8 ½” range.  Best morning until noonish, then again hour before dark.

Yellow Perch:  Good – Mud flats of 18-30’ using Halis, small PK tungsten spoons and Kasmasters to get wigglers, red spikes down to mud bottoms.  Pound lure into mud, then raise 1-1 ½ ’, shake then hold still.   Aggressive fish will rise 4-6’ to chase down (up) bait.  Some weed Perch taking minnows or Northland Fry jigs loaded with waxies. 

Some nicer Pike were caught on this past final weekend of the gamefish season.  Fish to 35”, few Bass and even fewer Walleye it seemed.  

Shout out to the Wausaukee High School Ice Fishing Team who, despite bad weather, competed and took first (and second) place in the KISS Tournament this weekend.

Conditions on the ice are not good for travel.  With added sleet/rain over weekend, slush conditions worsening.  Use tracked vehicles (snowmobile, ATV’s) for any distance travel.  Stick to packed down areas for limited truck travel.   Shorter distance walking using packed trails also advised.  Temps from 0 degrees to mostly upper teens/low 20’s until Sunday mean little for improving conditions.

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3/6/22 @ 7:25 PM

I was out on the lake behind the house and found 1/4” of ice on 8+ inches of snow with 3” of slush. I live just east of Rhinelander.  

2/28/22 @ 11:37 AM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04

A warming trend over the past weekend made being outside a bit more doable if it wasn’t for the strong winds on Saturday.

Anglers finding travel tougher as deeper snow, and in cases slush, kept many areas off limits to all but snowmobile and tracked vehicles.   Those able to get to their favorite spots, or any spots, gave fair reviews for the fishing overall.

Crappie:  Fair-Good – Interesting how anglers were finding Crappies relating to both weeds of 8-12’ and out over mud bottoms of 18-30’ and sometimes as deep as 40’.  Crappies relating to weeds were caught fairly tight to the bottom, probably high barometer, and lightly taking small jigs tipped with waxies.  Deeper basin Crappies found 1-4’ off bottom taking small rosies or #4 glow tungsten jigs tipped with waxies.  In either case, Crappies caught from same lakes in these two very different parts of the lakes.

Northern Pike:  Fair – Slower than it had been, though anglers still reporting big shiners and suckers best along deeper edges of weeds in 8-12’.  The warming trend, if it comes with enough to knock snow down and allow more light under ice, should help by the weekend.

Bluegill:  Fair – Light biters over the weekend.  Some nice Gills, but anglers worked to get bites using flashy spoons (Slender spoons, Pimples) to draw attention, but needing small dark jigs tipped with moussees and waxies to get bites.

Largemouth Bass:  Fair – Actually a bit better than that.  On Friday, action on tip-ups was hit and drop!  By Saturday Bass were more committed and holding on.  Shiners on tip-ups and jigging spoons loaded with waxies or a minnow head best.

Yellow Perch:  Fair – Getting tough to get on flats where Perch taking Pimples, Bombs and Halis tipped with wigglers.  Some weed Perch, but best out away from weeds over mud of 16-28’.

Walleye:  Fair – Hoping for better reports leading up to the inland lake gamefish closure this coming Sunday (3/6) at midnight.  Bite improved last week prior to snow, but travel made things tough again, limiting anglers’ opportunities.  Suckers suspended over humps covered with sandgrass in 14-20’ best.  Dusk and early AM.

With just a week left of the gamefish season, anglers will be targeting Walleyes, Pike and Largemouth Bass this weekend.   Forecast for snow/rain would make things even messier, but forecasts change, so no sense in worrying until we get closer.

Don’t forget to carry a shovel, tow strap and a friend with a strong back (and a weak mind) if you plan on exploring off the beaten path.

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2/26/22 @ 3:21 AM
USER SINCE 12/9/12

Some interesting findings from the current panfish study regulation lakes posted for the upcoming spring hearings.  If there is a lake you think would benefit, they are looking for lakes to add by submitting resolutions.  The deadline is March 11th.

2/21/22 @ 2:53 PM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04

Dangerous road conditions, wind, some snow (more on its way) put ice fishing on a back seat I most peoples’ minds as just getting to the Northwoods was a questionable task.  Even the one “nice” day (Sunday 2/20) was windy, off-setting the warmer temps of upper 30’s we’ve been longing for.  

Now travel on lakes is becoming more iffy as snow depth limits the use of ATV’s without tracks and smaller SUV’s.  

There was a bright side to those that did get out on the ice, an uptick in the fishing.

Northern Pike:  Good – Anglers using large shiners reported good action from Pike in the 25-34” range in weed beds of 6-12’.  Frozen smelt has also been effective as signs of heavy feeding going on with comments of how “fat the Pike have been” is common.  On some lakes, shallow weedy types, watch for signs of low oxygen.  Shiners and suckers dying quickly need to be raised higher in the water column to keep in areas of better oxygen levels.  Don’t worry, the Pike will be there also.  One foot increments are all you need till you get better life.

Yellow Perch:  Good – Basin fishing for the most part, Halis, Pimples tipped with spikes and wigglers to get down quickly.  Mud bottoms of 18-18’.  Watch for fish 2-4’ off bottom cruising through.

Crappie:  Good – Best action over basins as well.  Crappies taking glow tungsten jigs (#4mm) tipped with waxies as well as Crappie minnows on tip-downs when wind allows.  Fish suspending 2-8’ off bottom will also take tungsten jigs with hair (VMC Fly Jig, Bullfly Jig) tipped with spike or waxie.

Largemouth Bass:  Good – Mid-morning through mid-afternoon best.  Good results on tip-ups with medium shiners and jigging #3 jigging Raps with a small minnow head off middle hook.  Reports of Bass to 18” this weekend!

Bluegill:  Good-Fair – Wind hurts the Bluegill angler, makes hole hopping tough!  Some decent Gills for the anglers using tungsten (to fight the wind) tipped with mousses or waxies.  Plastics tough to use under windy conditions.

Walleye:  Fair – Finally an upgrade!  Anglers reported some decent (some actually good) bites an hour prior to dark and the hour just after.  12-16’ breaks leading up to weeds.  Most reports on suckers, yet one group scored on big shiners left over from Pike fishing to catch slot fish of 20-24”.  Good sign of things to come.

Two weekends left of the gamefish season on our lakes here.  Walleye, Pike and Bass open through the 6th of March.  Slush and snow becoming an issue as is ice thickness on some lakes (as in too much, almost time for extensions in places).  More cold nights (sub-zero) with highs in upper teens/low 20’s won’t alleviate snow/slush issues this week.  But fish activity appeared to pick up and should unless too much snow shuts down light penetration and closes shallower fishing down for a while.   Hopefully not.

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2/14/22 @ 1:06 PM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04

The humdrums of winter remain as early mornings in the sub-zero temps continue to add some ice thickness and keep anglers from hitting ice until mid-mornings for the most part.

Yellow Perch:  Good-Fair – Best to work the mud at this time of year as most of the Perch in any given lake seem to be targeting blood worms and other small invertebrates.  Not that weed options aren’t available, but the best “average” eaters are out over mud.   Wigglers, red spikes and small rosies best!

Northern Pike:  Good-Fair – Mid-mornings to early afternoons best.  Shiners and suckers and even the odd hotdog bite here and there.   Action fair, size has been good with fish of 24-32” being reported.

Crappie:  Fair-Good – Best over mud in 18-28’, though a couple reports of anglers successful in 14-16’ just outside weeds.  Finicky bites require down sizing with plastics on #3 tungsten jigs.  Crappie and small rosie reds when fish a bit more aggressive.

Bluegill:  Fair – Action comes in spurts in weeds, sorting necessary.  Some anglers finding larger Gills mixed in with Crappies suspending over mud flats.

Largemouth Bass:  Fair – Don’t like the cold mornings, but become a little more active later on.  Small to medium shiners on tip-ups, jigs and spoons with minnow heads in 8-12’ weeds.

Walleye:  Poor – Still small windows at dusk and just after dark.  Suckers over sandgrass in 20-32’, use smaller bait/large fatheads and rosies for negative biters.

Will this be the final week of sup-zero mornings?   Lets hope so.  Looks like Thursday night/Friday morning may be the last for a while.  Temps forecast for the weekend look nice, into low 30’s, so hopefully will beak our way.

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2/7/22 @ 1:17 PM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04

First week of February is here and gone.  Weather seems to be on a pattern of warming up by Tuesday, only to see temps fall again by the weekend.  One customer referred to this time as the “Dog days of Winter”, I’ve gotta agree.  Fishing has been slow and always seems to be during mid-winter.  But with the sun out a little longer each day, the colds aren’t as cold and better temps should bring better fishing as we move forward.

Northern Pike:  Good-Fair – A little slower than the previous week, but reports of some nice low 30” (32, 33 & 34) Pike over the weekend.  Most anglers sticking to big shiners and suckers, but a few are suspending preserved smelt below their tip-ups for a shot at larger Pike.

Yellow Perch:  Good-Fair – Mud flats of 18-28’ this past week produced the best for anglers pounding the bottom with Halis, Pinheads and Kastmasters tipped with red spikes or wigglers.  Some shallower (8-12’) weed action, but lots of smaller fish (4-6”) mixed in with the fewer keepers (8-10”)

Largemouth Bass:  Good-Fair – Not targeted as much, but anglers that are reporting action on 14-16” Bass on tip-ups baited with small to medium shiners.  Also, jigging slender spoons tipped with minnow heads are effective.

Crappie:  Fair – Fish suspended Crappies holding 3-5’ off bottom in most instances (higher in a few), using small spoons that flutter on the fall, tipped with waxies.   Tip-downs (when not too cold) working using rosies.

Bluegill:  Fair – Most anglers targeting weeds using mousses or waxies on dark jigs getting action, but once again, more small ones than keepers.

Walleye:  Poor – Still most reports (and that’s not many) are of Walleye bites (wouldn’t call it action) coming after dark, very sporadic.  Suckers and large fatheads (or large rosies) being the best choices for bait as downsizing seems to be best for negative fish.

Most reports of ice depth at 16-18”+, though some lakes have thicker ice (those with lots of travel), but a few very large lakes and even some small lakes with springs are not safe for truck travel.

This year’s inland lake gamefish season runs through March 6th, giving ice fishing game fish anglers four more weekends to get those flags flying.

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