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3/28/22 @ 4:32 PM
20 inches
USER SINCE 1/15/18

I was on multiple lakes in northern sawyer co last week up to 1000 acres. Easily 20” everywhere i went. Ice quality actually better sunday than it was last week, slush melted then re hardened. Wish it would be melting sooner, but we are going to have ice for a bit. That being said the panfish bite was dynamite last week

3/28/22 @ 3:33 PM
USER SINCE 10/24/04

Fisherm69, plenty of ice. There probably still driving out on Boom. It was -7 in Sugar Camp this morning. We have a couple more weeks of ice fishing remaining.

3/28/22 @ 2:12 PM
USER SINCE 5/12/11

Any ice report for rhinelander area? Boom lake, etc.

 Going up there this weekend and wondering if it's worth taking the ice fishing gear

3/28/22 @ 10:50 AM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04

With windy, cold temps this past weekend, few reports coming in.   The ones we got reported quality fish.   A warm up coming in the next few days should get some more anglers out.  

Yellow Perch:  Good-Very Good – Lack of deep Perch being reported but fish being found in 8-12’ near weed edges.  Medium fatheads and rosies best bet.  Don’t be afraid to try wigglers as well.

Bluegill:  Good-Very Good – Weeds seeming to be key to finding Gills.  Waxies, spikes best on jigs (Swedish, Pimples or Halis).  Reports of shallow (4-8’) big Gills starting to come in.

Crappie:  Good – With fish hanging around shallow spots with weeds Crappies found in 6-10’ are being caught mixed in with Gills.  Basin fishing still producing as well.  A couple reports of 14”+ fish.  Shallow using jig tipped with waxies, spikes or plastics working best while action on rosies doing the trick for deep fish.

Plenty of ice yet as much as 30”.  With cold nights and few warm up windows expect ice to stick around for a while longer.

Kurt's Island Sport Shop
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3/21/22 @ 10:11 AM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04

With beautiful weather this past weekend, with highs in the mid-50’s on Sunday and abundant sunshine, anglers were flocking to the lakes

Crappie:  Good-Very Good – The best bite still remains in the basin but starting to pick up a few shallow.  Best bite has been on flash champs or Swedish pimples tipped with minnows or spikes.

Yellow Perch:  Good-Very Good – These guys are starting to get aggressive.  They are starting to feed heavily ahead of the spawn.   Let’s try to let those big egg filled females go back to help the future of our lakes.  Wigglers or minnows have been on the menu.

Bluegill:  Good – As the days warm up, this bite keeps getting better.  Fishing weeds and weed edges have produced best.  Small tungsten jigs tipped with waxies or spikes should do the trick.

SPECIAL SPECIES REPORT – Burbot, Whitefish and Ciscos.   Most of the areas deeper, clear lakes contain one or all of these three species.

Few reports coming back to us on these species.  The anglers that are out chasing these critters are having good luck.

With warm weather and rain ahead, we will have to keep an eye on conditions as they will change quickly.  As of right now, we still have 2 feet of ice on most lakes.  

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3/17/22 @ 12:10 PM
Jeff Bolander
USER SINCE 8/25/13

The end of the game fish season has come and gone.  It still amazes me to how many people we have to tell that to when they come in looking for shiners.  I question them just to make sure they are fishing in a river or some other body of water that is still open to game fish.  You don't want to have the DNR tap you on the shoulder and ask you why you have a 4" shiner on a tip up fishing for perch.  You'll probably then have the opportunity of giving the DNR agent your signature on the bottom of a citation.

We've lost a lot of snow recently. According to my deck we have lost about 12 inches over the last three days.  You know what that means, besides not having to shovel my deck?  It means the snow is melting on the lakes and the weight of it on the ice is dwindling meaning the fresh oxygenated water will be going DOWN the holes now.  And since the snow cover is dwindling Mr Sun will be able to reach those dying weeds and allow them to start growing and giving off oxygen instead of using it up.  That's great news as it means the fishing is going to start gaining momentum all the way to ice out.  Yeah!

Fishing this winter has been wonderfully average.  And that's a good thing.  Travel on the lakes was and is decent and getting better.  Now with the water gaining oxygen instead of losing it all year the fishing will be even better.  With the warmer temps more folks will be getting out there to chase those newly juiced fish.  There is still plenty of ice so there is no need to worry about thickness yet.

Crappie have been doing better each day.  As usual they are either roaming the flats suspended about 10' down or on the deeper weed edges, depending on the body of water.  Usually both.  Chase them in the flats during the day and then setup tipdowns on and in the green weeds for some great night action.

Perch are in the same situation.  They pound the bugs in the mud during the day and then chase the minnows in the weeds at low light.  Because they are so close to spawning you can catch some real pigs before they dump their load.  Go find a teeter-pig!

The whitefish have been very accommodating lately.  They have been active in anywhere from 50 to 10 feet of water.  They go back and forth this time of year between those depths.  A Panoptix Livescope or a Humminbird Mega Live or 360 is very handy right now to find those schools.  Small spoons with small treble hooks tipped with waxies is usually all it takes to grab these very tasty fishies.  Beat the lake bottom with your spoon to kick up silt to get the fish to come and investigate.  Make sure you understand the bag limit on these guys for the lake you are on.  While most folks smoke them, I filet them out like a northern and fry them up.  One of my favorites.

We hope you can find the time to come in during your time in the northwoods.  Although we are in the process of switching the inventory over to open water items, we still have a couple of shacks and hubs from CLAM and Otter and they're all at year-end close-out pricing. The number one comment we get is our guests can't believe the size of our selection. If you've had your eye on something but missed out on it last year, get it now.  We sold 100's of shelters and auger this year.  We can do it because we always offer the best selection and price you can find anywhere. Our additional warehouse is finished to handle all the inventory we will have.   If you can't make it in you can always order from our website, and we'll ship your order to you.  Also, keep checking our Facebook page and the website for new arrivals.  We still have a couple of Livescope Ice Bundles left out of the 100 we had to start with.  All are $700 off retail and ready to go.

Our store hours are now M-Sat 7am to 6pm, and Sun 7am to 5pm..  Our minnows all come direct from trappers in central Wisconsin. Right now we have crappie minnows and large fatheads, We still have spikes and wax worms. As always, we sell waxies and spikes in bulk tubs, too.

Jeff Bolander, owner of Dewey, Catchem and How Bait Shop and Guide Post at

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Jeff Bolander <[email protected]>
- Thursday, 3/17/2022

3/15/22 @ 9:23 AM
Kurt Justice
USER SINCE 5/12/04

With windy conditions and colder weather, angler participation has been low.  Despite this, fishing is gradually improving on most lakes.  Travel remains iffy, but the cold and wind of the past week has helped harden some lakes.  Warmer temps on the way.

Crappie:  Good – Solid reports of trophies and eaters alike.  Basin bite remains the go to method overall, although anglers still report some fish in shallower, 8-14’ weeds.  When searching for basin Crappies, starting off with small 3-5 mm tungsten tipped with waxies, spikes or plastics doing well.  When you’re on a school, it’s a good idea to switch it up to a heavier jig such as a pinhead minnow, tungsten Chandelier, or tungsten Kastmaster.  Doing so allows you to get down faster and have more time fishing those short, sweet moments of schools moving through, as well as weed off the smaller ones.  Tip downs are also a great method to track fish movement.

Bluegill:  Good – Anglers reporting those same mid-depth weeds that some Crappies are found holding quality Gills.  Fish getting a little more fired up, but smaller presentations still best.  3- or 4-mm tungsten, or #14 lead jigs tipped with spikes, waxies doing best.  Plastics can be a better option on finicky fish as well.  Earl and late periods are still the most active bite.

Yellow Perch:  Good – Same old methods of working deep mud of 18-30’ and beyond still producing fish.  Halis, tungsten spoons, and smaller buckshot spoons tipped with spikes and wigglers the norm.  Tip-downs, whether rigged with minnows or wigglers, are a good way to spread out and produce fish.  Be careful while targeting Perch at depths greater than 30 ft, as fish will experience barotrauma and will not release.

SPECIAL SPECIES REPORT – Burbot, Whitefish and Ciscos.  Most of the areas deeper, clear lakes contain one or all of these three species.

Burbot:  Very Good – Anglers have taken to pursuing this delicious freshwater cod.  Good action right at and past dark using mid-large size spoons or large jigs tipped with large portions of dead minnows.   Find deep structure (humps, holes, points) and fish just a few inches off the bottom.  Burbot roam around just off the bottom, using their great sense of smell to locate prey, so fish accordingly.

Whitefish and Cisco:  Good – anglers pursuing these tasty fish more since gamefish closure.   Fish found anywhere from 20-70’+, usually relating to some sort of structure similar to Burbot.  Although difficult to find, fish still fired up when found.   Willingly taking Halis, slender spoons, and buckshots.  Good method is to tie a fly such as a VMC bullfly a foot or two above a heavy spoon, pounding bottom with spoon to attract, and fly to catch.  

Kurt's Island Sport Shop
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3/15/22 @ 9:18 AM

It's like anything else, when people wreck it for everyone else it sucks. I talked with the new owner. He said that he found multiple people not paying for their launch fees and power loading their boats and destroying the launch. I don't have a problem with him.

Take the time to get to know owners and see where they are coming from. It sucks when one person who doesn't treat the owner or the waters with respect as they deserve. You can always carry in on the west side of the lake if you are too proud to have a civilized with someone.

3/15/22 @ 7:41 AM
USER SINCE 1/22/21

We used to go down left of launch to other end, and just nail the perch! There was always 1 or 2 Muskie Tournaments there, and you could always scrounge up a couple Walleyes before dark and after. I liked Scott and his Ma a lot. Great people. We will see what happens. 

3/15/22 @ 7:33 AM
Bowhunting Guy
USER SINCE 5/22/18

Leechster, I’m sure we have crossed paths in the past. I’ve had intentions of contacting the DNR about this, but it would be an uphill battle. I don’t believe there is any public land surrounding this lake, so I don’t know where a launch would go. There is carry in access across the lake but it’s impractical with no parking. 

It’s a shame what’s come of this place. 

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