Poygan Lake Lake Reviews
Winnebago County, Wisconsin

There are currently 24 reviews for Poygan Lake.
Two things ; duck Inn landing .. Good !! Here's the Perch
This lake produces. 55 inch Muskie,48 inch sturgeon,many pike over 40,lots of quality walleye,30 inch cats,white bass on and on.This lake will produce a state record in the next couple of years in some species.
Fantastic Northern Pike Fishing last year with some success for walleyes and other species. Not sure how the fishing will be this winter with the over-kill from last winter. Very nice size fish caught...many in the low to mid 30's with some solid 40's being caught also.
All the species are here.One problem.Because of lack of concentrations of weeds or structure you need to be mobile.Trolling or drifting works best for all species.
Awsome fishing all year round espically during late spring and in the winter. You can catch everything form Walleye to bluegill.
Great multi species lake with walleye being the main attraction. Shallow and not hard to fish.
Very good spring pike fishing and late summer walleye fishing. I have seen a lot of big pike caught here before.
The best Walleye fishing in the state in the spring.
We went boating on lake poygan and took a way into it that had rocks on the right hand side, well coming out of that channel, we turned around due to the lake being to choppy and during that turn we hit a rock in 4 ft of water busting our prop so be very careful
a good lake to catch northern
If I could I would give this lake a 6 of of 5 but since the meter only goes to 5 thats what I give it, a solid 5 in closing I would just like to say Go Bucks
I grew up every weekend in a cottage my grandfather built on this lake, caught my first northern also right of the pier. After the clean-up of this lake years ago, it has soared to new hieghts.
lake homes
This lake is one of the best lakes in Wisconsin. A must fish!
I have fished Poygan on and off for 20Yr's just for walleye's and this lake is out standing. Each year it produces walleye of varying size from 16" to 25" the us of GPS and Deep finder together and a this lake are out standing. It has all the structural to hold fish year around.
The Lake Produces A Lot Of Nice Large-Mouth And Big Panfish.
This Lake Is So Big, I Love It Beacuse It Is A Gateway To Other Lakes & Rivers
I Always Catch Average To Large Sized Fish, This Lake Also Has Excelent Duck Hunting..
This Lake Has The Best Sunsets In The World!!! Fishing Kicks Ass!!!
This Lake Is The Best! There Are So Many Different Places To Get The Wide Variety Of Fish.
One Of The Best Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin, I´ve Never Returned With Less Than A 6 Gal. Pale Full.
This Lake Was Terrible I Never Got A Bite And Wouldn´t Waste My Time Going Back When I Returnto Wi
Good Walleye Lake
Put In Your Time Learn To Fish This Lake Is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!