Butte Des Morts Lake Reviews
Winnebago County, Wisconsin

There are currently 6 reviews for Butte Des Morts.
This lake has a little of some and a lot of the other. Great lake for everything. Will fish this lake till I die.
never skunked on this lake :D
Panfish are bitting on half crawlers, NE side of the lake. Down the fox just after the no wake zone starts anchor 30 feet from south shore and jig with metallic spinner off the bottom for white bass.
I had never fished Butte Des Morts before this year. I fished several times in June and early July. My experience was limited to Sunset Point and Oakwood Point. We caught walleyes, whitebass and sheephead. Our technique was to use the bow mount electric motor to position the boat while we slowly worked jigs/crawlers or jigs/leeches across the rocks. I prefer this type of presentation over trolling because it is more active for the fisherman. I stopped fishing in July because the algae bloom had turned the water to a pea-green color and the fishing slowed down as well.
Muskies Not Hard To Find If You Have 1/2 A Brain. Next World Record Comes From Butttte
Preaty Good Musky Hard To Find Them