Little Hills Lake Lake Reviews
Waushara County, Wisconsin

There are currently 7 reviews for Little Hills Lake.
Lake has over abundance of stunted fish due to an over population of bass. 99% of bass are 11-13" and have been like that for 10 years. It's also choked out most of the panfish.
Lots of 12" - 14" Largemouths, decent bluegills though, forget fishing the middle, best to keep to between 3-10 feet water. I caught an 11" perch in 13' water my last night here but that might have been dumb luck, nobody else caught anything besides gills and bass. Not many weeds, but light on structure too, not bad but not the best.
This is a great lake for those bass fisherman who just love to have a good time. i have caught over 30 bass in a even many times. However most are 12-14 inch bass, i have only caught a few over 14in. If you do go fishing here a lil tip is to fish along the shore line in about a foot of water underneath peers.
All I caught were tiny bluegill and a couple small bass. The lake seems empty.
All they have are small bass and a good amount of blue gills. I also cuaght one bull head
All I Catch Is Non-Legal Size Black Bass
Lake Only Has Small Bass And Bluegill.