Pine Lake Lake Reviews
Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 24 reviews for Pine Lake.
CD,I agree with much of your analysis but twice I went out at sundown and trolled the deepest basin and marked many clouds of baitfish from12-27 ft down. If not cisco, what where they? Also, I realize the Rustys destroy weeds which hurt fish that use weeds for safety and spawning, but how would they affect cisco population? I fish many lakes up north that have few weeds,are very clear, have Rustys and do have cisco. Thanks.
CD, I don't doubt most of what you're saying but twice this year I went out at sundown and trolled the deepest basin areas over 70-85 ft and marked many huge clouds of baitfish anywhere from 12-27 ft down. Did not catch much but did mark nice hooks around the clouds. What species if not cisco are roaming there? Thanks
Very clear lake which has made fishing tough for me. The reason I love it is because it's the best inland lake to SCUBA dive in southern WI. Launch is not big & will fill up early on weekends. Lake is surrounded by some of the most beautiful big $ houses I have seen.
awesome late ice fishing in the south bay if you can get there. Very long walk but worth every step big gills craps and northerns. Virtually no fishing pressure in the winter other than the extreme north end
Good bass but not much else. Overfished
I think this lake has alot of potential but could see bigger fish in the lake
Very good lake lots of variety!
One of my favorite lakes with more variety of fish to catch than any other lake I fish. Tons of quality bass of both species but fewer trophy fish than in years past, gar up to 40", very large carp, declining walleye population but still some big ones, gills over 9" decent perch and crappie as well as rockbass up to 12.5". While reeling in a 23" pike from 30' of water a muskie, yes a muskie with vertical bars, somewhere between 48 and 52" chased it around to within 30 feet of the boat. Believe it.
Never had a problem catching any bass on this lake. Always seems to be a hit, can alwys depend on catching some really nice pan fish also !!!
Really a nice lake to fish on. Always catch tons of gills. Bass are also plentiful, but usually on the small side. Definately some hot spots...
Great lake, very clean, super launch, plenty of action most times fishing it.
some nice fish
This is by far one of the best lakes I have fished in a long time.I have caught alot of walleyes out of here for fishing only twice.During the summer I was catching walleyes in shallow weeds with jig/crawlers,largemouth bass on plastics,and crawlers,and pike on plastics fishing the bass.Walleyes,smallies,and crappies hit during october.Shallow down to 12 feet for crappies on twistertails,and deep for walleyes.I wont give my spots away though...
Last year I was trollin on Pine with my cousin and dad. All of a sudden boom. A 20 inch Largemouth Bass hit my rod. I was only 11. I'm twelve now and I'm savin up to mount it!!! ( gurth of fish=12in. )
A cupple of weeks ago, I caught a 19in. 4 1/2 pound Largemouth Bass. I think it is a great lake
like this lake a lot because there are huge crappies, pike, lm bass, and sm bass.
This is a small lake but there are lots of hot spots that have lots of fish. Great for pan fish, bass, and pike.
This Is A Great Sm, Lm, Lake,I Have 2 6lb Sm, And 10 Sm Over 5lbs!
Love This Lake! So Many Bass To Catch All Day Long Even With The Joy Riders Out On The Lake!
Good Fishing Although Once The Jet Ski´s And Ski Boats Come On,, Forget It
Not What It Used 2 Be Pond Across The Street Better Fishing And More Fish
Very Good Action Through The Ice Never Been Skunked. Lots Of Large Northern And Crappie.
Beautiful Lake, Peaceful, Moderately Devloped. Fish Are On The Small Side But Plentiful
Many Sm/lm Bass/huge Northerns, Fish The Island At Dark For Smallmouths-Minnow/jigs