Okauchee Lake Lake Reviews
Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 24 reviews for Okauchee Lake.
Great for Panfish and Musky fishing. Lake is very crowded on the weekends, but its nice during the week. Very nice boat launch too!
Great Lake, has big water and lots of bays and channels to fish for all species. Public launch is new and very nice.
In case any body reads these ( I do) I thought this lake needs an update. I enjoy fishing this lake (weekdays), it's fertile, pretty, and has tons of structure, but would I make a special trip here for musky action? No. The population seems down, in both size and quantity. I had one follow by a monster last season, otherwise only small ~ 30inchers, and pretty rare at that. In fact, I've caught more muskies on accident at other lakes than here this season. That said, you can have an entertaining day fishing for bass and especially pike, which this lake is full of, again ~30 inches. And contrary to other reviews, I think it's easy to fish because of all the easily identifiable structure.. Even the most basic chart plotter will show you good points and flats. The gills are healthy too.
great lake for muskie and bass. the fish you catch on this lake are huge. you can also watch the muskie and walleye spawn near the dam on hwy. 16.
This lake is a very good lake for Muskie but some times it seems like you are never going to get one. If you can stay positive and put your time in you have a chance at a good size Musky
Been fishing Okauchee(just bought a home on it!) and Pewaukee Lakes for years and both have absolutely outstanding fishing if you know what/where to look for the lunkers! Would have to go up to Chippewa Flowage to match the fish in these lakes! HIGHLY recommend if you don't know how to fish either, get a guide to show you how to fish them, then you are on your way to some FANTASTIC FISHING!!!
Excellent lake for panfish bass and musky
very good lake but it is very crowded in the summer and it is very weedy so its hard to catch fish in the summer... but the winter is awesome time to go you always catch something then...
Great Lake I live on it and it is a lake of a lifetime. Summer Fishing is hard because there are so many people. It is a Great Lake to catch the fish of a life time. Bass Fishing is easy to get 19 inch plus bass. Time to go out for beginners.
Definately a great lake to fish. It is one the best lakes within two (2) hour drive from Chicago area. As with all lakes you got to be there at the right time. Nice bass and some big northern caught. Fished with a guide. He has boated some decent musky on this lake. A very interesting lake with many bays and channels. Good topography and nice weed beds. Highly Recommend.
Okauchee Lake is a great place to catch a fish of a lifetime.
Not A Good Overall Lake, Overcrowded, Stunted Fish Population
94 Ft. Deep,cisco Forage Base, Great Musky And Bass Lake - But Not For Beginners
Great Place To Go Chill And Relax
Great Place To Go Chill And Relax
Good Lake, I Got Smallmouth 17 Inch.
This Is A Great All-Purpose Lake You Can Water Ski, Fish, Swim, And Have Fun.
This Lake Is Loaded With Dense Weedbeds That Hold Lots Of Big Musky
Lake Can Be Crowded On Weekends. Many Bays & A River To Fish, Or Sun And At (party Island).
Lake Can Be Crowded On Weekends. Many Bays & A River To Fish, Or Tan At (party Island).
Good Spring Largemouth Lake.
Just Too Many People Using This Lake. Boat Ramp/parking Always Full.
Great For Pike Hunters And Panfish For The Kids