North Lake Lake Reviews
Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 8 reviews for North Lake.
With all the rain, the Oconomowoc River is very high and fast, not safe to launch a canoe. Other wise a great lake to fish early in morning before the waterskiers start buzzing you.
This lake is great in the summer for bass both large mouth and small mouth. Find working the shore lines and hugging rock drop offs with some plastics work great all day long. The size of the bass are good but no huge monsters average 15 inches. But this lake dose hold some monster gills all over. The boat launch is just a river and is mostly 2 feet deep and 8 feet wide so not ideal for large boats. A great lake to catch fish all day long. For more hunting and fish topics check out are Facebook page J & K Outdoors.
i fished this lake once and 2 times have people come and pull 30 ft away and start fishing mad me so mad i wanted to start something i like the lake though the amout of pleasure boats and skies is 100% ridiculos sometimes.
A lot of nice crappie, and bass, best time to go is at right when its getting dark and you cast buzzbaits on the top water for some good bass!
yeah its a good lake to fish on, but lunching ur boat sucks.
Launch on the river and enjo. There is no city launch which keeps the jet skis and boaters down. Dont wish for the public launch like happened on Pine. Remember how good fishing was on Pine before the launch. It might be a pain to launch in the river but fishing and traffic is cool. Keep the DNR out- have you seen what they did to LaBelle?
Nice Boat Launch On The River
Great Lake For Fishing And Boating, No Islands Or Obstructions Just Some Weeds On The Outer Edges