Nemahbin Lake, Lower Lake Reviews
Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 14 reviews for Nemahbin Lake, Lower.
Daily Bag limits (Panfish) 25 in total - WI DNR
Love fishing this lake because it has good size fish and is crystal clear.
i truely love this lake, every time i go out i catch a lot of nice gills and big crappies. as for bass go my biggest was 23", several baby walleye and 30"+ pike. as for ice fishing it just gets better, just got to keep moving around, sorry not giving any honey holes.
Lower Nemahbin is the best lake ever! It is great for fishing and other recreational activities. The water is also clean and often very calm.
great for bluegills in shallow water we had 75 bluegills each were about 7-11 inches biut all we caught were gills
This lake is great all year for bass,pike,and panfish.Also hear there are some walleyes to be caught. I have fun catching nice sized panfish like 8-13 inch perch,7-10 inch gills,and 8-13 inch crappies. I fish all over shallow and deep during winter and ice nice panfish but,you have to know where to go.Lots of sand flats with weeds coming off of them will do the trick winter or summer for panfish,bass,and pike.LOTS OF BASS. Smallies are starting to show up good in this lake from the upper lake,and the bass average 12-17 inches with some monsters...
This is my favorite lake. I am primarily a canoe fisherman, and this lake has a free carry on launch. My buddy caught a 36" northern in the bark river northwest side of the lake. catch good bass lots of keeper panfish. This lake can also be walk across to fish the island shore. It is only about three feet deep all the way across.
went out today with to large of a boat and to much motor. Caught lots of sun fish and a 14 inch large mouth.. Next time I will take my little aluminum boat..
I spent the better part of 2 days on the lower lake last week. The water is very clear and I saw every kind of fish. Lots of large mouth and pike followed up my spinner bait but would not take it. We did get 4 (1 legal) bass on giant red worms while going after pan fish. The pan fish action was great. Every cast would produce. Took home some nice sun fish. I'm thinking crawlers would produce some nice bass.
Nice place to fish. Lots of panfish and bass. Cant have a big motor because you will hit bottom.
Good Crappie sizes
Good Lake To Fish! Fish The Piers On Lower With A 4
Always See A Ton Of Bass But Can Never Get Them To Hit.
Small Fish, Some Large Perch-Take The Channel To Nashota