Keesus Lake Lake Reviews
Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 22 reviews for Keesus Lake.
The reason I gave keesus 5 stars is not for it's fishery, it's for it's quality. The water is very clear, it's got the perfect amount of vegetation, it's got beautiful houses on it, and it has perfect topography. Plus on top of that you can catch a few decent bass. If you want a decent day on the water. Go to keesus.
One of the best inland perch lakes I ever fished. Walleye are not in huge numbers but some have come out with real trophy potential.
The best bluegill lake i have ever fished with lots over 10 inches.
some decent walleyes
this lake has nice bass, crappies, and pike. had two days where i've caught 150 crappies and 10 bass. all in the bays. have also caught small eyes. fish the spring!!!!
Abundant northern and bass populations in the two bays!! However, mostly average sizes....
Not a lot of fish left in this lake because everyone fishes it!
i love ice fishing this lake i have always had really good luck the back bay for best results LivnOutoors4ever
Ice-fishing on this lake can be very rewarding.
Spent a good 4 hours on Saturday morning fishing the NW bay of Keesus and caught a bunch of small panfish and that was it. Talked to 4 other boaters and got the same report save one guy did boat a few legal bass in the very early hours. I was unable to locate the bigger bluegills even in the deepr water (assuming there were some).
Caught or limit on gills on friday july 17 2001 there were three of us. It was great we used wax worms
Do not fisht this lake. The fish population has declined and there is nothing there anymore. This is due to overfishing the lake.
Do not fisht this lake. The fish population has declined and there is nothing there anymore. This is due to overfishing the lake.
this is a great lake to fish!!!if you really like catching bass-heres where to go.
Very good lake fore panfish , icefished alot in 2001 and for a rookie at jigging i got alot of decent fish frys, although i found it tough to catch a legal northern alot under the 24 inch size. Bass are some what easy to catch, caution once the no wake hours are over there are a ton of speed boats. Very good crappie lake during the early spring but I seen bigger ones in the winter althought fewer, still the best lake close to milwaukee.
Pike fishing has declined in last 5 yrs.have not caught 1 over 43in. in 3 yrs 42.5 last yr.12 over 45 5yrs. ago. Fish harder than ever,catch less and less every year, to many people keeping 36 to 40 inchers.
A very good Bass Lake. The Perch are good to. I have caught a lot of these fish to say it is very good to fish for. But you must do it EARLY or LATER in the day. I just lost my Boat & Fishing Gear do to a Skiboat that came to close to my boat and filled it with water. The boat and gear are at the bottom of the lake. The boat comes up Sat. at 8:00 AM.SO FISH SAFE AND A LOT!
Enjoy the lake - throw everything back. Its a rarity...
Very Good Lake For Large Mouth
Incredible Numbers Of Big Largemouths,but No Good Access To This Lake
This Is The Best Lake In Southeastern Wisconsin.
Icefish Crappie & Bluegill In ´Bays´. Walleye & Perch In ´Lake´. Sizeable At Times. Hwy 74