Fowler Lake Lake Reviews
Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 5 reviews for Fowler Lake.
Great lake. Alot of fun. Plenty of nice fish. Nice bass, some small but get some good ones. Numerous pike that average 25 to 30 inches, with bigger ones caught. I got the biggest walleye in the lake on my wall I think. 27 inches. Missed a few muskie. And of course the giant panfish if you get away from the small ones. Never go a day without getting something worth talking about!
This is a good early season lake. You can fish the bottle neck, where you can cast bucktails for northern. You can also enter the Occonomowc river from there where, I always do good.
Great Lake, Tons Of Northerns, Bigmouths, & Great Music From Frequent Festivals At Local Park.
Some Pretty Nice WALLEYE...IF You Can Find ´em.
One Of The Best Lakes Around