Big Muskego Lake Lake Reviews
Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 28 reviews for Big Muskego Lake.
Went out 9/27 for about 4 hours. Bite was slow. Tried bobbers with leeches along the bogs for bass and did not have any luck but did pull out a few nice gills, probably should have just pan fished. Caught 3 nice bass on a green twister tail and had another hit on a double buzz. Had something huge blow up along the pads toward the end of the night. fishing basically straight out from Boxhorn. Lake is very weedy in most parts but you can still find some decent water, just keep looking. Bass seem to be deep in the weeds, but they're hungry!!
Big Muskego is a kayak fisherman's dream. Pike and LM Bass all day long. Put in at the Durham Boat Launch. Fish the finger to the main lake. The pike love all the fast action on top of the water.
Excellent lake for kayak fishing. Entire lake is no more than 4 feet deep, and many spots are only 1.5 to 2 feet deep, so big boats beware. Don't expect to come out with a huge bass boat and 115 horse outboard and be able to get around easily, especially in the late summer and fall if water is really low. I only started fishing it this year (2017) and since it's so shallow it's pretty much all topwater action. Flat bottom boats (John boats),kayaks and canoes are best at this lake, smaller aluminum v hulls would be ok as well.
Main lake is extreaml weedy and shallow, however, bass bay has wonderful fishing. Every trip I catch a handful of nice bass. Topwater action is great just work the weeds. Best launch for this is hunters nest.
Since the drawdown in 2011, the lake has limited access. The only decent launch is at Hunters Nest. I used to catch over one hundred Bass in a season. In 2012 about 30. All were over 15 inches but had to work hard for them.
Weeds are terrible. Not one fish. Boat got stuck.
I really don't know where all the 5 star ratings are coming from, this isn't even a lake. Unless you have a kayak,canoe,or windboat you can't even go anywhere. 2 f.o.w. MAX.. I was using a 14' aluminum boat with a 20hp short shaft and i couldn't get out of the muck, no matter where i went on the lake. There are much better lakes in the area to fish. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.
Fantastic lake. Topwater is a blast in warm water! Fish the pads for big bass. Just look out in the fall, stay away from me and my decoys please! Im a bad shot. Ha!
Always catch nice bass and an occassional northern. I use senko worms and floating rapalas. Not much boat traffic and one can enjoy watching the waterfowl that abound the lake.
hope the freeze dont change the fishing much for spring
I catch more fish on this lake than if I traveled 300 miles up north. That said, you must learn how to fish in less than 5 ft of water. Bass, crappies, northern, perch, what mood am I in today?, Fish hard or feet up. Everything is here. Watch the special regulations though.
Great lake to fish. Got the biggest northern pike in my life on this lake. (44 inches) Released the fish too.... Everyone must pratice catch and release...
nice pike and bluegills.
lots of small norhtern hard to find bassto bite. shallow and weedy.
This lake is a great lake for northern, bass and blue gills. Last year we were catching multiple limits of gills and not so many northerns. But this year we are killing the northerns with 7 over 30 with the biggest being 36. There are a lot of big bass in this lake because of the 18 inch limit caught a couple of 5 pounders that were let go. Over all this lake is a great lake but thats if you put in the time to fimd the fish
good for gills but the 8" limit has you going, most gills are 7 3/4 and you have to throw so many back, same with pike and bass,lake changes from week to week, good for duck hunting tho,bassbay the best.
I have never caught so many northerns that good of size! They were hard to get to but easy to find and catch!
Lake Just Had A Winter Kill This Past Winter. No Fish Left. Dnr Is Restocking.
Hit And Miss Northerns On Tip Ups, One Big One 30.5 In On 12/23/00 Watch For Snowmobelers
I Have Never Hooked So Many Northerns Bring Buzzbaits
Great Lake For The Panfish Easy Access Great Nature Preserve
Crappies Has Bites, Good Lake It Was Lots Of Panfishs.
Its A Nice Lake But It Can Be Hard Sometimes
Super Panfish,if You Can Find Them. Great Ice Fishing.
Take Plenty Of Minnows On A Good Day.
Worst Lake I Have Ever Fished
Good Fishing For Panfish!