Beaver Lake Lake Reviews
Waukesha County, Wisconsin

There are currently 23 reviews for Beaver Lake.
I have been on this lake 4 times and every time I leave catching fish, enough that it shows on my thumb from holding the fish. Small but they are many with a few at the 16 inch length. I am a bass fisherman primarily but also have caught a rock bass and my very first walleye. I am looking forward to tying into a northern but not too big for now since I am still getting used to my kayak. Anyway, I am thankful I have this lake to get some time to relax and not think about life. Just me and fishing. Any spots to recommend that are good for northern?
Excellent Bluegill and Perch fishing. Also very good bass action although size is on the small size.
good lake to kayak fish, very sandy lake, not many pleasure boaters out because the launch is carry in only. topwater fish the docks
Me and my buddy went fishing here between june and september of 2010. This lake is a very good lake when you figure out the good spots and use the correct gear, you will catch TONS of fish. We mainly went for bass and I can tell you on average we caught at least 5 bass a piece each time we went. I also missed out on a decent northern, probably around high twenties low thirties(inches). I love this lake, I will be back this year for sure!
Used to get around three legal bass a trip but now its down to one on the average. The amount of stunted bass 9 to 12 inches is disturbing. I think the DNR should institute a slot size limit of 4 bass 12 and under and one bass 18 and over. has worked on some other lakes. Still large pannies and white bass if u can find them. Had a good year catching 12 inch perch
cant find the white bass but a lot of fun catching the wild little bass lots of carp good spearing
This lake is a very fun lake to fish on not many legal bass but a lot of cropies and gils
I heart this lake. Never have a bad day catching bass. Smallies and largemouth. Some nice fish in here. Deeper water and twisters. It takes some time to learn consistant areas but when you do... Biggest smallie out of here so far was 22 inches. Beat that on most lakes! Some big gills to. If you see a green canoe stop by and say hi.
This is a great panfish lake when you can find them. key is to move till you locate fish and stay on them.
Beautiful body of water. Great numbers of largies and smallies however most of them are small. You can catch some nice bass you just need to work for them. VERY clear water!
If you know what you are doing this lake can treat you very very well!!! the water is clear, the largemouth are small, but the gills, perch and crappie are unmatchable!!!
Have found consitently strong populations of SM and LM bass. Easy to catch numbers of undersized fish. Always seem to see some large ones on each trip even if I can't always hook 'em. Have also taken a few really big crappies (over 14 in) and blugeills (over 10 in).
This lake is a treasure. Clean, clear water.. deep holes...minimal traffic. Unbelievable smallmouth, largemouth, crappie....Cant miss with 4" crayfish colored tube.
This lake is too clean and lots off little bass, and blue gill.
To clean. Lots of bluegill and little bass.
This lake stinks we always ice fish here and all we can ever catch is small perch once i a blue moon i will hook a nice smallie but it is very rare i don't know how anyone fishes here in the summer unless they have a canoe or a very small boat i can't say much for boat fishing but ice fishing is very poor
Awesome! Lots of smallmouth (3 lb. +)to be had just drifting over open water in the canoe. Occasional schools of big white bass & slab-crappie add to the excitement. Slow-trolling twisters along dropoffs & over open water hasn't failed me yet!
Beautiful lake, but very little structure to support fish. A fair number of small bluegills, but nothing worth writing home about.
Good sized Rock Bass over 9", a ton of little Large Mouths under 12"
A lot of nice smallmouth bass and a few good largemouths. Great white bass fishing here. The skiers do think they own the lake but the fishing is worth it. The access is for cary-in craft only with no trailer parking. But it's worth it.
Small Gills, Few Bass, Bad Launch And Constant Water Skiiing
Tons Of Small Perch. Leave The Tip-Ups At Home.
Very,very Clear Water But No Fish