Erler Lake Lake Reviews
Washington County, Wisconsin

There are currently 9 reviews for Erler Lake.
went out today for the first time out here. I'll start by saying this is a nice area to go as far as not to far off the beaten path with a nice park, beach, and peer for fishing. That being said there are special regs for this lake, minimum length for bass is 18" and daily bag of one, and daily bag of gills was 10. I saw lots of action as far as gills and smaller bass, excellent place to take kids with a bobber and some waxes. I couldn't find a boat launch though it shows one on here but I do see where you could drop a canoe or kayak in and some prime spots could be reached that way. I'll be going back out possibly with my niece to get her hooked. great place to get the young'ns into some fishing. Tight lines
Great lake for panfish. The Blue Gills are pretty big and bite often but there are also plenty of Bass. The 18" size limit make this a great lake for catch and release as it is pretty hard to get one that big. I've mostly caught them between 14 and 16". The Blue Gills range from about 2" to about 9".
Could use more parking down below ( you'll know what I mean once there). Bass are small from shore but plentiful. Big snappers cruising the shorelines, Big carp if you want 'em. Big big sunfish out in the middle. Great place to take the kids, weed choked by mid-summer. Some days you have it all to yourself.
It is a great lake i have fished it many times and almost all of the time i got my limit
The normal small gills and perch. Small Bass
good for gills but very little perch. some little crappies. alot of bass but very little.
It is a great lake to fish. There are also perch in there.
I fished this lake in the mid 80's once, it was a GREAT bass lake!!
Big Bass