Lowes Pond (Lowe) Lake Reviews
Washington County, Wisconsin

There are currently 7 reviews for Lowes Pond (Lowe).
I love this lake not only for fishing but hunting as well I can slam the northern all day and limit out on bluegill every time I go there hard to get to yes but well worth it (easy if you have a duck boat with a mud motor) some may think this lake sucks but you just have to find the spots where the fish are and experiment with bait good old worm and bobber works great for gill and I like to use double bladed spinners for the northern especially fire tiger colors o btw if you can go fast on the river don't due to the hazards under and over the water
yes it is somewhat hard to get to but ive gone through worse. never caught a single fish out of there yet, may have been wrong timing. lots of fish jumpin, guessin carp. peaceful little lake though
Hard to get to,but well worth the work.Never been let down.
extremely tough to get back to. Fish are constantly jumpin out of the water. A lot of junk fish
A secret to most of us, one of the best fishing spots around.Very hard to get there, but well worth it! Largemouth from 2 to 6 Lbs are common. Northerns from 1 to 15Lbs. Fish the shallow drop offs from 5 to 15 ft. Golden shinners work best all year, on the ice too.
Almost impossible to get there(canoes only w/ shallow running trolling motors)caught about three bullheads waist of time.
I Could See The Fish Jumping But I Just Couldn´t Hit Any. Alot Of Work To Get There.