Little Cedar Lake Lake Reviews
Washington County, Wisconsin

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Ok I'm gonna have to eat my words on this lake from my last post. Now that Summer is OVER and big boats or jet skis are NOT present, fishing boat docks with a Texas Rig is VERY prolific for those who BASS fish. Only thing just like any other lake, the mosquitoes are HERENDIOUS!!!! Caught several 1-3 lb. range, but had to leave by dusk, cause the mosquitoes were taken skin off my bottom. Don't miss out on this GREAT lake this fall. BTW the pan fish were off-the-chain biting.
Well I learned my lesson yesterday. Sunday is NOT a time to fish Little Cedar. BIG BOATS, KIDS ON JET SKIS and if the locals find out you don't live on the lake they will try to swamp your boat if you are fishing. First, I knew better to go even on LATE SUNDAY afternoon, the water was turned up like a blender and the fish were NOT in the mood to eat because of the traffic. Secondly, I should have known better that time of day, so I'll stick to my weekday fishing on Little Cedar and let the locals have their fun with BIG BOAT AND JET SKIS, until October when the youngsters are back in school.
I don't know where you boys have been fishing, but Wednesday afternoon the wife and I went out and in 2 hours caught 25-LMB's and 1-10lb pike. Released ALL OF THEM!!! I guess it took a Southern Boy from GA to come up here to write a favorable review of a lake that is not well fished. Keep going to other lakes and you will ZERO, caught them all on white twitch worms around 6-8 p.m. I'll be back on Sunday after church around the same time, look for a maroon LUND and I'll try to show you where there at on Little Cedar.
Wow has this lake changed! Fished here last back in the early 90's. Was out June 2017. Weeds are shot. Never saw such an unhealthy lake! Heavy pressure as well. It was like bumper boats out there! Cast, try to feel for a bite, and another v8 speed boat goes flying by. Another big set of waves to be thrown around in. Had 5 boats home in on me because they saw me catch a snake pike. 5 boats all within 20 yards of me! If the one guy got any closer I would have casted a crankbait at his head! Also saw they have a weed cutter now too!? People should know that those do more harm than good. Invasive milfoil can grow and become established with just 2 inches of a stem / branch of the plant. So having a weed cutter come in will make 100s of plants floating around the lake. Just spreading the invasives! All in all I am very disappointed with this lake now. Nothing like the memories I had here 25 years ago. Fishing report for a full day of fishing (7am to 7pm) one 13 inch northern pike! WOO HOOO :(
Back in the 60's through the 80's I used to fish this lake with great success. Walleye fishing was great...My Uncle Fritz who use to live on wickert drive always had great success fishing the lake...I am sorry to hear that "development" has destroyed and great and natural lake
If I had to sum up this lake I would say it's destroyed. Almost all native vegetation is gone and has been replaced almost completely with invasive milfoil. Also a thick green matt of algae that forms every year by the northwest bay has choked all of the pristine habitat we had here. Funny all these problems began to appear when they put in the public launch years ago. This is coming from a man that worked his you know what off to live on this lake and enjoy fishing here. People just don't care if everyone would get all the weeds off there boats and wash there boats with bleach water we wouldn't have invasive plants and animals spending like wildfire! Thank you DNR for putting that launch in you helped the lake tremendously! Not a happy camper here!
I've fished this lake a few times this year and had some good luck. you need to weed through the fish for a few keepers but, catch and release is fun too.
Been fishing here for 22 years. The years before 2005 were great in terms of fishing. However, weed killing, the new public launch, and heavy fishing pressure destroyed this hidden gem. Now go out for 8 hours and be lucky to catch one keeper of anything. It's really sad what happened to this lake.
The weed killing has destroyed this lake for fishing
I come out here with my family to swim and ski. I am the only one in my family who fishes, I tried to fish this lake many a times. Nothing worth bragging about, biggest fish I got outta this dead sea was a 12 inch bass!!! What a joke!
come here alot and do alot of bass fishing.Fishing is not all that great in the afternoon.yesterday i caught a couple nice bass on the south end at night. one of them bass was 3lb 5oz on a top water frog. all the others on spinners. good luck!!!!!!
I come out here a lot to swim in the summer with the family. Tryed fishing the lake atleast 10 times when I came out and only caught 1- 12 inch bass. I don't think this lake is to great for fishing, love to swim here though. Does the DNR stock this lake?
Heavy fishing pressure. Everytime I come out I dont catch anything over 6 inches. People say theres fish in there but I don't believe it. I forgot this lake a long time ago, Big Muskego produces 18-22 inch bass, huge panfish. This lake hasn't given me a fish fry ever!!!
Be careful between the two point and from The county landing across the ice. I would not trust the thickness it varies. There is an open hole between the 2 points and the kettle has the Geese in the channel which has opened more.Do not venture out at dark unless you know where your going. Fishing has been slow. Thanks to a wonderful couple I met on the lake Sunday nite with the Frabil shanty. Your wife sent you out to check on me. Very sweet of her.By all means gentlemen make sure you pay your $3 at the landing if you don't have change knock or go get some. Good luck
Ditto to Sammy, also may I add, the zebra mussles are a real pleasure
Two stars for the scenery. I guess the land owners got what they wanted... A crystal clear weed free swimming pool. How the DNR allowed this is beyond me. The launch is pathetically shallow and has a 6"-8" drop off of the concrete pad which could hang up a trailer. Used to be a decent lake for fishing. Unless you really know this lake don't waste your time unless you like aquarium size pan fish. And... even better, $8.00 to launch your boat.
I went out there a few times, lots of pleasure boaters, makes fishing tough.
Very pretty lake, fishing was horrible though, and the weeds are all gone so the fishing sucks.. To many boats too.. DNR has a lot of work to do to get this lake saved.
Poor fishing, lots of boats too..
I love this lake... But to many people come here to fish.. This lake had huge bluegills, but now they are all gone because so many people keep every thing they catch... Everyone has to practice catch and release....
i have lived on the lake my hole life thius last spring was one of my best years for crappies northern were hard to catch this summer and not many big bass but if u no where to go you will find the big ones adn if ur lucky you could catch a walleye of my 15 years of living on the lake and i fish weekely i have only caught 1 walleye that was 20 inches and relesed it personally i think all waleyes should be illegal to keep on little ceder unless over 26 inches
This lake used to be GREAT especially for BIG bluegills a number of years ago BUT since they poisoned the weeds a couple years ago this lake went down hill fast... Seems` the gills disappeared, probably got all eaten up from northerns since no protection from bigger fish...Would love to see DNR stock bluegills and crappies in Little Cedar...This lake also produced 8-10lb + walleyes but even the walleyes seemed to disappear...Hopefully this lake will get back together for great fishing again!!!
Quality of this lake is decreasing because of the killing off of the weeds. Hopfully they come back otherwise fishing will become much harder!
Good Bass lake, but this is another lake that got ruined by putting in a state of the art launch facility. Now, everyone and their brother goes there. Along with our recreational friends. Has seen better days, and with the new launch will only see worse in the future. Too bad for this little gem.
I go out there once and a while catch a few crappie 8 to 9" we also catch northerns some times during the day about 24 to 26"
Quality bass action on topwater in evening, occasional northern strike, decent panfish can be found
If You Likr Northern Fishing This Is The Lake For You!!!!!!
Good Bass On Spinnerbaits And Grubs. Crappies On The Dropoffs On Small Grubs. Love It!
A Few Big Bass, But You Have To Work For Them In The Thicknear DAWN...GETTIN Real Weedy