Big Cedar Lake Lake Reviews
Washington County, Wisconsin

There are currently 27 reviews for Big Cedar Lake.
It wasn’t that long ago when Big Cedar had a “no wake “rule from what I think was 7:30 p.m. at night 10:00 a.m. the next morning. This gave people who wanted to fish, cruise in their pontoon boat, or canoe without the disturbance of water skiing and the operation of jet skis. From what I read, some lake residents went to the BCLPRD wanting the “no wake” restriction eliminated so they could water ski early in the morning when the lake was congested with others waterskiing. The “no wake” rule was eliminated changing Big Cedar in a sunrise to sunset skiing frenzy. This eliminated any opportunity for other users of lake to have quiet time on the lake to cruise or fish. Reinstating the “no wake” rule which is still used on many area lakes could help improve some of the user conflict issues though it would be fought by some lake residents who consider Big Cedar their own private lake.
Great Northern Pike lake.
If you fish with worms and minnows your not going to like this lake much. There is a reason the panfish population is smaller than most WI Lakes. Big Cedar Holds huge Bass, Walleye, and Pike. If you want to catch big fish use big baits. This lake is the best kept secret in SE WI. Fish the weeds with jigs, and plastics for arm bending Bass strikes. Walleye are abundant at night. Pike are deep and will just plain shock you how big they get. Proper location, depth, and presentations will fill your well or camera with huge lunkers.
Great lake for catching big HOGG fish. I caught a 45 inch northern pike on this lake. Lots of big walleyes too. You gotta know the spots and use the correct presentations to catch the monsters. Trophy bass are here as well. Love this lake!
Do not even bother what once was is no longer over fished under stocked
This lake is super hard to fish, dont wast your time here. over crowded and over fished.
not very good for big pan fish good for eyes perch but there a challange to hunt down.
Put in your time and some effort and this lake is worth it.
great fishing if u have the know how......
excelent fishing &boating lake
Simply one of the finest walleye lakes in wisconsin 10 pounders are possible.
Love the boat landing and room for a good amount of vehicles. Fishing is always good. Have plenty of hot spots. There used to be a bar right next to the boat landing. Wish someone would put a little bait shop there.
Hey. This lake is an excellent bass and walleye lake. Also, if you get lucky, a nice sturgen or northern will bite. Crappie and bluegill are great. Crappie, only if you are in the right spot. I wont tell it unless you buy it out of me. I think this lake is also good for ice fishing.
I like the lake because it is big and clean. What I don't like about the lake is that it doesn't have a public beach.
The lake has experienced tons of fishing pressure. Look elsewhere if you want a bass over 13.99999999999999999 inches long.
me and my family likes this lake cuase we live by it . me and my bro go fishin on this lake and catch an average of 6 bass a day. TIP: we use rubber worms on shorlines with heavy structure. good luck.
Multi species lake. Fishing has vastly improved in north basin especially for bass since the old marina buildings were raised, and the huge drainage tiles destroyed that drained silt from the surrounding hills into the lake. Bass fishing went from poor to awesome, northerns have been overharvested, walleyes are just getting dependable again, and you can pick up lake trout if you target them in south basin Bring bait, you won't find anyplace on or near the lake to buy any
Good Lake. Lots of fish, lots of walleyes and northers, just really hard to find.
All The Panfish Are Really Small
Great Fishing In The Winter. Use Flat Head Minows For Best Results
Small Minows Produce Great Crappies In Deep Waters 14-25ft
Using Fatheads And Small Shinners Produces Nice Crappies
Tons Of Fish! Get There Early And Get ´em With Minnows Or Crawlers.
Alot Of Bass In The Lake, Easy 25 Or More Bass In 4 Hours Of Fishing.
It´s Great Crappie Fishing If Know Where To Fish!!!!
Great After Slow No Wake Traffic Laws.
Tough To Fish On Weekends, Boat Traffic Is Unreal.