Pell Lake Lake Reviews
Walworth County, Wisconsin

There are currently 7 reviews for Pell Lake.
great little lake! lake has recovered well from the winter kill. bluegills and crappies are much much bigger than before, so the winter kill became very beneficial. lots of pike!!! biggest one caught this past ice season was 29 inches. lots of 26 - 28 inchers were caught. there are largemouth, but not lots. and they are small. so that still is improving. also, lots of perch! biggest one caught this past winter was 10 1/2 inches. lots of crappies, but not many big bluegills. i suggest catch and release for now. deepest spot i've found is 24 feet, not 13 feet like lake links says. overall, a great little fishing lake!
Bad bad winterkill last year. It'll be a while for this lake to recover.
This small quiet lake is great for honing your skills as an angler. The weeds make it difficult to navigate, however they allow for superb fish habitat. The DNR does all it can by dredging the lake all summer, however the millfoil always seems to win. The best area to fish is the 20-25ft hole in the middle of the lake. I have caught the majority of my bass as well as some decent pike on lipless cranks and spinner baits...SON! Make sure to stop in and see fuzzy for some pizza puffs and bosco sticks.
Back in 2003 I won the Pell Lake Classic using mostly a variety of mepps and weedless worms. I would like to thank Fuzzy for the pizza puffs and Joan for the hospitality. SON!!!
I have been fishing on this lake for about twenty-two years and the only negative aspect about this lake is the abundant amount of weeds! I wish the DNR would do something about this problem; however, if you can get passed dealing with the weeds this would be a great fishing lake for those who enjoy fishing for largemouth bass and very nice size pike. I just caught a 28 inch and 33 inch pike a couple days ago. There is a fishing hole about 30 feet deep in the middle of the lake which is where I caught my pike.
Great ice fishing lake. Not a big lake, but I caught 3 Pike over 31 inches. Its fun in the summer to mess with the small Largemouths in there...
Good Two Ice Fish On The Lake