Geneva Lake Lake Reviews
Walworth County, Wisconsin

There are currently 55 reviews for Geneva Lake.
Great fishing lake but can be challenging. Last weekend my cabelas tackle bag left on east side launch. Hoping an honest fisherman has it.
No problem...dock fishing for bass pretty good...
Fished with the nightprowler and what a day we had. This is the man you want for crappies. Talk about a lite bite. I was sitting there waiting for a bite when william says" When are you going to set the hook?" You have already had two bites. After that I had the hot color and we lite them up. I have been out with him for smallies in the fall and did quite well. Book a trip now before I fill his slots.HAHA. Hero take note. We never did that!!
Had an amazing day today! Caught multiple 12" bass on a dropshot then decided to tie on a brush hog. Caught some solid 2's with that. Decided to try a live crawfish I found under a rock and BOOM 5lber. Love this lake!
I fished This lake Twice and caught one 18" large and one 18 " smallie here last year and Big Rock Bass on another trip. It was easy to find fish and I was lucky t=it wasn't windy out. Fox Lake Joe
Nice muskie by black point. Trolling at 35 feet
This is one of the best lakes you'll find in Wisconsin! The water is crystal clear, its not loaded with nasty weeds and muck, and a lot of the fish are just gigantic! Fishing can be rough at times though because this is a very popular pressured lake. Always use light monofilament or fluorocarbon line here. The reason though why I'm not giving this 5 stars is because the boat traffic is just horrible on weekends and there are rude boaters. Unfortunately (even on week days with a lot less traffic) boaters and water skiers will come close to you and drive at full speed while you're fishing.
Geneva is a trophy producing paradise! No matter what species you wish to target. Fished this lake my whole life. Smallmouth and largemouth bass are very abundant with trophy potential a bite away. All panfish species are some of the biggest around. walleyes are hard to catch but huge. Water is crystal clear which makes fishing tough at times. Long casts with light line a must. Night fishing in the summer months is hard to beat. Avoid weekends as boat traffic is pretty bad. Even though this lake is huge pleasure boaters will harass you. Lake can get very rough if winds pick up. Delevan lake has increased in popularity leaving Geneva less pressured than years past. Spend some time out here and learn the lake. It will reward you in the long run
Fantastic fishery... To bad there are some pleasure boater's that do not know the boating reg's.. very clean lake and quality fish. Have never been disappointed.
Who knew that trolling with crawler harnesses could bring up such fish variety?! I went out with my dad and brother and we trolled along the 20 to 30 foot depth contour and caught a ton of sardine sized perch (all released), a bunch of bluegills from dinks to giants, a couple of northern pike, and some smallmouth bass. The only problem is the boat traffic.
Geneva is a great lake for fishing. The last time I went there, I caught a really nice smallmouth bass when I casted out a minnow under a bobber for whatever would bite it. There's alot of perch in here (mostly small but plenty of eaters too) and some amazing bluegill sizes. The biggest problem is the large volume of boat traffic. To avoid that, try going on weekdays or between Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends.
Have you ever been ice fishing and had a northern pike on so big that it wouldn't fit through your 8 inch hole? Have you ever had A northern on so big that it straightened out you hook? Now have you ever had that happen twice in one day? I have! Fish Lake Geneva!!!!
Come here for Smallmouth because everytime i go swimming in here, i see nice Smallmouth Bass come and fish here!!!!
Size, not quanity!!
Always a great day.
great for everything!!!!
Reminds me of a canadian shield type lake. Deep,cold,with plenty of good weed beds and rock structure.
This lake beats MOST Northern Lakes hands down.
Use suckers for pike... works awesome!
I've lived on this lake my whole life and have found that it is a challenging but very rewarding lake to fish. My favorite spots are on the north west side between george williams and fontana. Great walleyes near Abbey springs, and in the harbor in spring time. Good luck Be safe!
If you enjoy watching a big bass, both smallies and largemouth, battle on the end of your line in crystal clear water then this is the place for you. It's also the best lake I know of for BIG bluegills,BIG pumpkinseeds, BIG crappie and the always hungry and very BIG rock bass. Throw in great pike fishing and a chance at a very nice trout how can you go wrong? Get here early or late during the summer boating season to avoid the crowds and you will not be disappointed.
for quality crappie fishing, as well as bass fishing you can not beat this lake! one of the best southern wisconsin lakes around,especially for the above named species would recommend this lake to everyone who asked me any thing about it
Can you say smallies? I catch more 5 pound smallies here than anywhere else. The only downfall is all the boat traffic but its worth it when you reel in the big bronzies.
what an awesome lake by far the best bluegill lake in wisonsin just started ice fishing it this winter and will be back for many years to come as im putting 5 gills over 11" on the wall already
The lake keeps producing large fish of every kind.This last week did not disappointed me. I haven't fished it in 20 years and remembering where some old hot spots produced 10" gills and 10"-14" crappies.It has a good base of fish and seems to bounces back guickly in bad years.Excellent
One of the best lakes i fished on we catch anywere from monster Northern to big crappies a very fun lake to fish.
If you want to fish this lake, start at 4:30 AM and get off by 11:00 AM. At about 11:00, the boat traffic gets heavy, but by that time you will have caught all kinds of different fish. This is a great lake, but don't go out on a Saturday afternoon in July and expect any type of tranquility.
As you can see by the pictures of the MuskyMod in my boat (late October) holding the very nice crappies, this is a very,very fertile lake. There is great fishing for ALL species of fish. As everyone has said, the boat traffic in the summer is CRAZY but if you can deal with all the bone heads, you can catch very nice fish in numbers! In the spring and fall the lake is all ours (fishermen)! The ice fishing on this lake is very good! You can catch all species in the winter! Have fun and TIGHT LINES!! meatpuppet
One of the top lakes in the state, but like the others have said the boat traffic is ridiculous. Have had wake from big 'DUMMY' boats come right over my bow. I guess they should pass an anchored boat at more than 10' away. Thing is, they don't even have a clue. You find that a lot these days wherever you go. Mandatory boater education is a good idea. As far as fishing goes it is tops for the angler that can adapt to the pressure, traffic and clear water.
This is an excellent fishing lake but the boat traffic can be a pain in the neck but plenty of smallmouth walleye and panfish can be caught on this lake
Geneva Lake as I remember it, is gone as far as I am concerned. The amateurs abound everywhere. This lake is one of the best potential good fishing lakes of Wi. You spend the major part of your time trying to avoid being swamped by some people that haven't the slightest idea that they are not the only people on the lake. Today, I towed in some jerky clowns that ran out of gas and, they just took it like I should be doing that. As I left them at Gordy's in Fontana I told the kid at the pump "They are all yours son". This is my first year back to that lake and I am ashamed to call it home.
I have fished Lake Geneva for almost 10 years and my biggest Smallmouth Bass was 23" and it weighted about 7 to 8 pounds and caught it right off my dock where I do most of my fishing from and just last weekend I caught a 15" Black Crappie that weighted 2.5 pounds and that time I was in a Kayak not far from my dock and 2.5 pound Black Crappie are not rare in this lake.
I tell you all one thing, if this rating could go any higher i would go with geneva being a down rite 10. Cant wait to pound these fish. It is still to early to tell whether or not the crappies are done spawning. but i will pound this lake the whole month of july. And report back. My two biggest fish that i have landed are a 44 1/2 inch northern weighing in at 23 pounds. And a 22 1/4 inch smallie that i thought was going to push the record book in weight. Never weighed the fish because i released the monster. I would have to say that it is the only lake that at high noon you can fish the docks with a split-shot and a whole crawler and pound these huge smallies. Fish weighed about 6 pounds. See you on the water///A.k.A Daniel Boone/Can anybody top that Honestly???????????????
Week days are great, but boat traffic on weekends is hell. Never was skunked. Always caught (and released) many fish. Great clean lake.
Great Fishing you can Hammer RockBass all Day But don’t Take a Smallie home The locals will gut you!
Awesome fishing! Home of the next Wisconsin Record Walleye!
Lake Has Good Nothern Walleye And Bass
This Lake Has Nice Size Bass And Pike!
This Lake Is The Best For Small Mouth Bass
Good Bass Action If You Have A Boat
I´t Is One Of The Best Spots For Small Mouth Bass If You Have A Boat
Incredibiliy Diverse, Everything Is Quality,Awesome Crappies!
Absolutely The Best Lake In Wisconsin!
Fish From Dark Til Dawn So You Don´t Get Run Over - Awsome!
It Is The Best! From The Peers To Quailty Of The Lake Itself!
Awesome Small Mouth
Trophy Lake For Small Mouth!
Fishheads Hottest Summer Lake. 3 To 5 Lb Smallies/monster Gills
Love This Lake. Crystal Clear. Gets Very Busy On Weekends In Summer
Fished This Lake For Over 20 Years And Can Be Excellent In Mid June. Lindy And Worm Can Produce.
By Far The Best Fishing Lake In Wisconsin!
This Is The Lake That I Was Born And Raised On And I Fish There Almost Every Day
Only Ice Fished,but Know It Has Potential,cant Wait To Capitalize.
Always Catch Fish.
Great Smallmouth Lake. Old & New Mansions For Scenery. Crystal Clear Water. Catch Fish Every Time!