Delavan Lake Lake Reviews
Walworth County, Wisconsin

There are currently 46 reviews for Delavan Lake.
Great lake to fish. If it's a weekend get out there early and be of the water by 930, the lake has way too much traffic during the day! Launch fee is a joke too! $11.75 for the day to launch at a landing that is a complete zoo! So it's a great fishing lake if youre willing to put up with the outrageous launch fee and abundance of boating traffic.
Had to work for crappie opening day but got a nice bunch for 2 hours of fishing in the afternoon
Not as good as used to be
Another good day of fishing on Delavan. Mixed bag of gills and perch, with a too short walleye. 12 /15 Fow on weed line
Great lake that i grew up fishing and now my 2 boys fish with me as well. Mainly fish from a pier at assembly park but still catch a nice variety of fish such as bluegill, small perch, big bass, northerns and the occasional walleye. Must need a boat to catch the big walleyes and crappies i keep reading about. Lake is weedy so spring and early summer is the easiest to fish from shore.
This lake is in a dormant stage
very good blue gill and walleye lake
good lake to fish all year round. need more boat ramps, need to reduce the launch fee price. a speed limit would do wonders for safety concerns.
I love this lake, the fish and there size BUT I don't like the inconsiderate people that come fairly close to the men and woman trying to have a good fishing trip! It gets expensive to go every weekend so I try to make it the best I can as long as I can but it's just rude to fly past a fishermen/woman. I hope the people fishing and the people out for water play h e a good time but please be respectful of others. I bet the people doing the water play wouldn't like it if the fishermen and woman got together and spread out just enough so they can't have there fun too!... Thus the reasOn I give it 4 stars and not 5! Happy fishing and water play everyone!
This is one beautiful lake. We had the joy of watching float planes flying over about 200ft above the lake and that was cool! The only problem is that we went on a windier day so the water was choppy. Fishing wasn't good because of the water temperature and our lack of skill, but once the day came to a closing the fishing picked up and the waves went down and we cruised full speed back to the launch. What a nice time.
If you're going for "overall" fish this is a great lake. Lots of big Bass, full of decent Northern, solid Bluegill (and other panfish), Walleye, you name it. The only reason I don't give this lake 5 stars is because it's not a great Musky lake :( They are in there, even a few 50 inchers have been pulled out over the past 3 years, but you'll catch about 20 Pike before you even see a Musky... unfortunately.
This is one hell of a lake it has numbers and size if we all use cpr we can keep it this way
This was my 2nd time on the lake fishing and we did great. 6 walleye and 4 LM Bass. I will be back to try again.
this lake is one of the best ive fished out of wis for large mouths large numbers and sizes
nice for all species of fish. keep pluging at it for the gillls or anything else. if you know there habitate you can catch them.want a day of fun and try, find me on lake-link and send a message and will take you out.AGH-THOR
Fishing receives a 4. Panfishing is excellent starting in June through September, but then the lake shuts down when the tempurature drops. The only thing bad about this lake is the boat traffic. If it wasn't for the good fishing this lake would receive a 2 from me. If you are a hardcore fisher than get on the water around sunrise or shortly after and get off by 11:00am because then the pleasure boaters come out and open up full throttle and cruise within 50 feet from where people are fishing. That's what I call a lack of consideration. On a good day you will catch your Panfish limit before 10:30am.
awesome lake with some of the best all around fishing in this state. panfishing in the spring is great. bass fishing for both species is awesome all year. pike and muskies are usually willing to bite all year also. i just like the fact u can fish the weedlines for bass and have a sucker on a float behind the boat and have 2 lunkers on at once.
BIG BLUEGILLS,BIG CRAPPIES,BIG PERCH, NICE WALLEYES,BIG BASS,BIG PIKE. All of this in this lake and I am loving it.That is all I have to say...
This is one of the best lakes around. Its got nice healthy weeds, its deep and its got some monsters in it.
Lake is great for pan fish. parking lot and boat launch are both to small for the amount of traffic it gets 1/2 hr to launch and 45 min. wait in line to to retrieve. all in all fishing was worth the wait. limited out ( 3 of us) on medium to good size gills.
Great lake to fish, with nice size panfish, big bass, nice walleyes, big northerns. Caught my biggest smallmouth at 20.5 inches and just over 6 pounds. I rate the lake a 5 easy.
Awosome Walleys lake!!! Panfish and Perch are amazing to. Bass and Northern can be great on occasion.
Unbelievable pike and bass fishing!! This lake ranks right up there with Wisconsin's finest. Piers and weedlines for bass. Weedlines for pike. I would give it five stars if I did not have to wait so long to launch my boat at the launch.
i give it a five star because it is awesome walleye fishing.
Great multi-species lake. Pan fish may be on the downside of their cycle but will be back. Walleye are beginning to hit legal size in good numbers. Trophies of all species present are a good possibility.
Delavan Lake offers an outstanding variety of fishing opportunities. Even though the launch fees are high, the fishing activity is outstanding. You can catch great pike, super walleyes, perch, bluegills, and crappies. There's an ample amount of smallmouth and largemouth bass too! The pike and walleye size limits are high, but you can still catch some decent fish to take home.
Good pike, walleye, and perch during ice fishin. Great place to take the kids or to catch a good meal. I had a lot of fun fishin here during the winter and look forward to fishin it in the spring and summer.
if you want to fish in water deeper than 5 feet,don't waste your time going here.the only place fishable is the north bay by the launch.need cold weather.
Great opening weekend, Lots of Northern being taken on suckers. avg. size 30-37 inches. Please catch and release so they can get BIGGER!!!
wonderful lake big bluegills plus a well maintained lake very well organized
Fished Delevan twice late last year...once we got skunked, the other time I put (4) LM bass in the boat that weighed an ave of 4 #'s.
Excellent Crappie Lake. Boat Launch is jammed at peak hours. Probably because it is a little too close to Illinois. Best fishing at night. Lots of wake from sport boaters and even a seaplane or two during the day.
If you know how to fish for Northerns or Muskie, Delavan is a great spot.
Not As Nice As Geneva, 2.5 Lb. Range Crappie Are Present
Great Lake Caught A Grand Slam Muskie,Large & Smallmouth Bass, And Walleye On One Day!!
Great Lake For Crappie And Walley
Good Walley
Excellent Bass Fishing Around The DOCKS...SMALL Mouth / Large Mouth Bass
Great Place For Catching Walleye,bass,crappie And Many Other Fish
Exellent Size Of Everything In This Lake, Easy To Catch Fish, Shore Fishing Accessible
Great Of Fishing For Crappies And Walleye At Night
Bass / Northern Fishing Is Good. Good Size . Lake Is To Weedy And Smells Like Siege In Some Places.
Black Crappie Are Abundant In Large Sizes. Easy Catch Through The Ice.
Great Bass Lake, Above Average Size.
Scummy Shores, But Mid-Lake Is Fine. Lots Of Lake Traffic, Good Lake To Play On And Leave.